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    Straw Hat Pikachu is now live!
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    To be honest I didn't look that closely at your profile before and this comment has taken me on a wonderful journey from your sig to your dp to your tagline to your location, and yeah, it all checks...
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    Y'all have such sharp eyes. Even knowing this most of them still too blurry for me to be sure of.
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    Okay I went through the Zoro ad again in slow mo. The character I thought at a glance was Bentham I now think is Kuro. Here are my findings.

    And there's...
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    We got what, Perona, Moria, Cavendish, Urogue and Tashigi in the classroom. There's Whitebeard, Blackbeard, Crocodile, Vivi, Bonney, Ace, Kuma, Katakuri, Alvida and Koby when he's running down the...
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    That makes sense. Thanks Redon!
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    Can someone who does translation stuff clarify the caption on this? Something about 950 serialisations. I didn't think Oda drew the chapters that far ahead, so possibly they're just rounding up?

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