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    Well, what's the point of bringing up movies that we watch in that thread if we can't respond to each other without own feedback? I was hoping for some sort of profound response, and learning about criticism is always much more enlightening than just getting a "I thought it was a cool movie too!" reaction that barely goes in-depth lol.

    Well, it doesn't have to be musicALS per se. Just music in general. Although, not going to lie, I mainly listen to music that I hear throughout cartoons, shows, movies, and video games. I don't often listen to music that's just... music too much. XD But when I do, I gravitate towards jazz, classic orchestration, hip hop, and a wide array of remixes. I'm a big fan of both Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, and can name a few favorite orchestration pieces off the top of my head.
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    I apologize if the La La Land discussion we had felt too dragged out and aggravating. I don't really mind debating at all, but I could care less about continuing that discussion. You put up great arguments though that apparently sound much more convincing than mine to the forum.

    But I am curious about your taste in musicals and music though. Mainly because I don't want to turn down any chances to educate myself on the subject, and you seem pretty knowledgable on the topic. So if you don't mind me asking, what types of musicals do YOU recommend? It would be fun having somebody talk about music preferences, personally. And I need some new type of entertainment to engage in since I've been doing nothing aside from college work. XD
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    The Hylics OST is bizarre. It quite literally sounds like an acid trip of epic proportions.
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    Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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    Hey! I ended up posting my game on the video game sub forum( explaining how games work.) Would like to get your two cents.

    Let me know if you'd like to play around with RPG maker. See you around.
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    i enjoyed that chat with you and the rest of the guys. you're a cool dude, rest of the admins here are jaded and serious all the time, it's almost depressing.
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    The tournament is BALLS, Wags, BAAAAALLLLLSSS:

  8. I am in public school now and though the program I work in doesn't have the same demands as I am used to from Cyprus, it's still pretty fun. I am considering going into first grade next because I don't feel like I am allowed to challenge my students as much as I want in this program. I need some extra testing to get the credentials for first grade but I think it'll be worth it!
  9. I might take you up on that offer :) I have been reaching out to people who have had similar experiences and people who have not but still had solid advice to give out. There are some things I haven't even touched yet but am very bitter about dammit. He was all in all, even with all his faults and mistakes, an amazing and strong person. Things I've learned after his passing, just taught me there are things about my dad I hadn't realized before even if we were pretty close. I miss going for seashell collecting with him so baaaad and him sending me stupid YouTube videos or recipes on my fb...

    Wagomu. You wonderful old goat know how to make diamonds? I have a proposition for you that involves Trump, a handful of his supporters and a ceiling fan.
    Seriously though, I am very impressed. That is so insanely cool! And you have a brilliant excuse for blowing up shit. Can't beat that!
  10. Is it contagious? Please stay away from me if it is! I don't want to get it then give it to my preschool brats. The terror!!
    Yeah, I just thought to pop back and see how everyone is doing. :) I really missed you guys.
    Well. My job is going great, my husband is brilliant and my siblings are expanding the line which had recently been shortened by one... My dad passed away man and it has been honestly the hardest shit I've ever dealt with. I wasn't ready to lose him, no one was. It has darkened my days considerably and I am feeling out of it most of the time. Will get back to it somehow though!
    So how has life been treating you dude?
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