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  1. Re: Bort Trek Thread XI: Fates - Revelations

    wait a minute

    annoying main character, "this is my story", daddy issues, blond hair

    good god no
  2. Re: Naruto Thread XI: Parenting 101: the traditional father-daughter stab attempt

    Of course he is a dick, he's got a sharingan, doesn't he?
    That's like an asshole badge in the naruto world

    you could slap that thing on anyone and it would eventually turn them into a genocidal...
  3. Re: Naruto Thread XI: Chocho's Burrito Adventure: Garden Salad - Bento Bonanza

    Fat jokes, Sharingans and confusing dialog

  4. Re: Chocho's Bizarre Adventure Part XI: Garden Salad - Classic Kishi and Eyephones

    Someone should really once just tell Kishi how wretched and awful...everything connected to the Uchiha Myth is.
    This is ridiculous, why is he so insistent on making that atrocity the center of...
  5. Re: Naruto Thread Gaiden XI: Burrito and the Bastard Salad

    It's kinda funny how Sasuke is apparently interested in godawful women, since Sakura and Karin are both candidates for worst female character in the history of comics
    Imagine these two being your...
  6. Re: Burrito Thread XI: The End? I still don't believe it!

    I'm more interested in mythology behind shark people in Naruto
    There's apparently two of them, so what's the deal here
  7. Re: Burrito Thread XI: The End? I still don't believe it!

    so, this thread gonna stay open until the anime ends, the movie is released or even until that mini-part with the kids?
  8. Re: Burrito Thread XI: The End? I still don't believe it!

    wait so nejis name means screw in japanese, or at least relates to it
    is that why little burrito has wears a necklace with a screw attached to it
    that's pretty...nice actually. No really, that's...
  9. Re: Naruto Thread XI: One Day More(ish)

    Sasuke and Sakura confirmed as troglodytes
  10. Re: Naruto Thread XI: One Day More(ish)

    that's informing and all, but I'm more interested in seeing what ywachs beard will do this week
  11. Re: Naruto Thread XI: It's the final countdown! Five weeks to go!

    oh thank god, finally
  12. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Well, the whole chapter was pretty much her fanboying for Neji, so she's pretty much the Sakura of Team guy.
    The tiny bits we know about her character are pointing towards her being a superficial...
  13. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    Terrible, this chapter made me remind why Naruto is easly my most hated character in this series.
    What a selfish dick. He is pretty much risking the fate OF THE WHOLE WORLD because he wants to...
  14. Re: Naruto Thread XI

    This isn't written by kishi, right?
    But it was really enjoyable and pretty funny, if you think about the fact that this is made for really young kids.
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