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    Rue the day big brother reveals he's not the perfect forum goer. Can't wait to snap at it and spit right in the face of the guy I admired until 10 seconds before. How lovely.
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    I was being sarcastic. I hope you noticed it based on my brand new avatar ^^
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    Why would you say that? I actually happened to enjoy it just fine... ^^ (after I got used to the idea of what was going to happen anyway. The chapter title gave it away lol)
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    It wasnt clear when i saw it but it could be. also thanks for your explaination it made it clear and tomura sound even cooler. really like how author gives his villians interesting motivations than the i wanna rule the world bullshit that most genric superheros movies tend to do. Marvel movies could learn a thing or two from boku no hero.
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    Haven gotten far in the manga for me to have a detailed opinion, I am only in season 2 of the anime. Tomura seems like he wants to destroy society thats happy because of all might. Its hinted that he harbors resenment because he wasnt there to save him. But they havent gotten into detail yet.
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    Long time no talk man lo. Just finished season 2 boku no mac and cheese. It soo good. It easily my number 2 right below my number One Piece of course. Stain is probably one of the best villians in the series and possibly in all of shounen. I love his motivations being so unique. An antagonist thats a villain but wants to kill heroes who save people for fame and money instead of saving people because you want to help them. I wish the arc was longer and they did more with him.
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    And Gamaran that is one arc really. First manga I read that really feels wrong to divide into arc because it really feels like only one. That manga is simple but great at one thing:Fights. It's basicall around 200 chapters of fighting and the fights are visually great. Really if you are into fights at all it is worth the read. But if you need something else don't.

    Magi is great like I said. Best and favorite manga for a long time. It tackled lot of issues like slavery, monarchy, accepting yousrself. Great manga until basically a particular arcafter which it was above average but not great. Then last arc was ok.
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    Mahou sensei Negima you should read the manga. You seem to enjoy the Academia a lot and I think it is perfectly in your wheelhouse. Lot of kids, magic, humor, lot of it character base and did a lot of interesting things. If you have some doubts you should talk with Robby about it. The good thing with it is that it a giant story where each arc feels connected to the other and the manga actually reach his peek in basically in the last arc.

    Another manga I loved a lot was Medaka box in terms of pure zaniness. Also there is once arc that kind of like a allegory of shonen jump writing and I freaking loved it. It was a really sel-aware kind of manga. Not a necessary read but a fun one.
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    So yeah I could easily reread dragonball objectively except for the Cell arc that would be a drag. The fights I enjoy a lot of them and the characters I enjoy. But I think the reason I love it watching back is actually seeing the characters grow wiithout having to shine on it. Vegeta grows because he has to not just because one moment change his life and I like that in the last arc he deals with his last obsession destryoing his life and let it go.

    I find it interesting that Goku change after his passage to Kami and gets his more subdue demeanor after that.That's when he stops killing all the time and develop that aura of calmness around him.I enjoy Krilin progression and Picollo fatherhood built on actual survival instinct and self-interest. Basically Toriyama built characters whether he planned it or not. Most of the main cast were dick that grew even Bulma(who was pretty selfish) except Chaozu that change just because and each arc has their own charm.
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    Cell saga is really the one I struggle on a rereading. It's boring, it's the constant power hungry dragon ball is known for and a lot of bland. But there is many concept I love in it. The cyborgs being different due to different experiences. That once chapter on Trunks world that's really gloomy. The enemies that absorb your energies. Lot of great concept and cool moment but definitely subpar.

    Buu I love for the sheer craziness and feeling like Toriyama unleashed. I actually like Gohan leaving fighting and having normal live and I enjoy Vegeta's arc in that arc. Goku's return is decently handled and I think having it end in the same time that alternative Trunks was and see the difference between the 2 worlds and 2 Trunks is great.
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