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    Also Gambi reminds me alfred from the BVS movie. And the shop reminds me Kingsman.
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    So yeah if Black Lightning pull it off it might not be my favorite superhero show(I am emotionally tied to the usual CW shows) but it will be the best written supehero show in my book because it marries both the real and the comics perfectly. Although that much praise makes me fear how disapointed I can be.

    Wanna share opinions on the episodes? The DC thread seems close to dead

    Also is static worth the watch or did it badly age? I watched a lot of the DC animated series(not the BAtman ones for dome reason) and I usually tend to be more about the story than the effects.
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    Between the no freak formula, the 13 episodes, and the social angle I definitely feel Netfix.

    Jessica Jones being my favorite after Daredevil season 1 makes it the highest praise I can give. I don't even really consider Daredevil a superhero show(He doesn't really do anything you wouldn't see in a martial art movie) but more of a character study. Kind of the same with Jessica where her powers where barely in but with Purple Man it is definitely superhero-y. Luke really tried but failed. Daredevil s2 tried and in my opinion dragged it down.

    I feel the same way than when I started Punisher. I saw a lot of potential pitfall avoided in the first episode and it gives me hope for something great. Of course Punisher stumbled in many places but it definitelyy one of the best of the NEtflix. I expect Tobias to be the weakest link but I don't expect him in much and think the rest will be good/great.
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    The fights remind me those old fighting games when I try to hit a combo.
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    I remember being puzzled by the point of that scene for 1-2 seconds. It's not like it even leads to something. Then I realize that it had to have been made for the trailer and they couldn't find a decent place to put it.

    I am interested in the principal thing(I always had a problem with heroes that scoff at regular jobs or the police or regular people helping AKA my hate for Batman). But I can definitely see it becomes background. The family tho... They focus to much and are too integral for it not to factor. And from what I saw personality wise I don't think I will hate them. Each seems to have decent struggle.
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    I can see potential downfall but it truly gives me the same feeling I had watching Jessica Jones or Punisher first episode. Real potential for greatness and character study. And it is pulling off the social Luke Cage. I actually have high hope on this one and usually I am not that optimistic.But to be far I am one of those that did not hate Jessica Jones pace but I also think Luke Cage had awful pacing from the start, failed miserably at choosing a tone and execute a lot of interesting idea badly.

    Basically I expect Luke Cage type of series but at the level of Jessica Jones level of writing.

    What did you think of the music and fight scenes? Any hopes or predictions?
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    And what truly sells me is that it seems it's freak of the week will simply be family drama andgang problems 2 aspects the shows seems to handle. I didn't find Luke cage engaging and seemed always struggling to combine social commentary with superhero badass but this show pull it off. And contrarly to Luke cage it seems tobias will simply be the villain for the ending The same way the emperor was in SW. He will be there but in the backdrop.
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    Too cheesy was the moment when the dad is running and suddenly his 2 daughters are running with him then they celebrate on the porch. I just found it weird. I totally forgot about the big bad with his harpoon. I refused to even give him a tought.

    Funny you are interested in the principal aspect. For now I am much more invested in the familial aspect and keeping them safe with him actually trying to juggle a life where most heroes are loners and always pushing people away. I like that the ex already knows and that his kids seems each engaging with the one daughter already with her power. I also like his outlook on the community being able to see behond his hero persona.
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    I hope to hear your opinion if possible
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    Have you watch the black lightning premiere? It reminds of a Netflix show and feels quite different than the rest of DC. There's only one scene I truly consider cheesy in it and I guess it was probably for trailers. Not a fan of the music tho.
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