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    So I have watch the episode many times by now and I still prefer the first but once the third comes ou I think I will watch all 3 together to get a real sense of where it is going and see if it gets retroactively even better.

    ANy thoughts or predictions?
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    -I love Lala taste in music

    -Great acting when the girl get shot with the red juice and you can see how disturbed she is.

    -I actually am fine with Lala dying early if we have to concentrate on Tobias. I am still not much into him but he could bring interesting things out of other people. I would probably prefer if Cottonmouth died earlier if he has to be killed.

    His talk makes me think a great scene
    I would like him to be only partially white so that when maybe someone manage to force him to take out his top you see that he is actually a black man. But I'm not sure if Albino can be partia or if I am thinking of something else.

    -Lawanda was great and I expect a scene of the daughter going to her home next week.
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    Random things: -That moment in the opening might be my favorite moment of the episode. The pose he take to shoot that lighting is so cheesy and campy I had to watch a good at least 20 times.
    -Jefferson laugh is so strange and kind of over the top - That campy walk in the street was great especially when he gets to the hotel and everyone is helping. It's funny but it also tells you how accepted he is in his community. I didn't expect Campy to go so well with the show. Only supergirl had manage to be this straight up campy without being out of place and this might be incorporated even better.

    -I love the way he greets the inspector when they meet. And I freaking love move he does to get down of the balcony. It's nothing much but I just love that flip over the balcony. ANd with the music and the previous banter it's simply great.
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    Things I don't like(2):

    Pierce rant about how he was living a life of lies and being a principal wasn't useful. But that's definitely because it is on CW that I hate it. It could be that he simply means he could do more by being both or it could be his own personal belief that he will come back from. But I took it as the show telling me that he shouldn't have become a principal which I don't like. I want balance.
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    Things I didn't like(1):

    Gambi really feels a little to classical comic book to me. Bu I like the talk with the ex-wife when they actually acknowledge they blame each other.

    The drama with the wife that could easily turn into a classic CW bullshit. I thought with the whole it's not over we would simply have her accept it as a way to protect her daughters but I really feel we could go with a classic "will they won't they" of the CW. Especially with the assistant that is not already with Pierce. I can see the soapy thing and I don't like it. I would have prefered we have a fully formed relationship already. Or that he already had his time with the assistant but I really feel it is the start of the usual BS. Hopefully Anissa getting powers will change that.
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    The talk in the gymnasium was really great. Confronting philosophical talk, patience and relativism to the actual awful stuff that is going right now. I really like the moment they ask him why Black Lightining only saved his daughters. It's not an investigative question about secret identity but just a mother wondering why some people gets to be protected and others don't.

    I like is the sense of Pierce being a member of the community. If you watch flash or Arrow the random citizen getting killed always feels like a plot device and have a high level of separation to the hero. But with Pierce if a random guy were to be killed at his side you would actually notice that a person got killed. An aspect I really think doesn't exist anywhere else.

    I am really interested in that neuroscience exposition. Especially when I watch the episode the second time and you see how Anissa seems to have a real panic attack that suddenly disappeared once she took out the guy.
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    So for the episode.

    Clearly the thing that made me the most happy was the daughters. Jennifer(the youngest) is unraveling a little but at the same time it is easy to understand(especially when you think the protected life they had) and it's not push to far. She drinks to much but at the same time we don't get a stupid lashing out or anything. It also gives some really good momentto the new boyfriend for us to know he is not just the nice guy but also has some real strength to him and I really like the talk he gives to Jennifer.

    Anissa is a lesbian yes but interestingly she already came out to everyone since the cop ask about it but there is no weird pause about being at her GF. Which in turns make her need to not commit more interesting. Usually it would be her being scarred of being judged but clearly it doesn't seems to be the case. So it makes the relation even more real and natural because just are players or are not into commitment.
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    Random thing I forgot to say about the first episode. That moment when he is in the bathtub, the composition and the blood really reminds me of a comic book panel.
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    So weirdly I did not like the episode that much on my first viewing. And after watching a couple of reaction and some reviews I think it might com from my history with the CW. I can easily remember the subtle switch supergirl suffered from and I see so many elements in this episode that are the premise from their usual ways that I started hating on them even when they aren't fully fledge. Considering how you usually would be the more skeptical of us to on this episode I think clearly my bias is getting in the way of my enjoyment.
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    Thoughts on the chapter?
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