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    While other nations devolve into more impersonal methods of hunting such as guns, he has refused to desacralized that opposition between man in nature. Notice how it goes with Black panther's guard comment about how gun are uncivilized. So no guns for Kraven(I don't think he traditionally has one).

    Also they are more traditional in clothes and we saw the gorilla wear fur so he can have something similar to his regular outfit(minus the giant mane). Make him a open leather jacket that is made from the skin of his first major kill(a lion). Same colors, you lose the lion face. You can make to pockets on top that has eyes each or a little design. Most important is to mention it is lion skin.

    they have good relation with nature so you have him talk about his weird diet that makes him more fit than normal. They do have a panther dude there.
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    I enjoy the beast from Split from split. I do not need Kraven to have a nonsensical goal or farfetched thinking like that. I want him to like the hunt not make up some weird reason that will not make sense. I still can't wrap my head around thanas nonsensical reasoning that is in opposition with his ability to think and be ratinal about things.

    Why is he chasing the spider. As a Wakandan prince(I was spitballing at first but I really wnat the Wakanda thing now) he was always more interesting of the majesty of the hunt. Back home he has chased down every predator known to man and has now decided to move on to the ultimate predator. The one with the strength of an animal the cunning of a man and the prestance of a king. But before being worthy of fighting the panther he must first crush the spider. Or he can't fight him due to tradition and goes for the spider instead.
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    For what Kraven is doing in Ny we can easily go with him being mad at his brother/Cousin for helping the panther after they have been looked down on and he refused to be a servant to such a weak king that would seat on a throne he didn't earn(losing to KillMonger) and a brother with no pride(following the panther after he fell).

    Or we can just go classic I'm mad that we opened the borders.
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    As for the movies, I really think if you make him from the Gorilla tribe in Wakanda he works. You have to lose the russian part but you can make him the cousin/brother of the Gorilla king. We already established that they were really traditionalist. We already saw them as good fighters and we seen them as primal in appearance but sophisticated. And let's be real the african hunter is a stereotype the american public wouldn't question much. You have to make him black but that's fine. The 2 parts about Kraven are that he is from high family(which is why he is brother/cousin to the king in my version) and he is a physical hunter(why I want him from the gorilla tribe).
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    I can actually see Kraven work in terms of backstory and motivation. He is basically half Elektra, half the wolf guy from the hand. I mean he is 90% the guy that was speaking japenese in the hand. A guy that just enjoys the hunt and live for it and push his body. Can he work in a movie? Not without a major revamp that would make him boring I think. But if you make him chase Daredevil in the Netflix series I can definitely see it. You have to lose the fluffy part but he could wear either a fur coat or leather skin coat with the leather of a lion.
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    Have you seen Nightcrawler? Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely the most exciting news I have about that movie. From that movie(Nightcrawler) and what I read about the character(Mysterio), I imagine his version of the character as an introvert that keeps to himself and is passionate about the craft but gives you a creepy vibe.

    If it handled well I could us getting a "Get out" feeling when he is on screen. That feeling that something is kind of off and off-balance. Altough considering that Civil wr promised me a great spiderman movie and I got a movie about the most boring portion of the origin story AKA the part most movie skip(I mean when is the last time you 40 minutes seeing the hero trying to figure out their power). I don't know. And Aside from Winter Soldier and the First guardians I haven't really met a marvel that really told me they can be daring. I'm looking at captain Marvel to really tell me if Marvel can go further.
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    Also I realize that I care about initial portrayal much more that the regular consumer. Wich really doesn't help me with people like Jack and Blackbeard&co from One Piece, Kylo from SW, Judal from Magi or FacePalm from my hero.

    I really believe that facts don't matter. Portrayal does. Tashigi is probably a badass but she never shows it so to me she is trash in that Oda treats her like trash and doesn't further her evolution by giving her accomplishment relating to her goals. She's a prop.

    Similarily Jack is strong but there is no ways for me to be hyped with someone that has been a constant loser. I'm not rooting for my hero to defeat this incredible force. I am just hping my hero doesn't lose to a loser that had a shitty track record. i would just be pissed not hyped.
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    I realize now that I love high concept British television. Stuff like twilight zone, doctor who, black mirror even. The british have a knack to really push the ienveloppe in an inventive way.
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    Fisk is playing in his own side maybe interacting with some villains and building an aura himself. Matt his beating his own villains trying to see if he steal has what it takes. An then at the end Fisk gets what he wants to start the big plan. Matt get the confidence he needs to face the future and you are ready for your biig story.

    You can even take Bushmaster and Maria as template. Bushmaster is the lower tier villain Daredevil fights and Maria is Fisk that is doing his shady shit and his corner. Heck i would enjoy that Matt only learn of fisk after like 4 episodes, gets destroyed, gets a speech and spend the rest building himself back up.

    hose las Netflix season have been trying the character study routes and I think it is a great occasion to make the stakes more persnal and introduce some lower villains.
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    That's really dark. I should check it out. I think fr Kraven they should relate him to Wakanda. Like either he is from the gorilla tribe and was one of their best hunter or he more like Claw and like chasing in the territories surrounding Wakanda and was feared by them.

    I was more thinking something like Matt is affronting them without them being linked to a big plot. Like Bullseye has contract. He poses a challenge maybe takes Matt 2 episodes to manage to deal with him with questionning of he is even good anymore. Bulleyes being disapointed by the legend etc... No link to Fisk. Because then you are just waiting for Matt to get the bigger picture of that villain.

    I want those villains to be the challenge and be there own men rather than subordinate. The difference between them and Fisk would be they are direct and with simpler goals. Kinda of like Punisher the first 4 episodes. Actually exactly like that. Character study not big story.
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