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    Re: Chapter 713 : "Usoland"

    Law cuts the meteor into half. Doflamingo dices the halves into fragments. Issho deflects all of them with his barriers! – The grandiosity of the current battle is truly epic!
    I wonder what's the...
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    Re: One Piece 712 : Violet

    “I will never question a lady’s tears” – is it really possible that Sanji can be even more “GAR” than he already is?
    Violet was tsun-to-the-max, but Sanji was able to tame her down just fine – I’m...
  3. Re: One Piece 711: Adventures in the land of the Dwarfs

    Calling it right now, Leo will be the new Straw Hat nakama! A dwarf with a Devil Fruit ability - Luffy's not going to think twice about recruiting him :3
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    Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Law and Robin would make such a cute couple – I can’t be the only one who sees the potential in those two right?
    What a great chapter! How will the newly-introduced dwarves fit into the overall...
  5. Re: No new One Piece Chapters for 2 weeks - Oda hospitalized for infected tonsils

    Rest well and get better soon Oda sensei. The next two weeks are not going to be the same without One Piece :(
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    Re: Chapter 709: King Punch

    What I find most interesting about this chapter is the last panel that shifted the spotlight back to the Straw Hat crew – Franky and the One-Legged Soldier, in this instance. The huge question mark...
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