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    I think MHA will become a priority, maybe after Jojo - at least in terms of shonen. I'll prolly watch the 2 anime seasons and then catch up with the manga - probably. Who knows tho haha. Any thoughts on other "new" (relatively) battle shonen? Such as The Seven Deadly Sins, Black Clover, (well...my mind's already kinda made up there if I'm being honest XD) and..well what else is there? Dr. Stone looks really interesting, tho not sure it's really a battle shonen - tho it's definitely a shonen. That's really a shame about Magi - I didn't realize it had ended. I mean, I knew it had been in the "final arc" since 2015, but I didn't know if it had reached it. I enjoyed all that I read/watched of it (which, to be fair, was pretty far in - the anime was way too rushed so technically I got like 8-9 volumes in, but I'd prolly go back & read the manga) tho & I kinda wanna see what happened in it.
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    Yeah, I've heard plenty of great things about the anime of Yu Yu - from a shonen standpoint, from an animation standpoint, and a bunch of others. Plus, I adore Togashi's writing and while it seems clear Yu Yu isn't quite as playful/experimental as HxH can be, I have no doubt it's of high quality. Plus I welcome a lengthy tournament arc, especially if it is THE best tournament arc as so many claim haha. Yeah, while I know most Naruto fans say Part is the best & by all accounts it seems to be - it's hard to put my finger on it, but something about it just didn't grab me. I have a few friends who love it & want me to go through the anime sometime...but probably not lol. That's kinda sad how Toriko turned out - I also heard about the rushed ending. Is it worth going back to for the good stuff pre-timeskip tho? Then again it might be hard to enjoy good worldbuilding with the foreknowledge that it won't lead to an ultimately rewarding conclusion.
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    Fell behind after like 3 episodes haha, think I binged a bit more of Part 3 in late July/early August, (till episode 9) watched 4 more in September, then flew through the rest of Part 3's first season in like 3 days of February. At that point I was in the same dillemma, having caught up to the airing time, and I got like 4 eps in before falling terribly behind again. Didn't watch any more til the very end of November/beginning of December (2015 now) and watched the last 20 episodes in like 3 days haha. I also read like 4 chapters of Part 7 in September 2014, read the first 2 chapters of Part 5 early in 2016. Yeah - I dunno why I felt like remembering all that, but it handily illustrates just how much I mean it when I say my viewing/reading habits are extremely erratic.
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    Yeah, I'm watching Part 4 - not actively atm, but thinking I'll dive back in very soon actually (got quite a bit of work on the way tho so, ehh lol) - before the anime began, I actually read the first 18 chapters I believe, because I had enjoyed the latter bit of Part 3 so much. My schedule with Jojo's also been very erratic lol. I watched Jojo back in April 2014, I watched the series' first 9 episodes (Part 1) over the course of like 4-5 days maybe & quite liked it. Then I binged pretty much all of Battle Tendency over 2 days, was completely captivated, and watched the first ep of Part 3 which had just aired. For a bit I kept up weekly, but fell behind as I often do whenever I've tried to follow anime weekly lol
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    Let's hope Oda will continue with his habit to give him a supporting role in every arc since the start of the New World and give him a role in Wano too.

    Though his connection to Vegapunk might play a role later in the series.
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    The German (me) doesn't get the humour. Damn, what a cliche!

    (Also, if Caesar won't get Nakama-status, why not make him something like permanent supporting character ?)
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    Clear your inbox please ^^
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    Oh, that it was a central part of his fighting style? I appreciate you conceding that since I was a dick at the end of the debate and don't really deserve the accolade. >_>

    Now I need to see if this rubber > mochi thing is real or not. Either way, I'm glad to see Katakuri has become a more dynamic character. I forgave him for being a generic badass but it looks like you made the right call that he was too bland since Oda agreed with you. xD
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    My Hero Academia I read the first 10 chapters of back in 2015, & liked it a ton. It's another one of those series though that's not really a priority, might watch the 2 anime seasons & then jump into the manga at some point tho, since I tend to like anime more. Also read a tiny chunk of Toriko a while ago & liked it. Seems like the anime really isn't an option though if I wanna experience Toriko as it should be, which is a shame (and the Ops to Toriko are really fun lol) but w/e. That's another one I'll get around to, probably later than MHA. I also quite like Magi, watched the first season forever ago & have started poking my way through the manga, it's definitely got mt attention with it's pretty unique setting/concept (though it does remind me a bit of Avatar TLA lol) and the neat art. The problem is I know I'll like a lot of these, but battle shonen are such a long commitment that it's kind of hard to power on through unless I feel like I'm going to love it, if you get me?
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    (Meh, these character counts really take a toll sometimes lol) But yeah, when I got into anime seriously in early 2013, I decided to give all the Big 3 a chance. Even tho I dropped Naruto first out of all of them, in the long-run now I'd definitely say I respect it more than Bleach. I mean, in an abstract sense I can respect almost any author/artist who writes such a long series, but based on what I have experienced and know of both, I feel pretty confident saying Naruto's the more solid series. Bleach really grabbed me with the monster of the week set-up as I recall, and of course the artstyle & coolness factor played a role. Still, somehow in the midst of the first major (and evidently, by far the most popular and reputed) arc - Soul Society - I kinda lost interest. And from there on, it seems to go in a direction I'd never dedicate much more time to lol.
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