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    I love how Brulee absolutely idolizes her big brother Katakuri, and his reaction to it :laughing:

    The Germa making a Big Mom Pirates pile also gave me a chuckle, so yay them! But if Smoothie isn't...
  2. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    Oh yeah, didn't think about that. So it'll be Kaido who comes in and takes out Katakuri.
  3. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    He could just, like, have Katakuri taken out by a literal god or something
  4. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    This volume will actually mark 10 volumes since the last joke :O :( Will the streak keep going?
  5. Sticky: Re: 809: ''The Storm of Vengeance - An Enraged Army Deploys!''

    The old adage goes...

    S m a l l p e n i s f i t s i n l a r g e v a g i n a

    Honestly I'm more interested in how Praline was conceived.
  6. Sticky: Re: 809: ''The Storm of Vengeance - An Enraged Army Deploys!''

    A shame we never saw more of that long-haired swordsman. He got such a detailed drawing in the manga but then I forgot about him until he was here.

    This is my favorite chapter of the arc prior to...
  7. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    Oda probably just couldn't fit her hat into the cover

    I'm actually serious
  8. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    That's assuming Oda intends to have Big Mom's dream resulting from a skewed interpretation of lies actually come true.
  9. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    I could see next cover having Sanji take the place of Big Mom, with the giant cake at the ready, riding on Rabian instead of Zeus.
  10. Re: One Piece celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2017

    Pretty funny to find out the nue is a good guy and the villain is a pansy who can't take a punch, haha
  11. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    Considering that Snack set an MIA precedent...things may not be looking too good for Biscuit Boy.
  12. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the Vol. 76 spiral cover. Which is unexpected since I adore that one.
  13. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    I didn't even know Galette was there until I was cropping a profile image for Oven, rofl.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    I think the hero covers might have already come in the form of...
  14. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    There's too much space on the left compared to the right but otherwise this looks pretty cool. Seems pretty clear the anime team consulted with Oda when they made the character color schemes, these...
  15. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    The Admirals are monsters. I wouldn't see the Straw Hats having any considerable success with the Whitebeard Pirates either. It's just that out of all the Yonko's crews they've gone up against the...
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    Re: Star Wars Universe

    Goddamn this is looking like the most beautiful Star Wars film by a mile. The AT-ATs on the color dust planet, Finn and Phasma's clash, pure money.

    I thought the first half of the trailer was a...
  17. Re: One Piece Opening 20: "Hope" by Namie Amuro (1st October 2017)

    Psst, fix those tags quickly :laughing:
  18. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    Do we have any reason to believe that the Green Room should be common knowledge amongst pirates? Jinbe's painted it as specifically a Fishman Island thing, and if it were bigger knowledge then I'd...
  19. Re: One Piece Chapter 881: Room of Waves

    I really like how not only did the crew mention they hadn't restocked on cola but Perospero also mentions how Big Mom would be destroying the "cake" by making this wave. The forum's questions get...
  20. Re: Chapter 880: Chance of escape 0%

    The zebra might get caught in a pit with a lion and can't escape. Even if it does escape, there's a chance the lion can catch up to it and kill it. But wouldn't the lion like it a lot better if the...
  21. Re: Chapter 880: Chance of escape 0%

    I'm not necessarily of the mindset that Katakuri's power variety is necessarily a bad thing. It's a good example of how versatile an experienced Devil Fruit user's skillset can be. I mean, imagine if...
  22. Re: Chapter 880: Chance of escape 0%

    Simply intimidating other parties doesn't always make for the best deals. If Big Mom was known as this conqueror-type figure who took full control of anything she wanted, then the people whose...
  23. Re: Chapter 880: Chance of escape 0%

    Regarding the views on the heroes vs. villains of the arc, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love the role the Straw Hats get to play here. So many arcs (pretty much all the New World arcs so...
  24. Poll: Re: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Mark II

    Well there's definitely Brownbeard lol :P Kuma also has brown hair in his manga color scheme which differs greatly from the anime's. Sai's is also brown in the manga. There's also Apoo and probably a...
  25. Re: Chapter 880: Chance of escape 0%

    In Chapter 873 Pudding told her crewmates to gather the cake ingredients at Cacao Island, so that's why the chefs went there and made preparations. She outlined her plan in detail right after Big Mom...
  26. Re: Volume 87 Predictions/Discussion

    Don't agree with you, but it could have been worse:
  27. Re: Chapter 880: Chance of escape 0%

    I thought overall the Caesar plotline was mostly handled pretty well - it established a defining aspect of Big Mom's character. I'm not sure more focus on Caesar as a more protagonistic character...
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    Re: American Football 2017-18

    It almost wasn't...stupid dropped pass :sad: I hope the Skins' defense isn't too messed up; I can't remember the last time they had a promising start.
  29. Re: 807-808: ''A Tragic Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji''

    We technically did get a new understanding from the switch to Sanji's perspective, as we're shown the threats coursing through his mind and how they drove him to attack Luffy (though it wouldn't do...
  30. Re: 807-808: ''A Tragic Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji''

    Eh, I don't really feel it. The Straw Hats are doing things different from the norm which is a plus, but it's super slow. And then when we get to the arc hype stuff it's just basic shots of the major...
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