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    I love Tony in IW.I don't like that movie, structurally I think it doesn't work, Thanos plan makes no sense, Cap is once again a side character to give Tony more space, I think the choice of who disapeared is bs.

    And while Tony is the second least problematic survival(after Cap that thankfully survive) it would have worked better if he did die thinking his efforts were for nothing and for the first time the world was saved by others making him realize he should work with others and would give spiderman a chance to stretch shine
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    The writing on Thanos is stupid. It lacks the setup for Gomora sacrifice to be that good(GoG2 should have instisted on how loving he was to Gomora). The plan makes no sense based on who Thanos is on the movie because he would know that plans make no sense(50% would create to much chaos on that scale).

    I hated the Avengers first time I saw it. It's a bad stand alone movie but people loved it. I loved Justice League despite being mediocre. I think both are the same exept the other came first and I didn't have that connection to the Avengers that I have to justice league.

    I definitely would have like a more character driven movie captain America were you see him cope with the losses and the artist aspect and a more overt emphasis of how much he needs the avengers. And I think it's kind of why I can't stand Tony. Cap barely has space and has to make the most of it in terms of progression were as Tony is given all the space and drag his feet to do finally do somethhing interesting.
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    If I go from IM to Avengers to Utron to IW. I would probably like Tony. But when you look at how much he is in he takes to long to start getting an arc.

    His real arc only start in CW because before that stuff he did never mattered. He always got his way and revert back to the cocky guy that can solve everything with no consequences. In CW we finally gets a Tony that properly reflect on things which retroactively makes AoU a fine piece of Tony's growth. But it's so waay down the line that I just roll my eyes every time I have sympathize with him.

    Thor lost his freaking kingdom got the message. Cap became got used by shield in Avengers got the message. Hulk saved the world in Avengers tried to continue helping.

    Tony is the one guy that keeps having to not sacrifice anything but continue to complain and not understand the problems yet continue to get his ways and the girl(the easiest way for a movie to tell you you are fine).
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    IM. Tony is cocky but naive inventor. End of movie he gets the girl, has the money, He's still cocky but not as naive.

    IM2. Tony is a dick to everyone because he is dying. Everyone loves him despite never explaining his behavior and he is cured despite not earning just an emphasis on how brilliant he is.

    A. Still a cocky guy that push people button but is suppose to be considered fine. End of movie he is the savior.

    Ultron. Tony tramatized by A creates a IA that goes evil. End of Movie Tony creates an Ai against the opinions of the avengers that turns out to be the solution.

    CW. Tony traumatized by Ultron decided that the rest should be held accountable for his stuff because clearly they are the reckless ones. End of movie he is the best one off despite being proven wrong.
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    You could definetely write something that delves into political intrigues and maybe Penguin bribing some important people. Maybe Bruce is a target and has to inspire people to be better.

    But like you said Bruce isn't really that interesting.
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    That description of Venom only makes me want to watch it more.

    I do love Tony in IW because it's the time where his arc actually pays off. He is also finally not a dick but just a frighthen man trying to slay the dragon that has hunted his dream. It's the first time I didn't feel I got to much Tony and his story had a real point.

    I prefer Cap because in his first movie he is to naive and he has to learn to stand for himself and his righteousness makes him lose his friends and his love. In Avengers he is the perfect soldier and because of that he is unable to see the machination of shield and is the idiot of the group. WS is the first time were his positive outlook is not the problem but actually a good thing and he did take the lesson of being more careful about the government. Ultron doesn't have much except realizing that he needs the fight to not dwelve on how much he lost. CW is stupid and useless and IW doesnt give him anything.
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    Well I know they wouldn't kill Penguin(I'm glad they didn't invent a contrive way to let him live) but Jason definitely planned to kill him. And up to know I was just sad that Pengouin wasn't getting his due. But after hearing of that storyline(where Penguin killed his dad) I say go for it.

    They are both perfect for each other. Penguin and Jason are the most realistic children of the Gotham war. And as mob boss Red hood gets plenty to kill and threathen and blackmail. Damian is the one trying to reedeem himself but Jason is the one that is about getting the job done.

    Maybe make a story where Pengouin decide to move to a new city because the market is less satured and Jason follow him to finish the job and avenge his dad(because keeping them in Gotham is bad).
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    It's funny to see us have such opposite opinion on the biggest Avengers.

    My problem with Tony is that he accomplish everything without ever having to work on his flaws. He doesn't take lessons stuff just works out. I mean in Ultron he makes 2 robots. We're just lucky one is good. In 2 he is a dying dick that is magically saved without having to reflect. Even in civil war he is in good terms with Cap at the end.

    TO me Tony is IM 1, Avengers, Ultron, Infinity war. He is not awful but considering how the movies consider his flaws as his charms I have hard time with him. And that Pepper is still with him is awful for her and I don't even consider her a character.
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    I want to check out Venom because it seems the relation between Venom and Brock is the best part and if I can have a good time with the character. And I miss those batshit crazy movie were they are so outlandishly ridiculous you have to have fun.

    The Hobgoblin in Axis sounds like some Lex plan except played straight. I'll probably read it in the next couple days. That and finish Iron Fist 2 to be ready for Daredevil.

    I heard red hood recently killed Penguin. I would be fine with Penguin being shipped to being a red hood villain. He does seem like the kind to deal with the mob. And I would also be willing to let him kill even if it breaks his relation to Batman. He's the problem child anyway.
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    You know I'm sad to see Chris Evans go as Cap. Rewatching the MCU(Yes they are mostly mediocre but I got Winter soldier and guradians 1 back to back), he is actually the one I can feel a consistent growth throught movie rather than stop and go. And really feel bad he never got a proper third movie.

    I really feel that aside the regular human. He is the original avengers that got dealt the worst hand in terms of exposure. Like 1-2 movies less than he should. His third movie was highjack and became Avengers 2.5
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