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    Re: Boardwalk Empire

    Love the series, though wasn't as blown away by the finale as I was for Season 1 & 2. The episode lacked a punch and felt a bit empty. Presumably Nucky and Rothstein will enter into another war, but...
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    Re: A Spiritual Successor to Magico? Nanatsu no Taizai!

    Read the first chapter and enjoyed what I read for the most part. I still have absolutely no idea why this is referred to as the spiritual successor to Magico. Outside of being shonen adventure...
  3. Re: That Guy With The Glasses and other web review shows

    We did, though the manga Nik looks at for reviews and the topics we discuss on WMR aren't mutually exclusive. In regards to "Not My Fault", he had much more to talk about since a few more months of...
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    Sticky: Re: Weekly Shonen Jump TOC

    Got a question. To my knowledge, these rankings are meant to represent chapters that are eight weeks old, correct? If so, how are newer series like Cross Manage ranked? I mean Manage is only about...
  5. Thread: Magico

    by OmegaSplash

    Re: Magico

    I'm curious why so many people like this series--I'm not trying to be a dick or condescending here either. I'm legitimately curious why so many people seem to like this manga because every time I...
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    Sticky: Re: Weekly Shonen Jump TOC

    Y'know, I'm a little disappointed to hear that Sengoku Armors is getting canceled as the recent battle was exquisitely epic. It gave me hope that with time for development, Sengoku Armors could have...
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    Sticky: Re: Weekly Shonen Jump TOC

    Ironically, Bakuman is easily the best manga at showing shonen traits. Some of the last pages of recent chapters have been near-personifications of the concept of shonen. It's probably just not your...
  8. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Yesh, I need to remember to stop by here more often.

    In regard to JO's countdown, yeah the Aizen pick was a rather large mistep. I can see where she was coming from with that particular opinion,...
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    Sticky: Re: Weekly Shonen Jump TOC

    Not necessarily. Toriko is hitting the climax of an arc, while One Piece is still in the middle of a flashback. I'm not sure what two chapters are directly being compared, but Toriko being higher...
  10. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Ironically I've been catching a bit of shit for that title. Admittedly it seems to be coming almost entirely from fanboys, but I guess I always forget that anime/manga fans can be straight up anal...
  11. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    No worries Nobody, I'll just be over here crying and killing myself because someone on the internet doesn't listen to my podcast. (I'm joking just in case the sarcasm isn't obvious)

    Sorry, but...
  12. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    I probably came off far more condescending than I should of. I'm not saying AP is bad, but rather it's prone to having overly analytical and/or defensive fans just as much as any medium. Wouldn't...
  13. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    While I will admit that TGWTG can have some really bad fans, in that same breath I can tell you've I've met a lot of fans of myself and others who were absolute pleasures to meet, and some that I...
  14. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    She probably did. From what I understand there were some outside shots, so like last year there was probably some sunburn due to the fact we're unprepared nerds.

    Anywayz, no I wasn't at the...
  15. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    It's not as sinister as "quit" makes it sound. Krissy was always extremely busy with college and after she graduated she had to pick up a job, so she never had time for the videos. She's still a...
  16. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    That's because he isn't JO and Todd are not Airbender fans, and I'm not really a fan either. Nik is the only guy in the video who's a big Airbender fan which why he's the one commenting on all of the...
  17. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Personally I liked the script a bit better for The Last Airbender review, but oh God is Dragonball Evolution a better movie to review. DBE really falls into the so bad it's good category as so many...
  18. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Please, I don't have nearly a big enough ego to overlook the fact that I'm one of the least relevant members of Channel Awesome. Yeah as has been said I host Transmission Awesome which is like the...
  19. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    No need to keep quiet about it. I've already told people in this thread that I'm Rollo T, and the only reason I ever discovered TGWTG is because of this very thread. Circle of life and some nonsense...
  20. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Might as well chime in here since my name was brought up. Yeah, the drama has been in full force lately with TGWTG producers. Just coincidence really, but it's a lot of stuff going on. In all honesty...
  21. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    I'm almost positive that Sad Panda already did one for Linkara but I could be mistaken. Regardless the only producer that actually uses his song for a theme song is Phelous. The rest might just...
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    Re: LOST: Season Six *spoilers abound*

    Michael Giacchino love his terrible puns, and it's not LOST exclusive as well. On his soundtrack for Star Trek there's a track called "Hangar Management". Guy is a modern day composing genius, but...
  23. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    There was an arcade at our hotel in Reno, and MarzGurl was all over the rhythm/music games. DDR, Pop N' Music, etc. That girl is a beast on those machines too. Though it might not be too hard to look...
  24. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    I sound mad to you? I'm not going to get mad over a comment, but I would like to present the opposite side. I don't care if you have a problem with the website or its talents. If you don't like the...
  25. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    You don't get paid to be a guest at a convention. They will pay to put you up and make sure you're taken care of, and then the guest allows the con to market them so the con can get more visitors....
  26. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Doug doesn't ignore his fans--he's completely ass backwards computer illiterate. And I don't mean that as a joke. Doug seriously is not technically savvy. I know it seems odd that Doug doesn't post...
  27. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    The @TGWTG Twitter is run by Punky who is a fan of the website pretty much since it's start. She's a good friend to us at the website.
  28. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Nah they're cool about it. Both of these guys are really passionate when it comes to games, so both had strong opinions, and since they're both entertainers it wasn't long before a few insults...
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    Interesting cast of critters. Have to say I'm interested in a lot of them. I originally was down on most of the starters, but I like all of them now. It's going to be tough to pick, but I think I'll...
  30. Re: That Guy With The Glasses

    Spoony’s a tough case because he can leave you with a bad first impression based on when you first watch him. My number one suggestion is to watch his older movie reviews first. Watch Yor: Hunter...
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