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    Sorry for the late reply. Kinda been busy!

    The AGOG era is pretty spread out. It started somewhere around volume 3 and AGOG met his death around volume 5.lol
    This thread has the link to previous version.

    Have fun!

    I can't denied that Carrot has been one of the best so far. But the civil war she caused is insane.lol
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    You're welcome! And thanks for your vote and trust in me.
    Like WB once would have said:"I can't stay the best fan Artist forever!" lol
    But seriously, the Sculptings of CCC are awesome. Unfortunately I'm stuck to 2D-art.

    If you got time, type in on YouTube: "ein keller für zwei". I animated the intro for that Show and also some in-Episode-clips. But don't be shocked, they're praising and selling stuff in those episodes like they do on that selling-channels on TV.
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    You are a fast reader.lol
    I can't really finish the thread due to some people repeatedly denying Brook as next nakama.lol
    You can start on the AGOG era if you are masochist enough.

    Honestly, most of them guessing fishmen helmsman were just lucky. It was based on personal wishlist. Though it was a reasonable guess as fishman island was coming up.

    Even back then, people were clamouring for 3rd female character. That was 11 years ago!

    I actually like Carrot as a character but there really isn't anything main character -ish about her. It doesn't help that she is the "only candidate" so we can only talk about her in the next nakama thread which just make me feel annoyed about her.
    Too much carrot is bad for you.
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    Thanks for a new sig. That "rabbit hole" line got me considering the topic is about a rabbit.
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    Not sure if you will be interested. I'm assuming you haven't read it yet.
    This is the next nakama thread when Thriller Park arc is still going on.

    Even way back then, a potential fishman crewmate & helmsman position were talked about.
    Brook was also heavily debated.

    Mind if I use one of your recent quote as a sig? The one about the rabbit hole in the nakama thread.
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    Congratulations on dominating the awards this year. It is a fitting way to ascend your throne and rule the forum as Pirate King.
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    You watch Gotham? I gave on it when they stop making it a young Going with a young Bruce Wayne with a side of rising penguin and decided to went full young Batman with all his villains instead. I heard it went back to being good.

    You seem to be doing well on it. The proofreading of Academia isn't taking to much of your time?
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    You remembered...

    Thank you!
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    Well, the limit was 200px x 500 px.lol
    It looks more neater this way so it's a win-win situation.

    Honestly, all the discussion about Carrot being the next NN is starting to making me to dislike her.lol
    The NN thread discussion for the past few days has been very engaging.
    But at this point, I'm getting a HUGE devaju feeling with all the NN arguments during Dressrosa arc. Carrot for the NN supporters is starting to sound like all the Wicca/Rebecca/Viola/Bart supporters. Some of them were really adamant until the very end.

    Will Carrot become the next NN or become the next NN fad that go out of fashion? Stay tuned!
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    Congrats on your wins at the AP awards 2017!
    Though you might have exceed the signature size...
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