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    You want me to give you a paycheck for this too?

    But seriously, I often find my postings to be worded in an unnecessary complicated way. This may be a cliche, but you Scandinavians with your perfect English seem to be better at this.
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    You should reconsider reformulating my posts more often. They sometimes tend to be unnecessarily drawn out
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    Oh wow thanks for the reply!

    I figured out that heaving a heavy meal right before sleeping (like, within 1 or 1&1/2 hours) helps a lot.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    Hello fellow Scandinavian!

    Yeah, i think making some form of communications could be a good idea. Maybe a "Scandinavian thread" (but still keeping it in English for all forum-goers who might be interested).

    There seems to be a fair amount of Swedes in NC, I think my dad had some friend-of-a-colleague who lived in the city I studied in. I'm back in Sweden though, Scania. I've been interested in moving somewhere else in Sweden just to see what it's like, maybe even far north so I could get a chance to see the Northern Lights. Not that I know what I'd do there, all my interests (nerd-stuff) are big exactly where I live.

    is there anywhere you'd want to live, if only for a year or two?
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    When I got that idea in my head when thinking about what would fitting for Burgess when sneaking up on Mihawk like that, it was just too damn good not to implement. I hope you also noticed that Vasco Shot poured flammable alcohol from his sake gourds into Yasopp's cell. XD Thank you, I'm glad to receive such praise from someone like you after all of the nights I pulled editing these gifs.
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    Do you mind checking out the Theories thread? Specifically one of the most recent posts I made there on what should be the page right before the current one. I put a lot of work into making some gifs for the past week that I would love for more AP forumers to see.
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    No. I just don't care to be reminded of how a series I initially liked so much met such a downfall in quality lol.

    Mind if I ask you a quick favor?
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    I think that seeing you change your Bambina avatar is what truly convinced me that the Toriko series met its demise.
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    Ah. I hope it isn't too bad. You should always feel free to talk to me if need be, if you're comfortable with getting a bit personal lol.
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    It might be! Sandman of all people even left a visitor message saying that. XD But from how you post, you can definitely get there. Just try to muster up more frequency in contributing to any threads, One Piece-related or not, with tact and I will be the first to greet you as a fellow senior. :)
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