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    I can understand what you are saying about Dragonball but I genuinely love the thing from begenning to Freeza. The begenning is mindless fun. Picollo is the shift to seriousness and I think by then you bond enough to Goku to want him to get revenge for his Krilin and the whole tone shift really makes it kind of grim with even the dragon and Roshi dying.

    Raditz was definitely boring but short and it starts one of the greatest struggle with the Saiyens, really builds Picollo future change. Saiyens I love the struggle and how real it feals(Tenshinhan losing his arm). Vegeta resilience is the kind of fist pumping I live for. He keeps taking but refuse to stay down. Which leads to greatest saga in my opinion and I think it is great regardless of the period. Freeza is great, Vegeta as that underdog that constantly has to play the odds and use it wits, Basically I love everything about it except boring Goku and even him barely is in it and mostly give an awesome fight and transformation.
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    I really think the worst thing with Cottonmouth was putting the flashback right at his death. I get what they wanted to do(build up a more complex relation to be interested in the cousin change to the bad side) but they should have done it way laer after he died and with more focus on the cousin. Or even more smart do the flashback and have Cottonmouth be the villain while the cousin is growing bad. Cotton get killed second to last episode by Diamondback in some tragic way, the cousin has pretty much finish her transformation and you have the gratuitous fight at the last episode like the original. Basically the same end result but much more compelling. It kind of felt like for one moment the writers had that interesting idea but didn't know what to do with it. But atl east list that was one moment where with Iron Fist it gives that vibe the whole time. Creating that paradox where Luke Cage is better but Iron is more enjoyable(as a WTF was that about series).
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    So yeah bad music placement pops out and sadly black music usually is badly placed. So because of that usual flaw now it seems I actually notice music on Black lightning. That and because I did not like the first one so I was looking to see how it would be this time. By episode 5 I might not notice.
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    Usually I don't care much about the music shows recently seems to be trying to diversify or modernize their music and they stand out and gets me out of the show or movies. Marvel have a lot of that(that song in the big fight of defenders). I particularly hate when they try to put black music because it never fits. So For once that black music doesn't mean out of place with the scene or overwhelming the scene I end up noticing.

    But 90% I don't notice anything and I would be incapable of mentioning a song in a scene(can't tell you about any song about Get Out or inside out or Jonhn Wick).The breaking bad you sent are a good example since I enjoy them in the show but if someone don't point it out I don't really notice it it. It just blends with the experience If I notice it's probably you put a song that messed up the flow(wonder woman song in the BvS bothered me. I felt like it was more of a trailer or opening of a series song).
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    Favorite manga would be Dragon Ball(emotionally)and Death Note(it's just my kind of manga). Magi came close to be being my all time favorite but then it fell prey to his own mumbo jumbo. Ever read Negima? Loved that Manga.

    Although to be fair I only have death noteas favorite when I don't count the second half so Dragonball stay the favorite as a whole and I love Vegeta for the evolution and the Namek saga.

    Favorite show is hard. I guess Friends because I saw the genra thousand of times but I feel the characters evolved(except Joey) and a lot of jokes landed. For shows like breaking bad I have to analyze and I really feel season 5 was a little clunky in getting where it wanted plus it lost his best villain. Jesse ending was weird to me to. I should probably watch the wire.
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    I've mostly been listenning to "straightned it out"(Lala's car) and "black enough"(hotel fight song)

    I was surprise how much I enjoyed the music since I wasn't a fan in the first episode. Especially when Lala was killing his cousin. It's only when he gets back to the car that I realize that I am actually enjoying the same music as him from the car.
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    I see which scene you are talking about for breaking bad. For Lala I prefer him going early to run into the Cottonmouth problem where your previous villain feel wasted and cast a shadow for the rest of the season(seriously why give CM a flashback that fascinates you right when he is about to die?). So they just enough to remember him but not so much to steal focus from the rest.

    You are probably right about the reveal. I guess he could just be Albino like irl. But even if they keep him just a white man I can at least admire the casting managing to cast a black man in white role.

    I don't hate the wife I hate what they could do. I hope the Anissa plot collide with her saving us from the relationship BS.
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    I'm ready for all the complaints that'll come for my namesake in a year or two lol
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    What is your favorite manga and favorite show?
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    You are probably and it is my history with the CW talking. Like I say I plan on watching the first 3 back to back to get a real feel of everything. I don't mind the MLK quote. It's pretty in chracter with who he is and people respond to him accordingly. It would annoy me if everyone became docile with his quotes or if eevryone suddenly knew quotes.The literate daugther gave him a quote back, and the angry parent just threw some harsh reality at him. responses that both fits the characters and appropriately clash with the quotes.

    What do you think of the family? And music?
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