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    Oh don't worry about it, we all have things to do.

    Yeah, I enjoyed that exchange, I was a bit bummed out that a lot of critics and fans basically only bashed the Elektra storyline, so speaking to somebody who disliked the Blacksmith stuff as well was a breath of fresh air. I appreciate the positive feedback, it's nice knowing I'm leaving a positive impression on people, one way or the other. For what it's worth, I'm probably not gonna frequent the politics session as much for a few weeks. It's been quite exhausting dealing with the election and everything surrounding. The Toriko thread I'll try stick with until it dies down, I owe as much to my Lord and Saviour Bambina. I've vowed to discuss One Piece weekly a bit more too ( which is what I came here to do ). Just so you know where to find me, ;)
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    I just wanted to say, it's always a delight to read your long replies. I wish I had the same dedication to the craft you do. Don't ever stop please :D
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    Sure go for it. I have actually been hoping X Drake is double-agent ever since his interaction with Kizaru. This was really reinforced when it turned out his dad was a marine who became a pirate because having him just be a repeat of his dad seems kinda lame to me.

    As for big mom; burning down countries for not giving her candy, apparently killing her own kid, attacking /looting countries for as petty of reasons as to bake a cake, taking the lifespan of people she "protects" and how shallow her "family dreams" are more than enough reasons that I would personally side with Kaido from what we have seen. Big Mom's first appearance was supposedly eating her crew, Kaido's was trying to die. Kaido is not ethical but I would feel safer knowing that he values strength and what not enough to forgive people who have attacked him. Also him trashing Moria gave him rep points for me in the same way that Mihawk wrecking Don Kriege did...
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    As a guy who mildly likes Mihawk, I approve of this.
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    Who knows? But with how many times they've been in a pic together, maybe.

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    Words can't express how grateful I am for your thanks!

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    I don't think we have seen enough of Kaido to say he is worse than Big Mom. Until this arc we had seen no positives about Big Mom either. Also X Drake attacked Kaido's favourite island and yet Kaido let Drake team up with him and seems to have given him a fairly high position.
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    Quality posting in the manga section m8 :)
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    Well, thank you, but i wouldn't call myself "intellectual" XD, it's just that i like and did read the manga so many times that somewhat i was bound to reach a certain understanding of the story.If yuo really seek experts about Berserk look at skullknight.net, the 2 admins there are really crazy experts and dedicated much mooore than me.
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    I assure you, if you read on other forums (except for skullknight.net) there are some people who follow it since before you and yet every now and then they say some bullshits you can't believe they aren't joking xD, your posts show that you managed to understand the story surprisingly well and quickly.
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