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    Ah, that's a relief. I thought you might be annoyed that you had to explain how Oda's thought process on fights/power levels to me on two separate occasions before I got it through my thick skull. ◠‿◠ ;

    Yeah, what happen with him was just a waste. Seeing Rock Lee vs. Gaara on Youtube got me into Naruto, which was one of my very first Shonen/Manga series, and I still think that was one of the best manga/anime fights I've personally seen. Recently, I started and subsequently caught up to My Hero Academia and noticed that it's often compared to Naruto (at least part 1). I'm overall really enjoying MHA so far, so I kind of want to go reread Naruto, as I barely remember anything, but there's just so much negative stigma I have associated with the series as a whole due to later occurrences, like the interesting side characters get no attention, that's made me put it off so far.

    Hope you don't mind the kinda off-topic rant, I've just had this on my mind and started thinking out loud lol.
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    Sorry for dropping by randomly like this, but I just wanted to say I 100% agree with your C. Sado Award nomination.
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    Bleh whatever lol - how have ya been my man? What've your thoughts been on the latest progression in OP? Also, I can't remember, are you current in Hunter x Hunter?
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    Thor was nominated for best before Logan? That's a shame. The one I really wanted to nominate was Get Out but that was already done.
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    Well I was motivated enough to go the extra mile of typing the whole thing when I could copy paste or abbreviate. So I think it was a good choice for me. I was actually surprise you picked justice league. Kind of inspired me to take a more personal choice(who most will disagree with).
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    I will be perfectly honest with you, I won't be chasing my dreams because I simply am not being afforded that time. When I say I'm looking to settle down my parents and family are wanting/expecting that. I don't mind so much posting visitor messages, I'm anonymous anyway and haven't built up the reputation on here like you have so I think maybe it would benefit you more if we did take it to private messages.
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    I started actively going gym too, I have no fantasy goals of becoming super muscle and big, but it does a world of good to my my mental state. I feel much more light on my feel and energetic. There's more enthusiasm in my day to day because I feel great physically and mentally. Plus it makes me look better and in shape, it does a great deal for my self-esteem. I live in London, it's very hectic here, there's people everywhere. But, if you're my age and you aren't able to stand on your own two feet no girl will be attracted to you. People like working professionals, someone who is ambitious and actively chasing their dreams is huge thing. My advice, in short, focus on your career, once you're established that will draw in everything else you seek.
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    I will definitely reach out to you for emotional support and constructive advice. Thanks so much. I feel like when I focused on myself building myself up and ignoring my need for companionship I was much happier and stress-free. Yes, it's nice to have a lady friend but it comes with extra responsibility and needing to nurture it and put time into things, keep that fire burning so to speak. It's not that I was an ass in the past, it just got emotionally draining and physically exhausting at times and that in turn translated into laziness and caring less.
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    There's this Netflix series I binge watched recently, it's called Atypical. Watch an episode if you haven't already and tell me what you think lol
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    I am blessed with a good network of friends I have a stable job and I still do what I enjoy doing, going out with friends socializing but gaming now is on the backburner. I used to watch a lot of anime too and read a lot, all of that has been toned down because now I'm at a point in my life where I am looking to settle down and potentially start a family. Haha sharing my life story on your wall, never thought I'd be doing that on Arlong Park. You're awesome. We can definitely do what you suggested and be a sounding board for one another. I have some experience in things you're dealing with right now so it's good to talk things through. Sometimes you just need to write out what you're thinking to put things into perspective, it helps.
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