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    I think I finally remeber something that explains Clark as best man. In the new 52 Sups parents were killed and Bruce and him bonded over that and they actually became best friend. That sups died(when he was starting to be like the classic which is a shame) but during rebirth the original Sups and the new 52 sups fused to become one. So it might be that Bats is seing his old best friend in him(like they were actually close in new 52).

    The problem is the current Clark is not the one that died and him and Bats don't have that relationship. So it's just stupid. There's are only 3 options for best man with BAtman: Alfred, Dick or the 3 or 4 Robins that are basically his sons. I hate the idea that anyone else could be it and the discussion at the end at the issue is BS. They haven't talk lately so he doesn't get it? BS. God I hate when the fandom perception screw with a story.
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    Funny enough even someone that have strong problem with the BAt-lore knows that you kill Jason and keep Dick. I really found it funny in this story because they basically make Dick become Jason but they still have him be Dick and kill Jason.

    That whole using Clayface as mind control fuel was dark and great.

    I'm surprise the mad hatter was so important as a support in this story. I'm thinking the author is a fan.

    I loved the relationship between Bat and Harley(the first). I'm pretty sure it reflects the vision the author has of the relationship. I liked the backstory of the second story(except the part where Joker was nice to her and cried in her arm since his madness his what she craves but it still works).

    Harley was Greaaaaaaaat

    Every transformation into the joker was great. It catches your eyes. That moment where Harley is getting married and the Joker appears just in time to say I do? That's how you do a striking panel. The design remind me the killing joke.
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    That story does love his duality.

    The two Harley quinns real threw me for a loop. For a good time I thought it was HArley having a breakdown and the two side of her personality. That whole thing is probably the craziest thing for me in the story. But it does serve it well. You have two Harley each representing a different time aspect of the Joker's. I really like the whole ne love him because of his bad side, the other love him despite his bad side.

    I also think it was the author's bias showing with him actually liking Harley at first and despising what she later became. So he straight split them up. There's also a certain feminism message in there I felt from the Original.

    I loved what he did with the two Harley but until the end I could never not thing"It's just weird that there's 2 Harley".
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    More importantly while the Joker does good he does it by clearly breaking the law like Batman and being as shady(probably shadier) than Batman can be ad the last issue remind you the guy is a serial killer regardless of how questionable the name supercriminal might fit. And we do see Batman come to trust the alternate Joker.
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    From the story it's easy to end with people realizing that Batman is an awful choice. Half way that's what I tought we were having.A condemnation of the BAt-lore and an ending where Gotham has to take down the bat or at least force him to disappear.And it's easy to just have Joker go back to being an demented and go with the status quo. I spent the last issue fearing that's what would happen.

    But it does strike a the right balance. We learned that the rich make a killing on Batman but of course Bruce Wayne make sure to pay for the damage not the taxpayers. It doesn't mean that the bat isn't helping the rich but he isn't making the poor pay for his mission. He does end up giving the Batmobiles to the police to better combat crime but at the same time he is proven right about how the joker can't change.
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    Property destruction, helping the rich, robins, the repurcusions on police work, poor handling of criminal activities and mental cases. The story is basically the author criticizing batman and his lore and while I am the first to claim how I don't like him I would have found it a poor story if it was all about basing a character. I hate the second Dark knight book for being just about proving how great Batman is and I would have hated this one equally if it was about how bad Batman is. I don't need a a fanboy book or a hater book. Thankfully it wasn't that.

    The story did have a point by culmunating into a Batman that team up with the police to make them more effective and reveal himself to have trust in the story. Some things I disagree with(no Bat-kid would help Joker take Bats down) but the author the smart decision by changing the world slightly so inconsistencies are chalked up to alternative universe. I also think he does a great thing at the end by striking a balance.
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    I read White knight. It was different than what I was expecting. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    From your quick summary, the cover and the first page I was expecting an elswere where Batman was always the villain. But it's a proper Batman slowly transformed into the villain.

    I definitely need the elsewere where he is the villlain from the start now.
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    Once he met Piranha I was super into the idea that this would be the start of the hero for hire thing. He already had sponsporship going on and bragging. Him deciding to use his power t sustain himself would have been great. I'm fairly disappointed it didn't really pay off.

    I have to ask you about a certain character once you get to episode 10 or so.
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    The modification of the jamaican subtitles annoys me.
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    I remember wondering if it was seeding a future hook up. The father plot is probably the one I was the least interested in.

    Anansi is the best supporting character and everything about Bushmaster family is pretty damn heartwarming. My fear at that point was Bushmaster killing him to prove he's ruthless.It's basically Dimondback done right. Extremely simple villain that proves his worth with great charisma, swagger and lines.

    Tilda and Mariah talk later in the episode is the most compelling scene with her in the show as far as I'm concerned.
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