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  1. Re: Bart Simpson Thread XI: The Movie - The Manga Adaption - The Animation

    I was looking where to read Naruto online, the colored manga version, but kissmanga and batoto (RIP this week) only have up to chapter 40ish

    Anyone here knows where can I read online (or even...
  2. Re: Bort Trek Thread XI: Fates - Revelations

    By chance I found out that the anime made a (probably) filler episode of how Hidan joined the akatsuki (ep 457), which, is different than the version shown on the game Ninja Storm ("History of...
  3. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    Nah, Kidomaru´s fight was pretty cool. Also Kimimaro´s. They can drop it at the end of part 1
  4. Re: Burrito Thread XI: The End? I still don't believe it!

    Anyone here knows what does it say in here? It´s from Muu´s profile page on the latest databook.
    Here´s the full page
  5. Re: Naruto Thread XI: One Day More(ish)

    ...naruto finally got its own thread again? good

    Hey, the last databook gave us the name of the trollkage! His name´s Gengetsu Hozuki
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