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    Did you ever finished Black Lightning?
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    I will also say Joker looks awfully young in that issue(Batman 50). He really gave me the impression of an aged down Joker. I prefer my joker to look/feel a little more mature.
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    Thankfully rebirth fixed a lot of things for DC. Orignal Sups was most popular so he got fused with the younger one while keeping the older history one intact. Tim Drake got his Robin history back. Batman is still the same from new 52 so much more human which is still strange to me.

    You know Dick went from Robin to Nightwing to BAtman before 52 decided he wasn't important. I was thinking what if Jonathan got the same chance and was groomed as superman replacement? I alwas believed I coul never get behind anyone as a replacement but if it isn't screwed up it could work with Jonathan actually. Give him the pre 52 Dick Grayson treatment.
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    The reason why Oracle matter is representation. Yes sometimes it's silly but in this case they took the first hero that told you that being or becoming an handicap doesn't mean you can't do great things and made a one of the dozens random of the bat family.

    And don't get me wrong I enjoy many Bat kids. But her as someone handicap people can identify with is more important than her role as BatGirl. As strong as the run can be BAtgirl will always be another of BAtman's sidekick while Oracle has a real self-identity.

    Think of it that way. Dick became his own man by quiting and becoming NIghtwing. JAson did by dying and becoming Red hood. BArbara did by getting paralyzed and becoming Oracle. All 3 kids graduate by having a big moment and forging their own identity.
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    I'm surprised for Amadeus. I would have expect him to join some new group even with Banner around. Like he would be the B-team version of Banner. I didn't expect Jane to last with Hulk working to become worthy again and Jan having cancer but it seemed like an interesting run and an actual pay-off rather than just randomly undone.
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    Did you ever read the comic where Batman yielded to Wonder Woman?
    What is that one? I know one where Wonder woman was protecting a young lady that killed someone from Batman. She beat the leaving hell out of him.I should read under the hood. Did you ever read or watch The new Frontier?
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    I would be fine with Bat getting married and then divorcing it would be a small step forward. The same way you had Jason as the dead Robin you would have Selina the ex-wife. It's not much but it makes it so things continue to evolve. And I don't the whole it would ruined Batman. I think it's weirder for Batman to have kid than it is to have a wife. I can even imagine him having a wife that doesn't know he is Batman.

    Also not marrying Batman because he would quit is ridiculous on many levels. 1- He doesn't do it because he is unhappy.2- - To me Batman motivation is the same as spiderman with way more brooding. It's guilt and thinking people should step up. 3-He has been with Selina and happier for some time 4- Marriage isn't a magical key to hapiness. 5- Bruce has the batfamily for his eventual replacement so in-universe there's no reason to care that crazy much. 6- You are allowed to talk to your husband and see what kind of life you want.
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    Batman #50

    with the 2 letters medium is quite soothing.

    I like that page were both Bat and Cat jump from a high in their marriage getup.

    I don't like them not getting married. If villains had to be involved I would have prefered either they get him divorced to have a Bat that lashes out and is unfocus or them wanting the marriage because than BAts gets distracted. One thing for sure the marriage should have happened with or without villain.

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    I read the one where Cat and Joke are laying down recounting stories. It's incredibly pedantic but I love it either way. That whole discussion on Pengouin's umbrella is ridicoulous but I can't help loving it. I liked the idea that 2 face was the middle man because he could be both crazy and regular. It's also pleasing to see Cat indulge Joker. She gives a whole rational for why her helping Joker load the gun would be a bad idea because she would then bleed ou and he wouldn't get to shout him. That's simply great. And that shooting conundrum is great Joker.

    Also while I call it pedantic it also does shine a light on how each see their criminal life. One sees it as meaningless and full of failure the other see it as fun. And the mention on how he could just kill everyone. Reaaaally liked this issue.
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    I think I finally remeber something that explains Clark as best man. In the new 52 Sups parents were killed and Bruce and him bonded over that and they actually became best friend. That sups died(when he was starting to be like the classic which is a shame) but during rebirth the original Sups and the new 52 sups fused to become one. So it might be that Bats is seing his old best friend in him(like they were actually close in new 52).

    The problem is the current Clark is not the one that died and him and Bats don't have that relationship. So it's just stupid. There's are only 3 options for best man with BAtman: Alfred, Dick or the 3 or 4 Robins that are basically his sons. I hate the idea that anyone else could be it and the discussion at the end at the issue is BS. They haven't talk lately so he doesn't get it? BS. God I hate when the fandom perception screw with a story.
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