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  1. Re: Bork Bork Borkuto Thread XI: Art is subjective

    Do you actually have anything to say? I realize you only have about half the brain cells so you might not have the brain power to actually say anything that matters.

    Roby, I like how you just...
  2. Re: Bork Bork Borkuto Thread XI: Art is subjective

    I bolded his post for emphasis. He said it fails both on an artistic and storytelling point of view. So if art is subjective how can you make the statement that if objectively fails on both. On what...
  3. Re: Bork Bork Borkuto Thread XI: Art is subjective

    It's a logical fallacy
  4. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    Lol mate. You just committed so many non sequitur all in one post.

    Do you even know what art is? Art is not a preference. What is your actual definition of it you seem to think art is liking one...
  5. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    Was half expecting funkmasta zeph to do a line by line quote rebutal (laughable) against my post. I'm glad you have learned your limits, it's best if you want to save your reputation.

  6. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    lol what.

    nice way to contradict yourself there. I'm fairly certain now that there are two groups of people who support the theory that art is subjective : the people who use it to defend their...
  7. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    Public perception doesn't have much to do with whether art is objective or not.

    "art reaches your soul" doesn't really say anything at all. what is that supposed to be mean.

    ANd yes it's...
  8. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    I'd make an objective/subjective discussion thread in general about art if the mods weren't trigger happy with the perma ban here.

    Actually no, if you know anything about art it's not subjective....
  9. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    yeah, people taking the relativist approach are annoying. Contrary to popular belief, art is actually objective. And the same applies for literary works, graphic novels, and every other field that is...
  10. Re: Volume 82 Predictions/Discussion

    Naruto stopped being good around chunnin exams. After that, the characters started getting ridiclous dBz powerups. And the last arc with the whole chakura fruit was a blantant rip off one piece. Just...
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