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    I thought the Kyros one was divided between toy and human, but I cannot recall. Yeah, I know, just wishful thinking, but with the current pace, lasting more than 2 or 3 would mean it has a lot of info dumps.
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    He did it to an extent with Dressrosa, having different perspectives for the same flashback. You are right though, he does not do important flashbacks in chunks, at least not from what I remember. We got to see what is the focus of this flashback. Also he kinda has done partition ones with Pudding. First with Lola and now her bullying.

    More than a failure at Raftel, I think it will be a YAY we did it moment, that soon gets cut off by really bad news. So a very short-lived happiness. I do agree that Wano is the perfect set up to put a dent on the Straw hats record. I was just remembering those conversations with Roo's wife and Elbaf destroyed. Jajaja
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    Well let's see how much this flashback lasts, I hope half a chapter, and keep exposing us to it, in chunks. Like Big Mom as a kid, then as an upcoming pirate(Roger or Lola era)

    And now that the tree in Elbaf is confirmed:

    Let's wait for it to go up in flames. At this point, if Wano ends up in a good note, then I would say at the very least, Elbaf falls. Goes back to a question I made a while back: Are the Starwhats going to fail at any point before Raftel?
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    sorry, good to go.
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    Say Count, I wanted to ask permission if you wanted to PM debate about a couple OP things, as I didn't want tojust do it and be a creeper. :P
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    Morgans: I think that is what in normal circumstances would happen. With how things might resolve he might do it via the comic book strip.

    I agree that because of all these elements still hanging, we could potentially have 2 years worth of content. But with the chances of someone just trying to calm Mama down with the bomb, there are also ways these hanging plotlines be resolved swiftly. Kinda like Luffy's restored tooth(in essence, not that I want these to be resolved with a joke, the simplicity of it).

    6-8 was the resolution of the climax, to what I mean, they will be running away or having the Big Mom aftermath after that. I think 15 might be closer to it, if we are to get substance more than quick ones for these plots.
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    I hope you know I am aware of the fan-fiction realm I am treading into. However, if Jack gets picked up by Shybum and then both go to Wano and start preparations for Blackbeard and Kaido to meet as potential allies, Jack can still get what is coming for him. I hope I wasn't saying that Jack joins Blackbeard, just that someone from the BB crew picks him up first.

    I think the wedding betrayal is better explained because of the reaction the other underworld bosses had. They were laughing at Judge's face. Morgans and Big Mom's relationship might be good enough for him to change the finer details of the wedding to favor Big Mom.

    Lola and Pudding could be solved in a chapter's worth of content, spread across two chapters. And I have admitted that Big Mom seems petty but she did say she was focusing her anger on Luffy instead of Fishman Island.

    Just think about the fact that many thought the cake was going to be used with the bomb, but it ended up being destroyed after it appeared.
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    About Totland length, well it is tricky, there are so many more things to settle in Totland that it seems it could last until the end of the year. However all of these are based upon the resolution of the arc. I say it will not be as long because I think they will still escape. Right now, the Strawhats are just pilling up more infringements against Big Mom than anyone else; besides the potential of even have more things against her. If they have to escape, even if Big Mom survives the assassination, with Morgans there, it could be really easy to have her not mobilize against the Strawhats allies, because that would harm her image even worse. This is considering Luffy will tell her again about: Fishman Island being his turf and declaring that he might not be able to stay and beat her now because he will beat Kaido and then come for her.
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    More than analysis, it was the potential ramification such a development could have. Like I said, the more logical thing would be to have the Beast Pirates retrieve Jack. I just think that it could be interesting if another party picks him up from the wreckage. I just threw Blackbeard in because he is the easiest guy to throw in. Because Oda hasn't really elaborated on maps and geography, this type of ~convenient~ encountering could be used. The portrait example was just to show that unfortunately, things are not as intricatly connected as before.
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    A bit of reasoning behind the randomness:

    It starts with the question: Where is Zunisha currently walking to? I have been thinking about this, because Zou's group is supposed to be headed to Wano it would be hilarious, but unlikely that Zunisha is walking in the opposite direction

    - It takes a week to get from Dressrosa to Baltigo, the same way it takes a week from Dressrosa to get to Zou's location when Luffy got there.
    - After the BB pirates attack Baltigo they leave in direction to...they find the wreckage on the way.

    It is so random, albeit, considering the portrait came out of nowhere: why not?!

    Also, given that we are getting closer to Wano, I think WCI might last 6-8 more chapters, which would be around July (give or take breaks), and you know I want Blackbeard there at the end, I will be thinking of different ways of putting them into the story, before Wano comes into the picture. It is not very productive, discussion-wise, but eh, just using creative freedom at this point.
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