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    Wow, that's a cool goal! I don't think I could pull it off, it's just not in me. I'm more of a science and facts guy anyway. Hope you get the chance to chase after your dreams, that's the shonen manga raison d'être, after all
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    Yes, that's mostly the problem I find in your posts. You're just so picky sometimes, like with Brook smashing Mother Carmel's picture. I'm just like "Who cares?" lol. Sorry about the sig, I tried to do it but I seem to be too inept to get it to work, it kept telling me it was too big or something. Sorry :x
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    Heeey, thanks a bunch, man! Best of lucks for you, may you keep livening the forums as you've been doing. Always good to read your posts even when I disagree with them. That's the beauty of discussion, am I right?
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    Not bad. A bit of a stressful time because of the exams, but luckily all went great.
    I've not been following the serialization of One Piece since chapter 854, and i just caught up recently, sometimes it happens that i lose interest in the series for a while especially during stressful times, it happened also at Zou back then for more than 12 chapter, so i stop reading for a bit just to "recharge" my interest for the series. But now with Reverie incoming and also the resuming of Berserk i'm more looking forward than ever to keep reading.

    What about you? How have you been doing? I see you were awarded a double prize, to no surprise however, you fully deserved it with your well written posts.
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    It's the best fanart about Teach that i managed to find out there, with a close tie with this. I like it particularly because it also depicts his supposedly favourite hobby of historical researcher (even though the fanart is older than the reveal of Teach's hobby by Oda).
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    Thanks Count. Hope things have been well for you.
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    True, it does come with that possibility since most people would go for ship role matchups. The thing is though some of them sound very "meh". Ever since Greg brought the thought process of "What would be interesting to see in One Piece?" to my head, I've been thinking of your thoughts from the theories thread and they sound very intriguing, like your idea of Jinbe vs. Vasco Shot due to the latter maybe having skills in Drunken Fishman Karate, or Sanji vs. Burgess with kicks (lower half) against punches (upper half).

    Of course, nothing is concrete right now, but it doesn't hurt to speculate.
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    I wouldn't be bothered by it. I mean, the last time Jinbei was behind the steering wheel was when Luffy and everyone were making their way to Marineford and was able to ride a tsunami made by Papa Whitebeard, that was pretty cool to witness. With his knowledge of the ocean being a fishman and Nami's weather foresight, not even the New World's crazy weather conditions would be a match for them, not that it stopped them before, but it's awesome to imagine the thought.

    Plus, others like Nami or Sanji used make the plans and diversions too, but I'm guessing when the crew is together Jinbei will do most of the plotting while the rest would pitch in their thoughts. Besides, who else is gonna name 'em lol?
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    I think we'll easily get that many chapters out of this conflict, the chaos is only just starting. We haven't even seen the Vinsmokes' reactions to everything yet, let alone given them or the Charlotte kids or Capone or any of Luffy's team besides Jinbe a meaningful or climactic scene. In fact, given how many people are involved and how easily Oda's stories expand beyond his control, to the end of vol 87 is a conservative estimate.

    Ceasar is an obvious pick for a plotline that needed at least one more scene, but who else do you feel has been lacking?
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    Akainu is a massive asshole, but he was doing his job. Blackbeard is an asshole on his own free will. He´s not following anyone´s orders, he has his own reasons.

    The marine needs all kinds of "justice", from Smoker having actual ethics (one of my fave marine tbh) to Akainu, who is basically the opposite and will destroy you just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We need "evil marines" to see the marine as one of the antagonists.

    But no, I don´t see Akainu being the final villain any time soon. Luffy´s issues with him are strictly personal. The man was doing his job. He killed a pirate who was going to be executed that very day, either by him or by any other marine.

    Blackbeard? He must be stopped, he´s planning to wreck the world, his reasons will be unveiled later. And he´s also just as guilty of Luffy losing Ace, he was the one who beat him. The one who delivered him to the marines to be executed, in order to gain the shichibukai title he needed to enter Impel Down.
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