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    Re: Favortie piece of One Piece animation.

    I've always fancied the beatdown Sanji unleashed on some poor minor villain from the second movie. If I remember it right, some famous animator is responsible for that cool sequenece. I think it was...
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    Poll: Re: Preliminary Match #8

    *votes for Akainu, Vasco, Urouge and Onigumo
    *slaps himself for failing to notice Cricket's name on the poll
  3. Re: 553: ''Shirahoshi's Tears! Luffy Finally Appears''

    This scene made my day.

    Shida is brilliant.

    Pleeeeease let him be the one who does the Red Hawk scene. I know there are others who could do the...
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    Re: 551: ''The Battle Begins - Gyoncorde Plaza''

    Honestly, I thought that fight was a lot more exciting in the anime (and I don't say this always), with all those scenes of Zoro dodging and parrying Hody's attacks.
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    Re: Favorite Music From A Video Game

    Some of my favourite pieces from Nocturne 7&feature=plpp_video
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    Re: Character Nominations Thread

    I nominate Akainu.
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    Poll: Re: A Study of One Piece Animation

    I'm a big fan of your videos, so thanks, I'll be looking forward to it.
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    Poll: Re: A Study of One Piece Animation

    Awesome, thanks for the upload, and BTW, if you don't mind me asking, I've heard you also had some Amazon Lily and Sabaody Sakuga videos, could you upload those as well?
  9. Re: 537: ''Protect Shirahoshi - Decken's Pursuit''

    Looks like I'm one of the few who actually liked seeing Hody putting up a semi-decent performance in a fight for once.
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    Re: Chapter 658: Biscuits Room

    We all know that words are more important than actions.
  11. Re: 536: ''Decisive Battle at Ryuuguu Palace! Zoro vs. Hody''

    Man, Zoro's fight was awesome, it had great art, animation and choreography. Since in the manga we only really got to see the conclusion of the fight, while most of it happened off-screen I really...
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    Sticky: Re: General Anime Discussion Thread

    Here's an early preview for episode 537
  13. Re: 534: ''Ryuuguu Palace Quivers! Shirahoshi's Kidnapping''

    From what I've heard Inoue is only average when it comes to animation, but sometimes he has great animators like Shida, Tomita, Kuroyanagi and the like working with him. However, as far as i know,...
  14. Re: 530: ''Fishman Island's King - Neptune the Sea God!''

    I know i'm very late for this, but I have to say I really enjoyed this episode. The artwork and animation were a lot better than in the last ep and I thought that Hody's rampage was nicely done as...
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    Re: The Most Awesome Fight in One Piece

    Pretty much this.

    In general I tend to enjoy Luffy's and Usopp's fights the most so obviously when those two faced off I've found the result to be pretty damn amazing.
  16. Re: 530: ''Fishman Island's King - Neptune the Sea God!''

    Great, can't wait to see what he's been up to.
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    Well on the bright side, at least the title doesn't reveal the name of the person who will bring about the destruction of Fishman Island.
  18. Re: 528: ''An Aroused Eruption! Sanji's Life Imperiled!''

    Yeah, it was really cool, one of the best animated action scenes this year.
  19. Re: 528: ''An Aroused Eruption! Sanji's Life Imperiled!''

    Yes, I remember seeing a part of Luffy's fight in the preview.
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    Re: Chapter 650 : Two changes you need to know.

    Zeo becoming old on purpouse made the chapter for me.
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    Re: Chapter 647: "Stop Noah"

    I wouldn't even say that those arcs are the best arcs in One Piece's history, but then again my favourite arcs are Arlong and Jaya/Skypiea, so what do I know?
  22. Re: One Piece Opening 15: "We go!" by Hiroshi Kitadani

    100% agreed. That scene was Shida's work, wasnt' it?
  23. Re: 524: ''Undersea Struggle - The Demon of the Deep Appears''

    Good episoede with great art from Inoue and some nicely nimated scenes at the end. I'm just a bit dissapointed that we didn't get to see the monster trio scene this week, but oh well.

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    Re: Chapter 646: "Frog"

    The finishing moves in this chapter were awesome, except for Sanji's and Brook's. Those 2 were far beyond awesome.
  25. Re: 523: ''The Shocking Truth - The Man Who Protected the Sunny''

    Funny episode, loved the crew interactions and I found it especially funny that Zoro (of all people) was shocked at the amount of blood Sanji lost. The underwater scenes were also handled very well...
  26. Re: One Piece Opening 15: "We go!" by Hiroshi Kitadani

    ^^ Many thanks for this awesome gif.
  27. Re: 521: ''The Battle Begins! Witness the Training's Results!''

    Luffy turning red after using Gear Second was an anime-only thing to begin with. You see, on the covers for volumes 40 and 44 from the Enies Lobby arc as well as the colourspread you mentioned, you...
  28. Re: 521: ''The Battle Begins! Witness the Training's Results!''

    Fantastic episode, best one since the timeskip.
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    Sticky: Re: What are you Playing?

    Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

    Finally found this gem of a game, it's time to play like there's no tomorrow.
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    Re: Chapter 642: Losing Face

    Awesome chapter.
    I just love how Sanji trolled Wadatsumi while standing on his face and smoking like a true boss.
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