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    You mean that Fish Money subordinate they transformed into Solomon Grundy? It mostly reminded me of Harold from Iron Fist. I finally finished season 2 of Jessica Jones.

    How did your 50 pages go?
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    You are very welcome Count ^_^'
    Sorry for the late late reply, I just noticed it now ^^, I'm on and off on AP lately, used to be on a lot in the past and check many sections.

    No need to apologize, the most important thing is that the correct information got through :)
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    Two last big twist where Lady Eve dying and Lala coming back to life. Wow around fifty pages that's a pretty big load. You could probaly try by keeping the same context but slightly altering the background of a troublesome chracter or a slight change in the settings. Sometimes all you need to correct a big problem is a little change at the root that affects the rest. Interesting I don't think I know much comic book treating of time travel. I know a lot of time travelers in comics but usually when I think time travel I think TV or giant novels. You should probably try spiballing on it. Even if it is nonsense at first one big idea could spark from that and put you on the right track. It's good that you keep practicing. Breaks can make it hard to regain the pace. What were those 2 comics you worked on about?
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    Also your time travelling novel
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    Sucks not having someon to watch those things with.

    How is the break going and your new classes?
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    JEssica Jones 2 is out. Want to compare notes like with Punisher? We could schedule it to start around the same time so we would be in similar episodes like last time. Altugh with spring break you might have some other project requiring your time.
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    What did you think of last week(ep6) Black lightning(if you are still watching)?

    Ep 5 was the most cliché ep that ever cliché'd and The first half I was about to write series off as just a better version of the usual cw show but the second half really got to me. It's still felt like regular superhero but waaay better than the usual ones at least in terms of getting my blood pumping. Family dynamic is where the show reveal show it's difference and shine the most

    Did you like Anissa's reveal? It was kind of mix of the two things I wanted with both parents and also by episode 6 like I wished. I loved but I was wondering how you felt. Did what she just did satisfy your need for her to be doing good before they met or did you think it was too soon or mishandled?
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    I had Fishman the longest and I still keep it now. It was the default back when I just register because they were improving the retro one so nostalgia is tied to it. I even forgot it isn't a normal thing for the change to it when I log in. I spent a little time with Akainu but I got bored of it fast and it didn't feel that thematic. CP9 is waaay to black and only at night did it felt normal to me. Dressrosa has a certain charm but they never upgraded. Retro is nice.
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    Have you tried the other themes of the forum? It's in the general settings option.
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    Awesome lol, break is great! I can't remember, but did you watch HxH 2011 or read it up to the current arc? What were your thoughts on that?
    And I dunno, I get if it's not for you, but I'm finding this current stuff really great. The hiatuses are just part and parcel of HxH for a decade now, the CA arc would've been hard to trudge thru, but imo it's the greatest battle shounen arc of all time. This current one, while having tons of new supporting characters, is really tense and fascinating - Togashi, to me at least, is also much better at writing likable, very different & more human side characters in bulk than Oda, at least in this kind of context. Well maybe not lol, I'd have to more seriously consider that, but the Princes & bodyguards are all really good characters so far, and we have Kurapika to ground it all atm. I don't think the arc's close to finding its soul yet, but I'm excited for that to happen. And I just wait for the Viz translations, they're excellent for HxH lol. P
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