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    I made a bunch of remarks on each episode on the thread until ep 5-6 I think.

    You're about to enter that period where every episode I feel they are in the perfect spot to end with minor changes or have the finale next episode.
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    I know right. He was easily my favorite character after Bushmaster. The right mix of hysterical, shady and fanboyism. He was always bordering on the annoying but nevercrossed it staying entertaining as f.

    That party with Luke where random people just break a glass on him without any caution is one of the most interesting thing I think.

    But if he is dead you probably saw the discussion between Comanche and Shades which was one of my favorites on the show.
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    I do think he would take it very badly if Clark killed someone. Wonder Woman wouldn't care since her respect for Kal his in what kind of person he is and she would trust he made the right choice.

    I imagine Bruce either getting angry in a similar way than with Wonder woman killing Max Lord or Bruce seeing clark kill the joker in injustice. Either he would blow up because of his high esteem on Clark(Only Dick has that level of respect of Batman I believe) or he would believe him one pass because of that same esteemed. Probably depends on the circumstances.
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    In new 52 Tim was never Robin. Thankfully it's corrected with rebirth but I don't think he is doing anything special. He probably needs a team so he can graduate from Robin. Dick got Nightwing/titans, Jason got Red Hood/outlaws and Barbara got Oracle/Birds of prey. Tim needs a team or a great story to graduate. But with the stasis of DC who knows when that will happen.

    Did you know they made Barbara no longer be oracle? Dc is scaring me lately. it's not like they can remake the killing joke.
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    I remember following some crazy stories to how how Hulk and Banner became one again. That thing was kind of trippy. I didn't expect Jane to last as soon as she was revealed but I expected Amadeus to stick around. What happened to him? Did he straight up lose the power?
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    WTH Dick was not the best man. I know Clark and Bruce have a decent relationship but there's just no way he would ever pick him as the best man. Except maybe if he is marying as Batman but even that is stretching. It's fricking Dick Grayson. The person he has known the longest aside from Alfred. His biggest achievement. His brother/son. The one that faced the same trauma as him but did better than him.

    I can understand there's a slight possibility he doesn't get to be the best man. But there's no way it would be because of Clark. They respect each other but they are not best friends. They are friendly/friends but they are not best friend. It's also stupid since Bruce Wayne wouldn't pick Clark Kent. At best he would be the officiant because he's sups. People need to stop giving fans what they want and give them stories that makes sense.

    The perfect best man would be either Dick or all the Robins but somehow they shit on Dick even there. Now I have to read that stupid issue.
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    I always love the trinity of DC. I just like how they interact to each other and how they consider themselves equals. They would each stand up to each other.Whereas it seems Tony recognize Cap as better than him.

    Also the reason I don't like Diana and Sups together is that she genuinely think of him as Kal-El the kryptonian. Which make sense. She is also a being of great powers walking among people that are less powerful and treat her as model. But the thing is that his truth self is Clark Kent. The kryptonian part just help him do what he wants. But truly he is only an american from Kansas raised by 2 loving parents.

    Bruce on his hand probably understand that he is Clark Kent but think it would be quite useful if he could just be Superman.
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    I can see te panel were Barry gets indegestion because reverse flash quickly laced his food. Or even some laxative in his sandwich.

    Those mosquito bites? Freshly taken from guatemala to bte Barry so he could look dorky at Prom.

    He also stole the money that Barry was to get under the pillow from the tooth fairy.

    Truly eeeevil
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    In general I prefer the world before 52 because back then writers could go my way or high way. They killed Barry, made Hal go crazy, married Lois, gave Bats a chilld. They made changes and would stick to them and force the readers to adapt. But know we are stuck in true complacency and to me nothing show it more than how Wally could replace Barry but Bart couldn't do the same Wally.

    Now they continuosly cave. I mean I'm happy to have Sups and regular Wally around. But it shows how scarred DC have become. Marvel does the thing were all is a mess and everything can happen. That let them mix stuff up even when everthing is the same. But for DC they need that forward momentum to do new stuff. their world s to ordered for chaos and I fear they are going to need a crisis soon and I'm sure they can handle it well this time.
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    About Drake. I really think new 52 is when they decided to make him second tier. Up to then he was always climbing the later. Heck back when he was at the head of teen titans it was even more popular than Batman. Then he got his own identity, had a romance with Oracle, established himself as the biggest dog of the bat family in battle for the cowl, became Batman, lead the justice league etc... Dick was pretty much the spoiled child of DC and Bats pretty much treated him as an equal while he had the respect of Sups.

    Then new 52 hits and suddenly everyone can fight equal to Dick(might seem minor but actually means that he relagated to just good at Martial arts rather than pretty close to Bruce), he is the damsel in Forever evil and gets relegated to the background... I hate what new 52 did to him.
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