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    Can I reopen the MSPA thread in the media forums? Because Homestuck will be back next month.
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    Yeah, that's what I kept thinking for a long time too. Revy's pretty unfriendly and harsh to him, especially in the beginning, but at some point it turns out that she's literally been roughing him up and making sure he gets accustomed to how bad life is where he's ended up at so that he wouldn't lose it and accidentally get killed. And Rock starts appreciating her for that, even though he still disagrees with the coldness that she does it with.

    He keeps acting nicely to pretty much everybody, even though the world keeps kicking him in the head, showing Revy that individual people can be good no matter how messed up the world as a whole might be, and Revy starts mellowing out little by little, admitting her own trauma while still sticking to her way of life. And Rock learns a lot from her, and adopts a less idealistic view of the world as a result. It's basically a story of how two flawed people come together and slowly start fixing one another in a weird setting.
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    Oh, hm, I don't know about the anime adaptation (that might have lost all the more carefully included nuances that the manga has), but as far as Revy's character and her role in the whole story goes it's basically meant to be a character study of someone whom the normal world completely disowned and let down, drove into depression, then into struggle, and eventually into indifferent anarchism as she realized how the negative aspects of the society suck for everyone.

    Rock, on the other hand, is a guy who naively believes in the society and the good of everything, but gets further and further disillusioned with it as time passes and he realizes how shittily he's been treated by everyone but Revy, whom he both admires for her independence and feels sorry for due to her depression and trauma.

    They both start playing off of one another, growing as people, and becoming more and more whole as time goes by. It's just hard to notice at first because of how weird the story itself is.
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    I assumed that's cause fewer people have watched Hartnell's stories then have seen Baker's and McCoy's.
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    Hey. How's stuff ?

    A bit of a random note: been noticing a big lack of feedback in the DW topic anytime I talk about the First Doctor.
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    Had your fill ? Nonsense I say !

    I intend to watch the recons at the same time as the regular episodes, just wanted to get to something shorter before ROT.
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    Me too. Have not even finishd Tomb of the Cybermen. I also don't count the episodes I did watch until I finish a serial, and I wasn't as used to the pacing of the show as I am now. I did watch up to the end of the Sensorites after all.

    Reason I didn't go on to Reign of Terror right afterwards is cause it's a six parter and has two parts missing so I'd need to watch recons of those episodes and I just wanted a bit of a diversion.
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    I also find I do like Colin Baker's Doctor. Apart from the first one and a half episodes of Twin Dilemma, where they went way overboard with his violent moodswings, even if was supposed to be a side effect of the regeneration, I do find him rather entertaining to watch. His bickering and inflated ego are fun to watch get deflated and he does have the tendency towards purple prose that I do find fun.

    Also the final joke delivered at the end of The Mark of the Rani was pretty darn funny.
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    Watching Revelation of the Daleks.

    And also I had a realisation: Colin Baker's Cybermen story was superior to McCoy's in every way.
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    friend code added!
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