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    Well, It's a social game mostly, so the amount of time put into that aspect depends on the player. At the very least, you should be able to check in a few times a day and respond to anybody that might be talking to you.

    As for the challenges, they're mostly going to be very quick to complete for the players. On a weekday, I don't expect any challenge to take more than an hour to do, if that long. If a challenge will last any longer, it'll be on a weekend, and announced well in advance to get player feedback. Most challenges will also have a time-span when they can be completed, as well.

    Time wise... I expect this game to last over 2 months of real time. There will be built in break days, and there may be a few extra break days thrown in depending on the general morale of the playerbase/the host's availability.

    From personal experience, I've played in or helped host every game since 2012. They're tons of fun, and it's a great way to meet fellow forum-goers!
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    I'm not sure; Galaxy would know better, but unless you're doing a challenge you can pop in and out at various intervals to talk and roleplay so it's mostly short bursts yeah
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    That's fair. Although if it helps any, I think a lot of us will be dealing with that as well and so the competitions are gonna be pretty quick, so you wouldn't be likely to miss too much :)
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    Hi! You seem like someone who might be interested in this kind of thing, so would you be interested in playing Big Brother x Survivor? It's a One Piece roleplaying game based on the real-life Survivor and Big Brother shows which you may or may not be familiar with. You can look at the rules on the thread, and it may sound pretty daunting, but believe me, it's really easy to get into and based mostly on competition which is a ton of fun. Feel free to ask anything to Galaxy9000 if you're interested but have any questions/concerns
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    I mean, Katakuri could have been a little more overt in foreshadowing this, sure, but I've seen enough anime and manga to smell a very familiar trope when I see one, and sure enough, Oda went for it. I don't recall if he did this before, having a boss enemy handicap themselves for a fair fight, or healing Luffy to even it out, so Oda showed remarkable restraint making it this far before going down that road, and honestly I'm not disappointed, Katakuri is pretty much the next leader of the family after Mama croaks, and his utter transformation (for the better, in all respects, many unexpected ones too) might be a catalyst for reforming the family into something better, less evil, or at least disbanding so the hopeless jerks in it get lost.
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    I didn't know there was already another chapter out yet, so this was kind of a spoiler for me, but I appreciate the acknowledgment. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, which is kind of how my theories usually work out (the ones that aren't extremely far-fetched, at least).
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    It's something that will continue from now until the story ends. Usually the end of an arc gives people a lot of perspective but most folks you see complaining just let out their knee jerk reactions. They rarely rarely even try to take into consideration the near 900 chapters established story.
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    I personally don't jump on any negative bandwagon if a Straw Hat messes up because usually I know the moment fthem to truly shine will be just a bit later in the arc. When Luffy lost to Caesar I couldn't believe the amount of crying. You would read things like "the time skip training was for nothing!" For others like me, we just take a step back and go wonder "huh, how was Luffy supposed to account for being suffocated with absolutely no warning?"

    People forget about tricky Devil Fruits or abilities that don't rely on brute strength and assume that the Straw Hats should steam roll just about everyone. Then there are others who view major characters like Emperors, Admirals or War Lords as infallible. As if they should always be untouchable gods who are always 39 steps ahead. Forgetting what it was like when this story first started to have this little 17 year old boy from no where coming in kicking apples and taking names from established pirates like Krieg, Buggy and Arlong.
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    Hey no worries and you're welcome! Not to over generalize but to answer your question yes, absolutely. Of course the people who do complain are generally more vocal than the folks who praise and things that are deemed negative also tend to stick out in my mind. So my own perception of the matter may be skewed.

    I joined in weekly during Thriller Bark and lurked for a long time before hand. I remember people being upset or annoyed that Zoro seemingly lost to Ryuma. I remember people being pissed that Usopp couldn't handle one CP9 agent. How about this, it's opposite but I remember a group of people complaining that Luffy shouldn't have been able to beat Crocodile. I'm thinking huh?!?!?!?
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    Thanks Mutoryu !
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