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  1. Re: Sonic and The Black Knight for the Wii

    They made 3 original characters plus the enemy and boss characters in Secret Rings. Shaara, Erazor Djinn, and King Solomon.
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    Re: JUMP 40th Anniversary Project

    WOW, how do you do something like that? It looks so natural, like it was always like this or something... Computers really are amazing sometimes...
  3. Re: Funi TV Discussion

    This year was revampage. In a very bad way. It seems end of 07 bad was a place holder for late 08 bad. Hopefully late or early 09 will be brighter?
  4. Re: The All Inclusive Tales of Series Thread!

    Recently finished Symphonia (bleck side-quest and plot). Now I really want Vasperia. I've heard alot of good about it plus I only have 2 other 360 games...
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    Re: Oprah and her over 9000 thing

    This thread
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    Re: New One Piece OP Oct. 4 "We Are" BACK!!!

    How is Brand New World the worst opening sequence Buuhan?
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    Re: So long, game controllers

    Buuhan you kinda over exaggerated it. It's not like every game has flailing your arms around like your having a conniption. I don't have nor have I played every Wii game currently out there but I've...
  8. Re: Tales of Vesperia GET IT (its similar to One Piece)

    I need to finish Symphonia and Abyss before I start on another one.
  9. Thread: Tmnt 2

    by tonitonichopper

    Re: Tmnt 2

    Why are they doing a prequel? I was hoping for a sequel which they actually opened room for at the end of the other TMNT
  10. Re: What did you like on OP compared to other mangas?

    1. The art

    2. The humor

    3. The characters are architypes but in that sense they aren't complete sterotypes.

    4. It's always interesting.

    5. The transformations aren't one sided
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    Re: Questions about Chopper

    My only question is: Why does his horn still grow even though it's broken? It's only hanging on by that iron plate wrapped around it.

    Are you sure? Robin was the tallest member of the crew...
  12. Re: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise (Wii)

    Today's update: All the more of the same from the previous game. Yay.
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    Re: New Inuyasha coming soon

    Maybe it will be better? The manga is coming to an end so they won't have to worry about catching up. Too bad they can't do that with all anime, we'd all have to wait a pretty long time but it seems...
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    Re: Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

    I like Production I.G. and this looks like it's worth watching again next week.
  15. Re: What is the youngest age that can watch One Piece?

    My two year old cousin watched it with me and apparently liked it from the constant smiles and pointing.
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    Re: Longest Boss Fights

    Longest? Every boss fight in Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. I hate this game.

    EDIT: quite off topic, but congratulations Greg.
  17. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    Because in the beginning all we had was some good pics of Sonic running which always appear before a new game, and some awful pics of the Werehog. What did you expect?

    Cause it would suck on...
  18. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    ^ It was the same style yes, they used the same thing in Sonic Rush.
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    Re: Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

    Funny Carlton was bigger than Will (muscle wise). I used to love it until Nick at Nite started spamming it like every night. I think I've seen the whole series atleast 20+ times now.
  20. Re: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise (Wii)

    I've never played Round the Land. Was it like this?
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    Re: Soul Eater Anime!

    His OCD isn't a gimmick, atleast not to me. When they explain it in that episode it was actually kinda compelling. Made him seem like he's conflicted.
  22. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    Wouldn't that mean it was bad? I liked it, it was slippery and kinda slow but I enjoyed myself.
  23. Re: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise (Wii)

    Yes, if they were real we'd obviously see more of them. And then they may just be part of the story and not just a move-along boss fight.
  24. Thread: Braid

    by tonitonichopper

    Re: Braid

    It auto downloaded or something, I couldn't stand it.
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    Re: Chowder

    Didn't we already have a Chowder thread?
  26. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    It's just (like I've said on other forums) really boring. I understand they had to show off the games little gimmick somehow but come on. They could have done like Sonic Adventure 2 or just had like...
  27. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    I liked E-102 Gamma's gameplay. It was fast and there was lots of shooting. Tails and Eggman's gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2 was basically that but without the speed, it was just really slow.
  28. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    No it's gonna be like your typical action platformer. Which Tails gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2 wasn't.
  29. Re: Sonic Unleashed

    How does it look too fast? In the in-game stuff it looks easily controllable. Fast which is a good thing but not the point where it's over whelming at times like in Sonic the Hedgehog which when you...
  30. Re: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise (Wii)

    Hmm, oh well looks like the enemies are just figments/memories and not actually on the island. *sigh* Another disappointment.
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