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  1. Re: Bart Simpson Thread XI: The Movie - The Manga Adaption

    I only just now realized that this isn't being drawn or written by Kishimoto. I'm instantly way more interested than I was before.
  2. Re: Bort Trek Thread XI: Fates - Revelations

    Well, that was way better than expected. Boruto seems like a real kid instead of an idealized archetype designed to appeal to kids. I like that he's pessimistic and moody without being a total bore...
  3. Re: Naruto Thread XI: MAURY! MAURY! MAURY!

    I LOVE the concept of Sasuke porking Karin, a woman he barely likes, and dumping their kid on Sakura, another woman he barely likes.

    I hope Kishi isn't trolling, and Karin really is the mom. It...
  4. Re: Naruto Thread Gaiden XI: Burrito and the Bastard Salad

    This, seriously. Sasuke x Sakura is the most abusive bullshit relationship ever.
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