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    In the show Black Manta just seems like an underwater terrorist so it didn't bother me. But thinking back It's true that they seem to have gotten rid of Ocean Mater for no reason. I wonder if it's just that they liked one design more than another. Or because that's the only change they could think of to show they light didn't stay static for 5 years.

    I have the same problem with Slade. In teen titans he's striving for something bigger and I think he as a ninja army so he would make sense as part of the light. But in YJ he just a mercenary. So it really rubs me wrong that they just let him join(and pretty much everyone after). Manta seemed to have campaign for months maybe even a year before he got a seat. The light can have underlings or use other villains without them being part of it.
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    Ok That plot sounds crazy. I have to check it out.

    The comics of the boys was much more gratuitous and doesn't have much of a real plot.

    Artemis is fine. 1 out of 3 is not so bad. Flash only has the dead one. But yeah he could use some positive press.

    Did you get to read the supersons?

    I read a fun comics that was astonishing x-men and wolverine from Jason Aaron(does a lot of thor).

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    For all my not liking Negima I think it is original in it's approach. It's like a least good Jessica Jones.

    Do you plan on trying the boys?

    Get to Reading Negima
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    I remember when they killed Ocean Master I was like "did I know him?". I don't mind Black manta because he is a leader with an army and the same kind of delusion and they need a water guy. I question putting a mercenary in there. Or the random telepath that advice Brionn. The light used to be the cream of the crop and mean something.If anything I would say Ms Martian brother was put in akwardly. If you are not using it don't put it in. You don't have to take every toy in the toy box.Duplex is always great writing. I like how he never has time for Superboy Bs and is always asking about the help he promised.The Terra thing annoyed me becuase it was like " I wasn't thinking about consequences but If you want to go there show I respect you and will give you credit". Then you realize it's just lip service and I consider that worse that if you didn't say nothing. Because you remind me it shouldn't be that way when I had already let go.
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    I would say titans ping pong between good and bad episodes. But there's only one I would consider great. The Jason Todd episode is really good and what tians should be. Hank and Dove is totally disconected from the plot and weirdly placed but it is a great episodes. And they have sort of Doom patrol episode.

    It's never so bad you have to turn it off and there's some solid moment. But I wouldn't recommend it to somebody either. It''s more like if curious check it out.
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    The twist made sense to me. I didn't even see it as a twist. Aqualad has been around forever and giving them info forever and everyone was in the know at that point. I'm just wondering why Aqualad pretended to die just to be up 10s later. That season 1 red Arrow that's some BS twist with no setup. We don't even get a proper blackout from him to have the slightest hint. It's the laziest twist where ou only see it when it's done.

    90s super boy was fascinating and he actually grew as a character. I miss those days.

    I have no idea why Klarion hang out with the light.

    Granny is always the most fun. I am now wondering in what clunky way they will introduce Big Barda and Mr Miracle

    Yeah the show really try to embrace the Morisson nonsense. Milk Wars? Is that Grant Morisson Doom Patrol? I should check it out. Also have to try animal man.
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    If i had to criticize something from spiderverse it would that I don't like their aunt May. She's too cartoonish badass to me. I like Noir going with the rubix cube.

    By the finale of JLU they had me so the cheese worked. And I didn't mind the 10 second head start for saving the world. I disagree on Wondy. I think Flash was closer to getting the shaft. And I like supes and his strong hatred for Darkseid/Doomsday and wasn't always perfect(check rebirth). But beauty & the beast and JLU are 2 things I'm not objective on.

    I think only couple I cared for was Superboy ms Martian because they felt like outcast finding each other and their bouncing off made sense to me. S3 they are meh. Mal is such a non-character I can't care.

    Oh yeah the Ms. martian/beast boy separation. Another thing I think that should have been adressed on screen not randomly. I'm really not sure what's going on with queen B.
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    Black Lighting s1 worth finishing not continuing.
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    Doom Patrol foul language and weirdness can be distracting but it doesn't go against the story. It does in titans. There's a gory scene at the begenning of the show with Grayson and it works. It shows you how brutal he became. But the problem is that when fighting in flashback it's the same so it's hard to feel that tragedy that is his loss of inocence.

    The most fascinating thing is that I think a lot of the side characters work well.
    Donna troy is good at balancing the hero desillusion with real personality.

    Jason Todd might be the best character where the language and violence reflects the unhinged kid he is supposed to be and a reflection of a darker Batman.

    Hank and Dove have the best episode exploring their backstory. But the main thing which is Raven and Dick is quite badly handled.
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    Ttitans wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but not that good either.

    It has a lot of interesting idea but it fails at pulling them off. One of the more interesting one is that Dick is damed by Batman. He can see himself being more violent but doesn't want to be that person and that's why he left. But the story is so focus on showing you the darkeness Dick is supressing it never shows you the light that was there. There is a scene in a art gallery where Grayson has to make small talk and he fails at it because that's not him. That should be a Batman thing not Dick Grayson thing. that should be your moment where for a moment he goes back to being the charming boy before slowly losing his smile.
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