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    Yeah. It can be quite annoying to intimately know this might be interesting to you but every time you get close it his as if all your energy and motivation went away. In your case one thing to rember is even the best usually start with something simple. It is by building on the simplicity that you get to the incredible. Simplicity build the foundation for relatability and truly building a world that does not overwhelm you but rather guide you to appreciate it.

    As for the world that's why I recommend more Avatar and Full metal. One piece is good for characters but the other 2 give you a nice way to instantly give your world a feeling of being actually be full and other things are actually going on and the normal people really matter. Horror is definitely a place full of potencial both in diversity and even the question some monster can raise about us as people.
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    Lol. I remember that panel. Imagine Batman kicking catwoman in the guts as she's leaning for a kiss. Funnily enough I think Daredevil pulls the batman better than DC lately. You really see the morally dubious choice that separate him from a superman(like his constant tortures). I think I didn't mind it because he left the job for her and spent the whole season trying to reach her. And he was the highlight of the season.

    I can't even call what happen collateral since no one died except an hero. It would have been cool if at least 2-3 civilians died so we remember they are street heroes caring for the little people(except Danny) and how much that affect them. Damn I hate when series include a plot and drop it. It's like the defeat of the black finger that suddenly happen but much worse.The street stuff would have merit getting expanded on. Might have made Danny more interesting since he's the one in the group that cares only the big picture.
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    I can't complain about Iron fist. You told me where to find Claire in this see of frustrating storytelling and we had some nice banter about the evil Meachum at the beginning of the series.Reading your review I suddenly have a question: Where the hell did Joy and Davos go.
    Matt had already retired from being Daredevil and the bomb was already about to explode which made sure the city was safe. So all he really did is decide he prefer died with electra than continue life the way it was. I won't say it's a good idea but I'm fine with it since it's only his life. They had a fucked relation. I enjoyedDanny due having no expectations . There's to many people mocking him to not be intentional and a story about the hand is more about Matt than him.Thing I really hate in the ending is Matt coming back which should have been in his own series and domestic terrorism getting brushed of. They are not the freaking avengers. I expected more from such an imprtant decidion.
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    Your story makes me thin supernatural woth the seriousness of American gods. It's one of tose things where you are both familiar enough to be happy to recognize the things but at the same time it's lose enough for there to be genuine twist and turn.

    As I said one in terms of world building I think you should think full metal and Avatar. One piece is nice but everything is so tight it feels like a story rather than a world. It's why your side characters are important. You give them culture and real life so they matter even when not super connected.
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    I totally understand the blues that cuts you from your usual entertainment. I used to love reading but I haven't been able to touch a book since my big blue period. Hell I'm even struggling to even attempt watching a series on my laptop and I seem uncapable of watching a movie now. Blue periods are a mess. It's good that you are starting to get out off yours.
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    Comic book? In terms of fiction ideas i always pictured you as more of a novel kind of guy. 20 pages seems like a well developed idea. Is it fantasy?
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    Would you mind giving your take on Crocodile on the Love and loathe thread. Of course if you believe you already said all that could be said through your review of Alabasta or simply don't feel up for it I understand.
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    In the marvel game I play, they just announced Yondu, after releasing almost all the components of the Guardians of the Galaxy (poor Drax). But yeah, I am still waiting from the release of Man-Thing.
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    And now YOU need to clear your inbox.
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    Oh, okay o:

    I see. Yeah, I just decided to be my normal self, and use smileys, on the forum, or with friends o:

    Ah, okay. It would be interesting to see. (I'm willing to see new things 0.0) (I tend to enjoy things for what they are.)
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