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  1. Re: Naruto Thread XI: MAURY! MAURY! MAURY!

    Woa!! What a great chapter. Sakura was really amazing!!!! I'm coming to the conclusion that the gaiden is about her; I mean about how to give a decent end to Sakura's story and her relationship with...
  2. Re: Naruto Thread XI: MAURY! MAURY! MAURY!

    My guess is that Karin will be the bitch of the ministory.
  3. Re: Chocho's Bizarre Adventure Part XI: Garden Salad - Classic Kishi and Eyephones

    No matter what you say, Chocho is lovely! <3
  4. Re: Naruto Thread XI: It's the final countdown! Frenchiboos.

    Sakura will punch the traitor in the face. Not for nothing is all about friendship.
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