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    Lex appears in season 1 ep 1.

    Small is driven by pretty much 2 things. When does superman fly? The realationship between Lex and Clark and why Lex is who he is. It is pretty it was one of their main focus if THE main focus.
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    Justice League after Credit

    Not gonna lie for a moment i thought they recasted Luthor.

    The name is definitely going to be injustice league. I can easily picture that Luthor choosing that name. Maybe somekind of speech bout how they are here to combat the injustice of thosegods walking among them.

    I was strangely pumped to see Deathstroke. I don't want Harley. Works well in the comic wouldn't in movie. I don't want Ivy. I don't like them working together usually but I am kind of interested to see that Luthor play with a Joker but I know I shouldn't. Cheetah could be cool. Black manta could definitely be a thing. I don't want them to go colerful to fast tho. Parasite maybe? And a magic user. A real one not the crap marvel is pulling. They got gods they can do magic.
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    I actually don't think anyone has bothered to tell a compelling story of how superman and Luthor came to be. There is plenty of story with them but trust me on that with Smallville it is a story purely about there relation.
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    Star Wars

    I think Fynn can work as a defective unit sometimes that happen. I can more easily buy that they couldn't erase his conscience perfectly than Fynn somewhat being a goofball. I mean seriously how the hell did he get that personality?

    No way they are making Rey bad. I seewhat you mean about the mask reveal tho.

    To be fair to Kylo (and the load of people that defended that defended the fight) he was pretty badly hurt. What really bothered is really the result but the confidence and the feeling of perfect domination. Like a master facing a young student. Everything about Rey and the force I hate.

    It would be extremely conventional but I actually think it could be much better than what we got. It is the perfect setting for heart and learning to accept each other.
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    The dynamic of that cowardly Dog was so damn repetitive but dam it was effective and hilarious everytime. Rugrats I remember there adventures actually seemed grand to me. I refuse to watch it just from fear of realizing how silly it was. Yeah definitely classic oddparents, spongebob is pretty vague on my mind I'm sure if it was better or worse than now. Avatar I watched in passing it was entertaining but only recently have I watched it all and realize the greatness of it. Same with Jl/JLU.

    Icarly I liked but I always missed Drake and Josh and could never compare. I loooved George Lopez. I rember it was always on at times I should be sleeping(make sense) but I would sneek just to get the chance to watch it. I loved how it was both real and hilarious. They didn't censor themselves or needed people to be to zanny. So many great scenes in that show and that mother was priceless.
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    Really like the song
    remember me. It worked for the showman and the intimate setting. I did get emotional just from that song alone.

    De la Cruz first death is the best thing ever.
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    I don't mind Fynn's defection. Could have been made more interesting by building up how he is defective but I don't mind. I agree about the empire which is why the movie shouldn't exist. The aliens felt boring and uninspired to me. I don't mind the lightsaber thing even find it vaguely symbolic. I don't like R2D2 randomly waking up or the death star with 5 lasers.

    They also missed good opportunity to have "I know" when Han gets killed telling his kid he loves him. I don't think I agree about the mask. I don't like how angry he is tho.

    I do hate Rey and Fynn for being embodiment of cliché. Fynn for a pet peeve Rey definetely hate the character and her perfection. Nothing I hate more in the movie than her getting a hug from Leia while Chewie is walking by. The stranger from less than a week got a hug and the longtime friend got to take a walk. Although maybe I hate Kylo getting schooled even more? I'm not sure but I will stick with the hug.
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    I hadn't seen the second part of your comment about Coco. We have pretty much the same problems. I just hold it much more against the movie. It is the reverse of our opinion on Homecoming sort of.

    That thing about the movie mirroring reality was pretty moronic. I like how your main actor supposedly saw the script and thought you what this movie need? The real story of how I killed my best friend. And that coming from a guy that is so obsess with hiding the truth that he wants to let a little boy die.

    Best part of the movie for me were simply the Coco part. The drive of a failed musician that made a mistake and just want to see his daughter again.
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    Vandal doesn't so much suck has he is no threat at all and you will keep wondering why don't they just take him out easy. And trust I don't like spoiling people but you need to know that much to not tear your hairs out. Also time-travel is treated too seriously so disregard it too.
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    Like I said I like the visual.

    My problem with the story is mostly a personal thing but I hated how the handled it.

    The real papa should not exist. And if he does it shouldn't be that his story. Cruz shouldn't be a murderer. And definitely I hated the whole they are a couple again.

    I think the story would have been much better with a Cruz that love his descendant but also knows that he couldn't have live without the music. And at the end we have Miguel realizing he prefers family over music but the mama decide that he should be able to forge his own path.

    Or if the alternate papa exist make him a failed musician none of that stupid murder thing or that magical he was always going to return he just died before so zero fault on his character and there was zero reason to bring him back to the mama when his story was about wanting to see his daughter.

    Music was great and aside from the kissing the last scene was pretty good and moving.
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