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    Also how's family and friends? Parents/grandparents?
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    I think I loved the 2-3 issues. At least up to when Stacy has to leave since I think it was actually exploiting the world it set up. We had interesting conversation about how long standing relation influenced certain things. Like Peter working with Reed and clashing on how to evolve or Otto having supposedely a full arc thanks to years of battle. But 2 things happen that showed me the rest wasn't as thought out. Captain american enter the vietnam war but we never actually adresses it and the symbiote taking over Kraven is just a cool panel. It feels like it started with a genuine plan of what a world with Spidey and others really aging would be but then sadly turn into a cliffnote of the higlights of the spidey we with little regards to how it affects the character or reflect the world. There's a lot of neat ideas like 9/11 leadin to the unmasking and pusing heroes to be more organized but not enough follow up to be truly satysfying.
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    On Live story of Spiderman I got that same feeling of wastes potential but I wanted the opinion of someone more steeped into the comic world and a bigger spidey fan.
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    Oh yeah I also want to catch on on Better call Saul but I need to be in the right head space.

    About what you were talking about Saul I think the problem comes from Saul trying to both be a prequel to Breaking Bad but also be his own thing. The Saul plot being the self contain shown they are making. And the mike and Nacho stuff being the prequel for the hardcore of breaking bad. But where it was understandable at the begenning when it was uncertain if anyone would care without the attachment to the original show now it's kind of feel like a weird add-on to a show that is all about exploration of character making a weird that shouldn't be. That plotline should have died s2 or be something Mike mentionned in passing at times when dealing with Saul our actual character.

    And that awesome character from breaking bad should never have become part of the cast since it cements the show as a sequel uncessarily.
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    That's good. Everything is so crazy right now and the forum went down right as stuff were getting weirder. So it was kind of annoying not being able to at least check if you were doing alright.

    I never tried it actually. I should read that. With comics in a runt right it is a pretty great time to catch up on old gems. Right now now I'm mostly jumping from show to show constantly switching so it doesnt get monotone. Started Arrested development and Bojack horsman, Haikyuu(volleyball anime) and checked out new girl which I wasnt a fan. So mostly 20 minutes stuff.

    What's the name of the comic and setting?
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    The forum is finally back. How you doing Count?
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    Hello there 16 chars of Obiwan
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    The mom being the girl the girl was going after is a bit far.

    They do like reincarnation/ being a parallel of a previous person in this culture. I guess no manga can escape drama. Dammit!!!
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    I'm quite liking the vibe for now. You get a peak at the Japanese culture but also I appreciate how real the people are. Like when I see the mom reaction to the mangaka choice it's easy for me relate and they don't overplay and make it a big dramatic gesture like it would be in most manga or even movie. It's just her trying to get her son on the right path and moving on.

    I continue to enjoy the ride.

    Slightly sexist tho. Not sure if it's just to reflect the culture or the author's own bias.
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    They went both realistic(he mostly just wanted a cool job more than passion) and dark(how he ended) with the uncle backstory. I did not expect that with this kind of manga.

    Sweet move from the writer to push the artist into his lap by pointing out the girl wants to be a voice actress. Also I just now suddenly realise that the Death team is also a fun so off course he thinks about those of them that have to split the job.

    Ok 1- I didn't know it was a comedy manga. I was expecting more somber or serious exploration But 2- that proposal and her reaction was hilarious.
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