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    I just thought of something. You know how there will likely be a timeskip due to the time displacement of Elfhelm and the real world? I always considered possibilities like Rickert improving his craft and making lots of weapons and such. But what about the possibility of this character coming back into play:

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    Ah, sorry. I also have a habit of adding continuations of my thoughts like that too lol.

    Thank you! I always cram at the last minute, but the classes aren't that difficult and I try to pay attention. Key word: try lol.

    ...I like it. I would say it has impressed me more than disappoint me. I would easily take it over every other post-timeskip arc. And I absolutely love the landscape and Big Mom as a character, despite not being the ethically neutral business woman I hoped for. Big Mom has one of my favorite designs in this series, probably next to Blackbeard and Moria.
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    Oh, I know all of that already lol. It's just that you mentioned parallels and how he made Guts strong/tenacious, and I just wanted to add in the loner mentality too. Thank you for the links though, I enjoyed re-reading those pages. Although I would say that Guts was being more wise and respectful while Gambino is more rough and a bit cocky. And I can completely relate when it comes to character limits in visitor message conversations.

    They did go well. I got all A's in my classes for both semesters of my college freshman year, which is good. I'm on summer break right now and not really doing much with my life besides foruming.
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    I completely agree. It also cements why Guts is accustomed to being such a loner and the contrast made between Gambino's group of survivors and the Band of the Hawk acting like a family. Thank you for your feedback.

    How have you been?
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    Is Gambino supposed to not just be a hatable adoptive father, but also a parallel to Guts and the types of struggles that he will face?
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    I've been having exams too. I have finals in a couple weeks.

    I understand that random feeling of distancing yourself from a favorite series for a while. It makes binging an entertaining experience

    I was probably the most nominated for categories lol. I actually nominated you for Best New Member, even though I was most likely going to win that. I was somewhat concerned about your absence, but I'm glad to see that you are okay.
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    I also like that aspect. It gives Teach more of a humble aesthetic of what he likes to do in his spare time. Adds more admirable humanity to him that is a bit touching.

    How have you been lately, if you don't mind me asking?
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    Your avatar has actually been the lock screen background on my phone for the past couple years lol. Excellent taste.
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    So are the Infamous games lol.

    I don't play PC games, unfortunately.
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    lol I know that there aren't actually objectively bad choices. It's just that it was a major choice which messed up my whole good streak. When I play games that have morality systems, I gravitate towards picking an extreme rather than a mix of choices. It's just what entertains me the most and makes the story feel the most consistent (not that ethics are actually that black-and-white and followed consistently lol).

    But I have wanted to replay the game though. Several times. But I got it for the original Xbox and haven't played my Xbox 360 in years.
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