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    I did.It didn't tell much about the plot but the style and the little makes me beieve it will be pretty good. Iimagine it is a unviverse where multiple people got the powers of spiderman with each putting their spin on it. And either Parker was the first and it happened much after him or Peter end up there by accident.
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    Done .
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    Episode 16 of Smallville one I quite enjoy. How did it go with your bunch of pages for the month?
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    So watching Charmed I already found protype for the character of death in supernatural(it's the angel of death in Charmed), the guy that makes fall for the powerful evil guy that is invested(Cole in charmed Rumplestilskin in OUAT). And now season 4 I suddenly switched from regular murder for good reasons to mcu style of self-awereness and the seeping of the modern era of television moral.

    Really fascinating to watch series from other eras.
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    Chapter 42 is when the one with the magnetic ball is fighting the main hero
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    I do recognize being pretty partial to Magneto and his powers. After so much love for gravity magnetism was in desperate need of love. And I love the backstory and his friendship with professor X.

    It his pretty good until the timeskip but considering how rushed the rest is it kinds of tarnish the experience. And the time before the timeskip isn't that long either. I wouldn't recommend it. The first half is really good but the second half is just too rushed. However It did have an interesting fighting style and a tournament. It was weapons with special abilities(kind of akame ga kiru).
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    I know portal can be pretty OP. I am talking about how Marvel decided to go with them. They are just those doorways to other places. Marvel went out of their way to not make the magic to much. To me the most magical thing was the whole thing where he went back and forth with the apple but ultimately it was just another stone.

    The building thing made me think inception.

    With the way they handle magic in this movie it's clear to me they are warry of going to far into comic book territory. Any new movie is a careful step forward. I'm not saying it is bad. But to get a good Doom story you pretty much need aa world well into the comic world. Plus I don't need another origin story.

    On the other side DC already committed to some of his silliest ideas with Wonder woman. Most likely due to desperation.
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    I agree about Hardboy power. When he started his speech I was expecting something different. His thing with Rappa was more interesting with the whole take a punch then quickly reform.

    I think we got ourselves confuse. It doesn't bother me since he is the master magnetism and if others get to be OP in their field he also can but it isn't what I refer as particularly innovative.

    When talking about Magneto being innovative I am thinking more about flying and other similar variations that isn't the magnet aspect. I mean moving iron in your blood is still moving iron AKA magnet.

    The only other interesting thing I saw with Magnetism was in 666 Satan. He had a magnetic ball. I think the author is the brother of the one from Naruto. It was pretty interesting than a timeskip happened rushing the rest.
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    We do have pink lantern(technically purple) so definitely possible.

    I mean that they like to ground themselves in the MCU. Doctor strange is a good example. They are a bunch of magicians that do portals and fight with regular fighting techniques mostly. to make someone like Doom happen I imagine a world much more colerful being needed around him. Which is why I believe it works better out of the MCU then in it.

    DC tell you straight Gods made a island of only immortal humans and Diana is half-god. Marvel needs to find some workaround to make it more real and closer to reality. So I don't picture them going to the full colerful world of the comics and I would picture fun time travel and Doom need that.

    F4 can exist in the MCU it's just that I'm sure it will be subpar compared to what it could do with his own world both in terms of themes,dynamic, tones or universe.
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    I have always loved that page from the JL lightining saga. It's nothing special but damn it sells the special blind devotion/bond that existed with the legions of superheroes and supes being a real member of them.

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