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    Do you a guilty pleasure show or movie?

    Also watched unreal?
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    Also I think comics have entered a phase where sidekicks are a bad idea. It was great back in the old days where they were apprentice growing up until they become their own characters. But nowsdays every chracter that matters is a stapple meaning everyone is fairly stcuk. And being the sidekick of an important just guarentees that you will be be seen in that particular way and hurt your growth as a chracter.

    Also lately DC sucks. Which hurts me a lot since the love people people seem to have for Marvel is the one I have for DC. But lately they have introdsuced so many BS and Marvel concepts(That works for marvel but not Dc) that Im not sure it can be fixed.
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    Batman is easily my least favorite hero because of what the pedestral has done to him. It slowly but surely erased every last ones of his flaws or transformed them into strength people should just shut up and accept. But I still respect the hell out of the chracter and get annoyed when he's written badly. Plus he gets the best stories of course thats because a lot of great creators love him more than him being the best character.

    I say it is best to read old bats stories like The cult where he possibly kills someone because he has destroyed mentally by a cultist weaponizing the hobos or batman venom where Batman considers himself to weak and gets addicted to drugs that makes him stronger. Stories weitten before Batman was too awesome to be brought low without it being a plan.
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    You definitely should check green Arrow. I describe him as a Marvel character forced to deal with the DC universe. But in a good way. He is just a decent guy trying to do his best in world where people are just awesome. You know the other heroes are paragons ands will stick to the their principles but Olliver is only human and will fail to do so some times. I'm sure you heard of long bow hunters. But I would also advise the Kevin Smith run starting with quiver.

    Red Hood is the marvel character stuck in the dcverse in a bad way.
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    Never thought of Knighcrwaler that way. I just assumed it was freezeframe of when he is about to teleport but it makes sense same way I never thought about Sipperderman being sticky in his face.

    I say Wolverine is the closest Marvel is to Batman in terms of he is so cool he bends the rule of comics.
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    The Xmen are the most straightforward concept but somehow they are the most convoluted group of the comic industry. I remember that time I learned that Jubilee had a vampire phase.
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    Ariel? That's either a fairy or mermaid name. It works if you are still a kid (But no one is ever going to take you seriously with that name) or have water powers(then you have a chance to make the name badass) . I'm partial to the rule that superheroes should have code name so I'm sad she dropped shadowcat. Maybe meet halfway and call herself ShadowPryde?

    But at least she has options. Kate Pryde, Kitty Pride, ShadowCat all work. Jean Grey only have stupid names when she's not using her name. she should call herself phoenix.
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    I have a cold/fever trying to murder me so not the best. I can't even swallow right.

    As a fan of Xmen Im surprised it took you so long to read Men kills. There's a lot of disscrimination stories with the story but I think this one treat it in the most grounded straightforward way. There's no flashiness or metaphor. It just is. And that makes so much more visceral and disturbing. I think they even use the n world in it.
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    Hello Count. How do you do?
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    Also What do you of those movies you tried already?
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