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    - Billy was pretty great this episode. And last episode he was not to bad.That flashback is the kind of thing we should have got.They should have had like that all the way to play the parallels of this episode.

    -I have a liking for villain and heroes that can have courtesy with each other. So I really liked everything about that part. How personally hurt Billy was about everything was funny. This whole section reminded me of the movie Wanted.

    -Billy really got his face smashed in that glass didn't he? For a moment I even expected some kind of Two-face result.

    -Nce ending overall and really interesting ending for a Punisher story. If it just stopped there I wouldn't mind it.
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    ep 13


    -If Castle is the Terminator, Russo is the profession hitman. That music for the first part was a weird choice. Except of course if you take it as a fun comedic hitman movie. Then the music fits perfectly.

    -So Maldani gambled her parent's safety for her choices. I can't say I'm surprise. Creating a shitstorm and then getting others in it is what she does best.

    -I'm glad CIA lady seems to have get out of this mess ok. Rafi is also cool. And no Maldani you are in the wrong in the middle of your self-importance as usual. Kind of sad she was not fired.

    -Paying off on the whole Micro is missing sex thing was hilarious. I'm glad he's got his family back and they are back at their house. For a moment the safe house made me fear they were forcing them into protective custody.

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    Just finished 13 too
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    Tell me about it. Torture boner I tell you. I'm sure the dude must have been having a blast doing all this sequence.
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    Zero comment on 13. I have to see it fully clean.
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    Wooow... so episode 12

    -I liked Micro telling Maldani Fuck you in every talk they had until they had to go after Frank. Somehow she deserves as much. The poor woman hasn't done anything to me but still.

    - Agent Orange torture orgasm was going out of control. For a moment I even expected to see his obvious boner. Dude was waaay to into it.

    - Did Frank just went full Game of thrones on the guy !!! That thing was freaking brutal. And the way he just walked that stabbing. Frank just officially became the mountain. He eve got some nice biting to do.

    -What a shitty awful and lonely life the man is living. And the worst is that he knows it and can't let it go. I almost wish he could be put out of his misery.

    How was that not a finale!!!!!!
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    Done with 11

    - I really like that girl.

    - I barely know that CIA lady but I already feel bad that she got dragged into this mess. She deserved better.

    -Punisher sure can sell the one man army thing.
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    Halfway through 11
    - Mommy really need to stop being a carpet in parenting. I'm not saying it's bad writing or unrealistic just that she needs to have some authority. On the other hand she did great in her try of protecting her kids. - I like that even in the middle of conflict both Punisher and Micro can be adult enough to deal with the important stuff like stiching Frank. Same thing for the family I like that there was no drama on Frank hesitating about helping. He is actually the one that spot the problem and help him through his panic. -Im pretty sure Rafi could have get something more if Madoni was not around. -At this I point have came to hate Madoni's character so much that I think I might be biased to hate everything she does. Calling Russo? stupid. Giving Micro's name? reckless and stupid. Messing Rafi's interview? Godammit Madoni. It's tiresome to hate everything an important character does.
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    When Frank was going down those stairs, he must have been accidentally dragging the show's writing quality down with him.
    Lol. I couldn't agree more with that.
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    That stairwell really had way to many downfall.
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