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    I didn't mind the MJ thing for many reason. On a superficial level the fact that you see Peter mitigated the creepiness. The dreams where you see actual Octo with MJ were fairly creepy to me.

    Second it is a logical point of the story. To be fair I assumed he would bang random woman and MJ would just be the person he isn't interested anymore because he found others ore attractive. But once you put MJ in the story it is something that needs exploring and the sex happening is the most logical outcome. I was worried why he doesn't do it wouldn't make sense to me other than editorial. I don't like story that don't have the conviction of their premise. So to me it was either he does it or there is a good reason he doesn't.
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    I definetely get why ghost spidey is there. It's like when you kill Batman but you have to have a back-up story of how he comes back. The story probably wouldn't exist without that element to calm editorial and whoever is in charge in sales.

    But really the moment that tells me Peter is annoying is when he gets in Octo memory about childhood abuse. You the reader see that's why he snaps at Vulture(who he was trying to get a nice retirement) but you have to spend time with Peter trying to understand why he is seeing it or if he can change etc... Also while the comments can be insightful in their different it quickly gets in your nerves because it's everywhere and Pete's talk a loooot and he quickly look petulant. He is simply used to much. You would like Octo to hurry for Massacre? good. You don't need to repeat for 5 pages everytime Octo does something and you the reader can see the steps he is actually taking.
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    Would you happen to know the issue numbers for the amazing spiderman leading to it? Same for those issues you were going to recommend. This series really got me interested in learning more and those tidbits you gave me really help recontextuatualize what I read especially Peter's love life. Both the art and story is to my paste and that combination doesn't happen often.

    You just blew might mind with that Massacre. There is really a lot to unpack. I just love that ridiculous moment when she gets to the CEO and propose to shoot people while wearing the logo of the competition. It's so silly but she does it with such a straight face. Yet she's the gal that will calmy take you hostage and let you live after guning down a dinner. God I love her for the little I see.
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    Yet despite how much I enjoy it it only works for me because I know regular spidey gets back. Octo is so perfect that his story can only exist as a what-if. He has no real struggle just something he hasn't fix yet. Between the robot army, the perfect spy software etc... he would be fustrating if he was not a fake.

    Question: Is comic Octo like movie Octo where he was a good guy initially? Because from what I read it seems he always was a massive asshole.

    Also I am surprise there isn't the "Amazing Octopus" where Peter get stuck in Octopus get cured and has Octopus in his mind as he is trying to reform from bad guy. That seems like such an obvious what-if.
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    Peter is the most boring element of the story for me. I have zero investment in him. And most the time he is annoying. The only interesting thing I get from him is commenting the difference and aside fom that one time where he recognize that he wouldn't have been able to move on from MaryJane.I think I would have prefer him as just a voice bu he is a straight up character in it with his own plot. But I get that if you follow the story the right way you are attached to Pete you can't just have him dissapear of his own title.

    It's also a great time discovering Spiderman lore like his cop ex-girlfriend and Massacre who is interesting villain to see act. Seriously that massacre guy fascinate me. He is so damn logical I could have spend some more time with him. He is basically anti-joker.

    There is a definite an anti-batman joke in there about the light in sky and why not just use a proper phone.
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    Started Superior spider man.

    Actually a great time. The first moments are especially fun to explore Octo psyche and how he handles thing. I have a blast staying in his mind and seing him navigate his need for recognition, coming to grip that he is parker now(I could have have a little more of that) and the more effective way he goes for superhero-ing. I was really interested on if they would have him go all the way with Mary-Jane and it was interesting to see him decide to move on something Peter can't do. But while I appreciate his effectiveness I would have like a focus on his shortcoming also like refusing to risk his life which he briefly mention then move on from.

    Favorite time for now is him against Vulture because I like that they used their history rather than just another beat him. He tries to just pay him off because back in there sinister 6 days they were the 2 inventors and they bonded over that.
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    You have an Inbox to clear...
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    I really like that first episode.
    I like that mommy and daddy vibe I'm getting from the Father and Sister. They interact well with each other and I enjoy the talk Matt is getting. The job rant was a good one. Their interaction with Matt especially mommy are gold.

    Fisk is not great but there's good potential with Vanessa's struggle and that FBI agent. I feared some kind of snap for a moment there but I'm glad we are going for something more subtle and nuanced.

    I would probably slow down on Matt progress and put him feeling the vibration in ep 2 but that's just me. And it's fun that he has to go full boxing like his father because of his back. Also Foggy really didn't seem emotionally invested in Matt during his scene.
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    Starting Daredevil tonight and probably gonna read crisis #2 to know what I truly think of how the story will be handle. And I also finally know the number of issues(9). You already read #2?The intro to Daredevil is damn great. Love the bleeding effect. Most netflix either have the visual(Iron Fist) or the sound(Jessica) but Daredevil manage to have both.
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    The reason why I have such a positive outlook on the the crisis is solely base on Tom King. I don't see him as writing dark stories or where you are supposed to be depressed at the end. He kind of reminds me of Moffat from Doctor Who. Great writer that was to in love with his style. And just like there would be that one story theme that fits him so perfectly I see trauma as Tom's king baby. the story he's been wanting to tell his own life and has created a style made for it forever.

    I believe the truth of what I can expect will be clear in the second issue of if I am to optimistic or not. But weirdly enough it's because I don't like most of what he has done that I belive he can actually do a good maybe even great one in this one.
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