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    I think I might see Joker tonight.

    You should watch Undone. We could have an interesting discussion on it.
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    Favorite genra of fiction?
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    I remember that but I wasn't sure if you were talking in the context of the story only or also your own choice. I wonder if roman had the same discussion about Atilla or someone else. But also who came up with the question. I think they keep asking it to president candidate for some reason

    I'm surprised you never saw the Truman show. It's a solid movie.

    I enjoy A beautiful mind because I think it's the only movie that shows you how a sick person percieve the world without resorting it to being some higher mind or superpower etc.. Like dyslexia in percy jackson. I have certain fondness for the movie but I haven't seen it in so long that I can't tell how long it would hold up. What do you think of it?

    Saw eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?
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    Time for the age old question: Would you kill baby Hitler?

    Also have you watch any of those
    A beautiful mind, The butterfly effect, Truman show, Undone (Amazon Prime), Burn Notice.
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    Finally saw far from home. I enjoyed it. I don't think it's a better movie than Homecoming but I enjoyed it more because it felt less wooden and more willing to make real choices. The choegraphy finally remember it is spiderman, Mysterio feels like a real adaptation instead of a loose connection to the comics, MJ is a real person in this one and this time I really felt the young kid as a superhero vibe. Before I watched it I didn't like the ending because it makes Spidey even more similar to other heroes and less unique but by the time I got there Mysterio had earned it.

    It's not great but it is enjoyable. It doesn't have me full on exited but it does make me curious. Homecoming is better movie but I think this one is better spidey movie.

    Time to watch the amazings and mayybe do a rewatch before ranking.
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    Please tell me you are watching Joker so we can talk about it.
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    But several of the DC heroes have 1 killing moment. Barry killed Eobard when he was about to kill. Green Arrow kill people in long bow hunters and superman has killed Zod. Hell one story I recomanded you from the new 52(the only) is Batman & Robin where Damien team up with Bats and he kills their first villain and Batman doesn't kick him out and it's great story about Damien fighting to side of himself and Bats trying to be a good father.

    I might elaborate more later. Also planning a propoer rant on YJ season 3. Maybe a rewatch. Read King Thor?
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    I'm fairly close to a DC purist so I don't. I think DC tries to be inspirational while Marvel tries relatable. It's 2 different approach. It's like Captain America is a soldier and can kill rightfully but Superman is a boyscout and doesn't. And That's wwhy I hate any time they make a dystopian future for Dc. It's missing the point. Like Star Trek.

    I consider it important for murder to be a big deal. Because it is a big decision to decide to end a life and if you are going to do something so dark it should be consider gravely. The best example I think is if they had spiderman kill Groblin Goblin. You can understand it but due to who spiderman is you want it to be a big deal in the fall out.
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    I really like the twist on our expectations in the Doom Patrol episode. It plays on your acceptance that no one age in that team only for you to realize how much their lives have been ruined. And It's where the casting shine on Chief because he rides the perfect line where you don't know to trust him or run away.

    Another great episode I think is the cult kid I think. It really hits you to see Rita come out of her shell to help that kid but it only end in heartbreak. Also discount Constantine is fun. And I appreciate how the show use it weirdness to talk about people we consider freak as a society like drags or trangenders and gays.

    Have you seen the rat episode?
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    I'm iffy on Black Lightning development at times but yeah the Batman inc dig was great. Same with his speech.

    I remember when she's reveal that she's a mother at first I'm like motherboces can teleport and maybe cure people so maybe it makes sense. But then I tried to think about it and the shitload of powers seems really weird and I prefer to not think about it because it will make me angry.

    I like Jane as a Valkyrie because she is different. I would not like it if she's part of the warrior 3 or another thor that is never used like Beta Ray. My problem is with the Superior siderman/ MIles of the world. Where you just become the lesser version on the main version. But on this one they bothered to give her her own corner of the marvel to explore.

    I instantly thought about the Groot handle when it happened. But the design does look great.
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