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    I really like that first episode.
    I like that mommy and daddy vibe I'm getting from the Father and Sister. They interact well with each other and I enjoy the talk Matt is getting. The job rant was a good one. Their interaction with Matt especially mommy are gold.

    Fisk is not great but there's good potential with Vanessa's struggle and that FBI agent. I feared some kind of snap for a moment there but I'm glad we are going for something more subtle and nuanced.

    I would probably slow down on Matt progress and put him feeling the vibration in ep 2 but that's just me. And it's fun that he has to go full boxing like his father because of his back. Also Foggy really didn't seem emotionally invested in Matt during his scene.
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    Starting Daredevil tonight and probably gonna read crisis #2 to know what I truly think of how the story will be handle. And I also finally know the number of issues(9). You already read #2?The intro to Daredevil is damn great. Love the bleeding effect. Most netflix either have the visual(Iron Fist) or the sound(Jessica) but Daredevil manage to have both.
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    The reason why I have such a positive outlook on the the crisis is solely base on Tom King. I don't see him as writing dark stories or where you are supposed to be depressed at the end. He kind of reminds me of Moffat from Doctor Who. Great writer that was to in love with his style. And just like there would be that one story theme that fits him so perfectly I see trauma as Tom's king baby. the story he's been wanting to tell his own life and has created a style made for it forever.

    I believe the truth of what I can expect will be clear in the second issue of if I am to optimistic or not. But weirdly enough it's because I don't like most of what he has done that I belive he can actually do a good maybe even great one in this one.
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    I saw the news that the dead will stay dead in Heroes in crisis. Which really annoys me for Wally because while I don't have that connection I have with Dick, he is the best proof of DC legacy. He did replace someone that was B or arguably A tier chracter and became as iconic that he was at his prime possibly more and went on to put his own spin on the character.

    But I don't have a personal connection to Wally and I'm sure someone will bring him back. Hopefully a Grant Morisson or someone else that knows epic.
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    Awesome Flash Cover.

    It wasn't even a special but I just saw that cover and I just had to have it.


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    It remind why I like Bats in JL/ JLU cartoon.

    He is never truly an outsider. A little bit but not much more than the others. When Thanagar invades all seven of them have to go on the run. He gets saved numerous time so when he saves someone it's not like it's someone no else has ever done. Hell when they went to the past Batman gets eliminated. He sings to save Diana from being a pig. He's superman's bro. He is a legit part of the team. Not the magical human with no flaw.

    This cartoon just has my favorite Superman and Bats. Exploring the other side we rarely see(anger sups, friendly bats)without destroying who they are.

    Supposedly they wanted to Make Bats team up with Amanda Waller and be against the team but the idea was dropped. I'm glad it happen because nothing would piss me off more than that.

    We already agreed that this scene from Young Justice is both awful an uncessary(which is the truly probematic part. Sucking up to Bats flaws for no reason)
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    I can definetely tell everyone will be impressed. Some things you see you can't help but respect. I just hope it won't be a Coco situation where the great product has some frustrating flaws to it. And I feel there's a good chance of it.

    I am pretty interested in Artemis. Aside from that I don't think I actually care to much to go back. I looove the characters and the writing on them(especially Arsenal/Roy) but there was no particular hook to pull me back in.
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    I guess Punisher never takes a day out. Can't say I expected anything less.

    Im might actually try a couple books in Marvel with Daredevil being Mayor and Fisk being the previous one.

    For the spiderman I heard the first couple of issues before this one aren't that great and many dropped it.

    I can understand that feeling. I like Bats interacting with people not alone. My biggest problem with him in a team is that he always get preferential treatment. As in everyone gets captured/killed etc... except Batman. I like Batman as part of a team not exterior to it. I need to read the Long halloween it is a pretty good story from what I know and it is detective Bats.
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