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  1. Re: One Piece: Unlimited World Red (2014 Worldwide Release; 3DS/Wii U/PS3/Vita)

    Where am I supposed to redeem the day one DLC code? I selected the menu option that took me to the e-shop, but then what?
  2. Re: One Piece Film Z (Wrap Canon From the Manga Not Yet in the Anime with Spoiler Tag

    Is there somewhere all the known info for the film is in one place? I don't really fancy looking through all 111 pages of this thread to find out everything!
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    Re: Marineford Abridged(2chap. pace, no fillers)

    Just wanted to say a big thank you!!!!
    I remember watching it when it originally aired and thinking 'its got so much potential, if only someone could take out all the rubbish' and you did it for us...
  4. Re: 513: ''The Pirates Move Out! The Earth-Shattering New World''

    I assumed the Chopper flashbacks were taken from Movie 9? But thats awesome if they actually reanimated them as I want to see Nami and Zoro's one's redone
  5. Re: 505: ''I Want to See Them! Luffy's Tearful Scream''

    Sad to see the flashback over actually. Glad to get on but I've really enjoyed the past few episodes, some nice filler than just added to the emotion
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    Re: One Piece Uniqlo Shirts (UK Exclusives)

    Not only do we get something One Piece related, but we get something exclusive as well?! What madness is this?
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