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    Poll: Re: 2019 NFL Season

    So Brady looks washed and the Patriots don't have an offense. We won't be seeing them in the Super Bowl right? Ha.

    Right now, the Ravens, Pats, Texans and Chiefs look like the clear division...
  2. Poll: Re: Epic Rap Battles Of History Thread

    Binged the newer episodes a couple days ago. Took me a little bit to get around to Pennywise's performance, but it's pretty awesome, though the Joker definitely won. Have to say my favorite battle of...
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    Poll: Re: 2019 NFL Season

    AFC North is wack
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    Re: One Piece Magazine

    The heels/bags definitely feels like Nami
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    Re: Pixar movies

    Soul seems like it'll be the stronger of the two 2020 movies, it feels a lot like Ratatouille and Inside Out. The concept of a sudden accident taking away dreams you were barely on the verge of...
  6. Re: Volume 95 Predictions/Discussion

    Love the simplicity on what could have easily been an overcrowded cover.
  7. Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    Bullet joined Roger's crew because Roger was the first person to ever beat him, this made Bullet so unbelievably horny that his life's goal became beating Roger, and Roger entertained it.

  8. Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    Saw the movie tonight, and man. It's essentially a train that gets off to a fast start and does nothing but speed up until literally the final 30 seconds. I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to get...
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    Re: Chapter 959: Samurai

    Orochi be like,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg
  10. Re: Volume 94 Predictions/Discussion

    Per the translation Scotch posted, it seems confirmed that it's not Kiku, and Oda does imply it's Izo, but is basically like "wait and see"
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    Re: Chapter 957: ULTIMATE

    Roger and Garp teamed up to take down Rocks; Luffy and Smoker teamed up to take down the one and only Caesar Clown. These legends will be told side by side in the coming decades...
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    Re: Chapter 957: ULTIMATE

    I really enjoy the color spread, it reminds me of the old-school color spreads. Don't have any problem with recent color spreads, but throwbacks are always fun.
  13. Re: Volume 94 Predictions/Discussion

    I remember just a few years ago when Kaido and Big Mom were only seen in shadow/image. Now we have both of them in full color going head to head on the volume cover. 2015 me would have loved to see...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: Official Wano Thread

    Well, there are the Numbers now
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    Re: Chapter 955: ENMA

    That seems like a given knowing that Kaido is the final, climactic fight, meaning that likely none of the All-Stars will get a fight nearly as comprehensive as Katakuri's. That being said, though, I...
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    Poll: Re: 2019 NFL Season

    What a game tonight. Knew the Texans left way too much time on the clock, give Brees anything more than 10 seconds and you're doomed (unless you're the Vikings). The defensive playcalling didn't do...
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    Poll: 2019 NFL Season

    Glad to see the NFL continuing its high-scoring air raid offensive era with a game that was even more low-scoring than the Super Bowl! How are we feeling about our teams this fall?
  18. Re: Volume 94 Predictions/Discussion

    Chapter 952 doesn't end on the biggest cliffhanger, but it does seem like the proper place for the volume to end. I could see almost all the chapter titles being volume title candidates, I'll just go...
  19. Re: One Piece celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2017

    Considering a canon spinoff would need more direct input from Oda to avoid going off the rails, yes, it would take quite a bit of time and effort that could be used for other things
  20. Re: Chapter 952: Hiyori and Kawamatsu

    Franky: Works for Minatomo to get the Onigashima blueprints

    Finds out Minatomo pawned them off

    The trail goes cold

    An ally eventually reveals he has them

    Franky develops plan to...
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    Sticky: Re: Greg: Teacher of SUPER " OP " course !

    This panel led my brain down certain directions :ninja:
  22. Re: Chapter 952: Hiyori and Kawamatsu

    One and a half. And much of it was focused on the two of them talking and Blackbeard demonstrating his powers, plus the final result was offscreened...feels a lot like Sanji vs. Page One to me.
  23. Re: Chapter 952: Hiyori and Kawamatsu

    The fight that was marginally longer than Sanji vs. Page One?
  24. Re: Chapter 952: Hiyori and Kawamatsu

    The thing about seeing Kaido vs. Big Mom fight is...nothing really seems to have changed in the 10-12 hours that they've been fighting. And I would wager it'll be a fair bit more time before anything...
  25. Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    We already know how Zeus works. They're not going to spoil the Raid Suit's ability before the anime gets to it.
  26. Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    What I'm hearing about Usopp sounds really awesome. Here's hoping for a US release announcement ASAP.

    And man, I feel like I'm writing fanfiction when adding info about Bullet on the wiki. Dude's...
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    Re: Chapter 951: Rampage

    I would love that. But I don't think Oda would ever let a female do that.
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    Re: Chapter 951: Rampage

    Sanji was just shown beating up on a relatively high-tier Ancient Zoan user soooo
  29. Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    Thank you for the summary sandman. Does the story confirm Bullet escaped from Impel Down 2 years ago?
  30. Re: New One Piece Movie "Stampede" (August 2019)

    I...actually think Laugh Tale is pretty cool? It fits with Roger and Luffy plus its status as the ultimate island in the One Piece world.

    Now, Toei is even worse at writing english words than Oda...
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