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    Sticky: Re: General Anime Discussion Thread

    Anyone have confirmation if this is legit or not? Looks pretty fake to me.
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    Re: Openings seem too rehashed as of late

    Since the pacing of the anime is really sluggish and it takes 6 minutes for an episode to start, the opening is extremely important. You want it to be original enough to please the returning viewers,...
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    Openings seem too rehashed as of late

    I know it doesn't take a genius to notice all of the openings are extremely similar and follow formulas and themes, but some things seem...too similar...

  4. Re: 689: ''A Great Escape! Luffy's Miraculous Elephant Gun''

    Not sure if you are talking about the same thing as I am.

    As you can see, they animate him walking with double footstep noises.

    It's clearly an error...
  5. Re: 689: ''A Great Escape! Luffy's Miraculous Elephant Gun''

    Minor complaints:

    In the filler scene Barto just whipped his dick out, and we get no reaction of disgust from Robin or Rebecca?

    Luffy looks very Jewish here. Since when has his nose been bigger...
  6. Re: 688: ''A Desperate Situation - Luffy Caught in a Trap''

    I don't know as much as you guys on the directors of One Piece, but who ever was in charge of this episode did a great job!

    The animation for Luffy vs Fodder at the beginning was well...
  7. Re: 687: "A Big Clash! Chief-of-Staff Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora''

    Ace's public execution was in the newspapers well before it happened, I personally believe the timeframe between the announcement of the execution and the war was long enough for him to make it there...
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    Re: Opening 18: "Hard Knock Days"

    This is just my opinoin, but I hate it, and my reasons are:

    ~Visuals in the opening have nothing to do with anything
    ~Overused and cliche "Strawhats having fun on their ship" theme
  9. Re: 686: ''A Shocking Confession! Law's Passionate Oath!''

    What happened in this episode? Running, sliding, and----staring----the good old Dragon Ball Z kind of staring. The amount of garbage padding is insane. Its bad enough that over 6 minutes of 23...
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    Clifford's AMVs

    Strong World:

    Baron Omatsuri:
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    Poll: Re: What do you want for the next One Piece Movie?

    literally just watched it today. Funny you mentioned it.

    The backgrounds were amazing, competitive with the backgrounds of Strong World and Film Z. One of the most unique parts about the artstyle...
  12. Re: 685: ''Steadily Advance! Luffy's Army vs. Pica!''

    The animation was just ass in this episode. Quite a few times it looked like a flash animation with how they just moved pictures across the screen to display movement. The art was pretty meh, except...
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    Re: One Piece The Movie: Episode of Chopper

    Anime News Network actually said the Episode of Chopper raised Fuji TV's ratings, by comparing it to other shows in the same time slot. Kind of funny how two news articles differ so much in biases,...
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    Re: Crunchyroll to simulcast One Piece!

    Kind of pissed off, I bought a Crunchyroll subscription on Dec. 28th, and EVERY single time I went to watch something, the website was down. I haven't been able to get on since...
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    Poll: Re: A Study of One Piece Animation

    Much shorter?

    Dragon Ball = 153 episodes
    Dragon Ball Z = 291 episodes
    Dragon Ball GT = 64 episodes

    That's 508 episodes, EXCLUDING Kai.

    I would also like to point out that Dragon Ball...
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    Poll: Will the animation quality ever be good again?

    If you look at the series as a whole, the art and animation quality has gone up and down and around. Sabaody archipelago episodes 404 & 405 were probably the best, and the worst animation would have...
  17. Re: 669: ''The Castle Moves! Executive Officer Pica Emerges''

    Boy, the animation really was fantastic for luffy. When he went gear second, it really brought me back to the old days when the animation was always that quality during the first sabaody arc. In...
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    Re: Wasted opportunities of One Piece

    I think the biggest missed opportunity is that we never get to see the characters have serious conflicts with each other. Sure, we get the usual Sanji and Zoro nit picking, but that is just for...
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    Interesting Devil Fruit Match-up Scenarios

    Please note that this thread only is about the relationships and battles of devil fruits, not people.

    This thread is a thread to discuss the most interesting match-ups possible with devil...
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    Re: 655: "Big Battle! Sanji vs Doflamingo"

    I'm sitting here comparing the manga to the anime as I watch it, and I'm seeing a ton of mistakes made by the animation team. They usually don't misinterpret manga scenes as much as they did with...
  21. Thread: Luffy's goal

    by Clifford

    Re: Luffy's goal

    I believe that one piece is merging all the ideas of the ancient writings and putting the puzzle of he world all together in one piece. Basically, I think it is knowledge, and not only is it...
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    Re: What is the avatar above you thinking?

    I bet kaya wouldn't believe some of the adventures I've lived!
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    Re: Things in manga/anime you're sick of seeing

    Well, I did a bit of research on the 3 main villains in DBZ and 15 was an understatement.

    Freeza form 1 -> Freeza form 2 -> Freeza form 3 -> Freeza final form 50% - Freeza final form 100%
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    Re: Things in manga/anime you're sick of seeing

    Transformations... fucking TRANSFORMATIONS!

    Between the 3 main villains in Dragon Ball Z, how many transformations were there? Pretty sure its at least 15.
  25. Re: 654: ''Blade of Beauty! White Horse Cavendish''

    The worst episode in this arc so far. Was not entertaining at all, and the ending scene with sanji made me feel less excited than the manga made me feel. 2/10
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    Re: Things in manga/anime you're sick of seeing

    Anime characters always have perfect hearing. Protagonists always talk to villains from many football away and can hear each other perfectly.
  27. In the hypothetical event that the anime goes on hiatus, what would you expect?

    Many people on this forum including myself want this anime to cut the weekly 1/1 garbage so the production will be better quality.

    ...But if it were to happen, what improvements other than pacing...
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    Re: Theories That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread v.2

    Yeah, but I thought about it differently.

    Brooke - legally allowed to be free of his bounty, due to the pirate king (luffy) lobbying his pirate king authority onto the world government. Being...
  29. Re: what if one piece was the journey. and also friendship

    One piece is obviously the worlds largest piece of cake so luffy can pig out
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    Re: Did you ever cried over One Piece?

    The anime portrayed this better, with brooks flash back how they were playing the song for laboon while each were dying and how brook was saying trio duet solo. That was truly sad :(

    Yeah, I think...
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