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  1. Re: Bort Trek Thread XI: Fates - Revelations

    Here is how I rate the chapter

    Hinata & Sarada's Outfit

    The Rest of it

  2. Re: Bort Trek Thread XI: Fates - Revelations


    for those who like the Music...

    the 3rd TV OST is finally coming out after 6.5 years

    Amazon jp says its One Disc but hoping it will actually be 2 disc...
  3. Re: Bort Trek Thread XI: The Next Generation of Mediocrity

    Well.. Here is how I feel about the Next Gen Trio from the picture

    Mitsuki - Shaggy angry man who may be as mysterious as his Dad-Mom
    Boruto - Derpy knock-off clone who may only become as strong...
  4. Re: Balto Thread XI: Direct-to-the-Trash-Bin

    What KageKageking said could be true

    Or Mitsuki could have been a Test tube Baby


    Also Sarada looks Cuter then before (probably be more cuter if officially drawn by Kishimoto)
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