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    Iroh perfection shows up to me as him breakdancing because that makes him quirky in a way people like, or saving the dragon because he can't have real flaws(and erase the notion of how he changed after his son). My favorite scene of his is the one with Toph because it's the one where he not only tech but also learn. Iroh could have been pretty great(that episode that shows you why he teach everyone due to failing his soon is gold)if we stick to him being badass, sage, fun and having been evil. Season 2-3 Iroh is the one I can get behind where he lets Zuko make choices but also snaps and call him on his BS rather than stay the wise old man. And also him actually showing zuko how disapointed he is when he goes to prison. So Iroh is interesting but gets to much good throw at him to not turn me off.
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    Azula could have possibly been fought with a coalition of Katara and the 2 girls that turned on her. Her going crazy at last episode was really problematic. I would have preferred a slow build up to it. Which probably a thing that can be said about all of season 3. Lot of interesting ideas not enough build up.
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    Also was surprised he is an albino in the show and liked how for once he was the one having his color be used against him. Sister seems fun. His crew his boring.
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    Conflicted about: The debate at the table(the shown earned being able to call the police not enough but Anissa plot I'm not sure), Anissa plot(could be good interesting could get annoying I really hope the mother is bring into it fast), The VP that is not a secretary( never cared about her but she's right that I don't respect her enough but she seems so CW or romance movie drama).

    Hated:Lynn sniping at Pierce( it's more of a conflicted thing but I hope they bury that thing already and don't make it a repetition every episode), Pierce having to shock a kid (so unnecesary).

    Also Tobias is the new Lala and Eve is the new Tobias. Which I think works better becasue Eve resects her and it is interesting to see Tobias having someone he can't Bulldozer. Also the relation reminded me Diamondback(Eve) and Cottonmouth(Tobias) with Eve giving me strong vibe of Cottonmouth Aunt that raise him and his cousin.
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    So you saw it already.

    Scenes I like would be: the talk with the kid in the office with the perfect usage of their motto(which I didn't expect to care about), That talk with the drug seller and the deal made followed by him trying to get a picture, Anything with Jennifer and her boyfriend(I defenitely get the struggle she shouldn't have to ride or die at her age but at the same time it was her best friend even before so yeah I am really into that conflict), Pierce enjoying the debate at his table, Anissa accidentally hurting someone and calling the ambulance(new powers are dangerous), Pierce having hard decisions to make as a principal.
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    Black lightning ep4 general opininion
    It was the most meh episode of them all. First time I think I actually notice time passing and was ready for it to end much sooner. There was some good scenes but while usually I have to search the bad, this time I had to search the good. The rest was not not bad just ok. Anissa wasn't awful but wasn't that good either. The music was mostly ok. Better than first episode less good than the second. All around an ok outing.

    I'll get more specific when you see it.
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    About Gambi I think he is simply to generic. Usually each incarnation brings a little something but he seems like the generic version and the delivery of his lines are pretty flat. It also doesn't help that his plot relevance is to bring the most boring parts of the comic book trope in. So yeah I agree about Gambi being a big meh.
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    I definitely get what you mean about Azula fitting. I mostly saw her at what Zuko would be if he was ever gifted in fire bending so having him as her last foe made sense to me especially with the way he talks about her. But that isn't my critical thinking but my personal relation to Azula. Ozai is harmless as a villain Azula would feel like another stuff she is magically great as. But with enough build up from season 2 I could definitely see it working.

    But really my list of bad points for avatar are the perfection of Iroh, that episode with the Guru, not enough build up for Aang last move ,Aang not inventing spirit, bending with the boring of Ozai. Even his design is boring.
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    With 4 seasons it could work. Because without the build-off it would be kind of off-putting. But in this case it has more to do with how I handle Azula. She was always the one which is successful because... I am thinking for example of the time where the Dai-lhi just randomly switched to her side.it took my second or third viewing to be able to enjoy her. But a season 2.5 that ends on her taking over and a little more exploration of her character could potentially work.

    But I am stil thinking of maybe an Azula vs Katara. And Aang with Zuko teaming on Ozai. With Zuko taking a hit for Aang(shaming Ozai that his son could be so weak willed) at a crucial moment. Than Aang defeat him, Zuko crawl or painfully walk to finish him. Aang tell him he took his power.Slight hesitation from Zuko than he puts his hand down.
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    Ozai should have been better(the most interesting thing being his 1 mn talk with Zuko at the eclipse) but except in a team-up but I wouldn't want a sudden new final boss. But I could definitely have seen a team-up. Could have used Fire being the last element as an excuse or knowing how his father fight.
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