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    God I miss how great rebirth was. It was pretty much all good except for Justice league which was meh.

    Also I son't think I ever tried Green Lantern. If you end up liking the chracters try Justice league oddysey. It's a band of misfits teaming with Darkseid and Jessica is Cruz is solid in it kinda awesome even.
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    I try to mention only recent stuff. Actions Comics and Detective were also pretty solid at the time. Action had the more solo Superman going on adventures and dealing with a reedeemed Lex. Detective was Bats having a team and a perfect build up to a team member death and was doing the redemption of Clayface.
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    Batman: Batman Universe it's the first time in years Batman is a human with social skills that can have fun and it feels like a fun road trip and it's only 6 issues and self contained. Batman and Robin from the new 52 It's Bats dealing with Damian and Damian dealing with being an assassin that want to get better and a more human Bats Black Mirror This one is for if you like a more thriller feel. It's Dick Grayson Batman

    Yaaaay you're finally doing supersons(2017). take only the original run so 16 issues + supersons of tomorrow.
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    Hey positive opinion on at least 3 runs. It seems the experience is going great. I'm glad this is your preferrence. The politic has always been Green Arrow niche. Which reminds me I need to read the rebirth one.

    Superman:Avoid the Bendis run like locus. It takes to long to get good. Make sure you go for the superman rebirth run with Tomasi it's superman with dealing with parenthood. I would also recommend, superman: Lois & Clark which has a shitty name but a really good story it's pre 52 superman life while the 52 superman was around. Red Son easily my favorite else world. Others have Dark knight I have Red son. Speeding bullets has interesting ideas but doesn't do much with it.
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    You moving fast! It seems you are into a happier green arrow. You're comments about the gritty is why I recommend alternating happy and darker. Non stop grit is exhausting.

    I havent tried rebirth GA yet. Do you have a favorite arc or run for now?
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    You started your Green Arrow exploration?
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    It's starting tonight. I was wondering since they seem to be throwing as much fanservice as they can at the wall. So much so that Im wondering if it will be cohesive.

    If I had to recommend a crossover it would be the earth X one from 2 years ago. It's superheroes fighting Doubplegangers nazis and it feels like a movie. And there's invasions which is heroes fighting aliens. But Earth X is definitely worth a watch.
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    You watching the crisis thing on CW?
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    I miss DC being about legacy and I think Dick might be the only chracter where my affection actually cloud my judgement. I like or respect other characters but I am a fan of Dick.

    Also Red hood should get penguin and Jon should get Myxy.

    I rember you were what ifs. What are some of the favorites from those you read? Have you read the house of X/powers of X story?
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    Also in a Supes Legacy Clark leave the job to Jon, And Bring Lois to travel the galaxy with him for their retirement, Lex is a good guy to reflect the message of hope of Superman, And right before he dies Myxy makes him travel to the future to see the 25th century where flash is honered, A Gotham that is safe and an example to the rest of the world and finally to the 31st century when the Legion of super heroes is getting created.

    Althought I debate between Supes becoming old slowly or using the time travel.
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