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    Now I feel I am rambling. Bottomline is I hate the Homecoming idea because of what Spiderman was in Civil war. I will agree depending on how they handle if it's just a tony joke"We need you to put your big boy suit" and tha will disappear by next movie I will agree. But if it is a real moment align with Spiderman story Homecoming I think it's good. But Sadly I expect the first.

    If you can't keep the story of your characters going don't shackle them to your universe. Daredevil isn't interacting with the movie universe and he does great. But he is linked to the defenders and when they met he manage to go forward in his story as did everybody. And they will continue to go forward in their personal stories next season rather than backtrack. That's what shared universe should be when they exist.
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    About infinity

    I hope they have a good for why he has it. I don't mind as long as he explains it well. Like needed to step or having grown. What would make it truly bad for me is if Spiderman just go back to regular when everything is done. My problem with Homecoming is that it pretty much erase Civil War Spiderman. He was not a rookie with self-performance issue. Place Homecoming before that movie and suddenly it works much better. I hate the stalling Marvel does with his every movie. It transforms every solo movie into placeholders. Like Ant-man was cool but wouldn't it have been better if it's after credit scene was about trying to grow so that this thing is actually an antman story rather than part of the crossover.
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    I just watch the CW crossover of this year and it was damn awesome. One connected story that felt like a 2hours movie with real consequences for everything and reward for anyone who watch the shows. If last year was a 7 this one was an 11.5. Now that's how you do a connected universe.
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    Random tidbits about JLU awesomeness: They are the only adaption of Alan Moore with his official stamp of approval for "For the man who has evrything".
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    Scarecrow is so incredebly empty. If I want fear story he yellow lantern is much more captivating. I don't hate the riddler but I doubt you can milk much of such a simple man. Joker is a maniac. Pengouin is crime boss. 2face is a tragic figure. With Riddler is a man that likes fun. He lack the little something that makes me see the great potential. Even Ivy has something it just so happen to be the wrong something. I'm sure you can have nice stories with the riddler but if you a great one 90% of times you are going to twist him to make it. I am surprised Hush didn't get included to the gallerie considering how well received the story was.
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    I took your question as more about potential. If Pengouin is just a perfect foe for Batman I think Harvey is exactly the kind of character that fits the batman theme. Duality, the thin lin line between good and evil. Justice and the darkness and the evil inside. Pengouin has the making of a the making of a great story but two face is just perfect character that fits the dark knight. He is the only one that can be the tragic figure while still fitting. You can do something similar with the doctor and the master where even tho you know the doctor can never change you know he will still try and you feel the distress of that stranded relation.

    About Ivy I meant I don't think she fits Batman Rogue's gallerie but she fits perfectly with Harley. She is not that evil so it is no surprise they would be such besties and both beinga little nut they enhance each other and feel normal side by side. Whoever invented the friendship between the two had a great idea.
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    Whaaaaaat....He was that young? I thought he was 16-18. That might be the most unbelievable thing on the show. And slightly creepy/sad if Lex and Clark looked age appropriate.
  8. So apparently Clark is 14 during the first season of Smallville while Lex is 21.

    I mean, it does make sense for Clark to be 14 since he's a high school freshman while Lex was kicked out of university. But how old his actor looks and his friendship with Lex... No, just no lol.
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    I don't think the first seasons do much other than exploring. So better not be looking to much into in a actual plotline for now.

    I did find the whole stalker thing interesting for some reason. Seeing how far admiration can go and all that. Like I said Lana is interesting as a plot device but not much else.

    Lex is a great gem and there is a reason why regardless of when you left Smallville this one stay with you.
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    Pengouin definitely. Batman is a milionnaire and a detective. A rich crime boss that his about his plan is definitely a great foe to have. Two-face is another interesting one with his duality and history.

    Scarecrow is one-dimensional antagonist. The riddler could be good but he would need to be much more sadistic but he can be an interesting side dish. Ivy works better with Harley stories. Croc definitely could do some tragic but it's not batman cup of tea. Aside from Ivy and Scarecrow and Croc(who doesn't fit) they all have potential. Sadly Joker is entertaining he gets much of the glory.

    Hush was a great story without Joker tho. And thinking about and Dark Knight it is kind of sad how many of his great stories feel the need to introduce a new character to make it work rather than giving the rest of Batman's rogue some love. I mean who knows a great story penguin or Riddler story?
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