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  1. Re: Naruto Thread XI:Ganbatte! Smile!

    Isn't the crux of it by hypnotizing yourself, you can somehow defy reality? Yeah, it's stupid.
  2. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Oh yeah, I'm not too knowledgeable about Shinto mythology, what God does that borrow it's name from?
  3. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    So, if I understand it right, Naruto has the power to burn people with the Fires of Hell? Well, that's a power usually seen by Jesus-lite heroes, I guess.
  4. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Hey, remember when the Sharingan was only for copying Jutsus and seeing really good in front of you, and that's it? No super-duper-uber ass-pull powers? Me neither.
  5. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    It's hard to think which of the two wants to see end Naruto quicker: Me or Kishi.
  6. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    You think after a while, the thought of "He's never wanted in the past, present or future to tap you" would get into her massive forehead.
  7. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    The ideal ending, for me, is the same "I still believe in you" crap, yadda yadda yadda, and out of nowhere the Raikage Baba Chops Sasuke's head off, as Naurto goes catonic, he says "Deal With It'. As...
  8. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    You know, I really don't care if this is Neji turning evil out of the blue or him being hypnotized or a Zetsu clone, or any of that not even half-assed, more like quarter-assed plot twists. Because...
  9. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Oh boy, a shitty plot twist that came out of left field that wil be forgotten about in two chapters! Add in the Narutoverse version of Cthulhu losing more and more of his balls, shoddy to horrendous...
  10. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    So, the Bondage Statue holds 7/9 of the Tailed Beasts, right? And one of them could supposedly destroy a country if guided to do so? My God, get Bee and Naruto in there, have someone like the Raikage...
  11. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    And quickly. Funk's already heating up the tongs as we type.
  12. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    I'd ask if it were wrong of me to wish that while NAruto is busy flashbakcing the Tailed Beast Bondage Enthusist Statue then Godzilla Blasts him to death, but I know that would be a good thing.
  13. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Sometimes, I wish there was a Reality Warping DF in One Piece, where after the user extered a particullarly large amount of power, the feedback creates a wormhole in Naruto which kills everything.
  14. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    The plus side is that Naruto might end by the end of the year or early 2012. That's the only thing left going for it.
  15. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    These recent chapters is basically Kishi knowing he can't cut it anymore, and is trying to bring stuff back from Part I to get people back in and failing at it.
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