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    Are you and Kira the only ones? Please say yes as then I'd be right with quite some devilish accuracy! :)
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    Alright, I'll check in with Galaxy and see if I can do it. Thanks again for telling me about this! :D
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    Oh, really? In that case, if you don't mind me asking, how much time is needed for the game? And it is played in short bursts or longer ones? Because I would totally be down for this if time allows.
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    Thanks for the offer! I haven't seen Survivor or Big Brother in real life, but I have skimmed the thread for it before and it looks really interesting. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to try it right now because school keeps me pretty busy, especially on weekdays.
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    Well thank you, kind sir. I'm getting used to it, little by little.
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    Happy Birthday, Kaido-sama! :P
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    Excellent username tagline.
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    I agree but i dont know how luffy will be as strong as an admiral by the end of the series without another timeskip or some kind of a small training arc and since oda is gonna do neither i cant think of any other way. Unless the idea that the straw hats get stronger every arc through experience is a good explanation.
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    Would you consider luffy conviently finding brulee in chap 884 to be a plot convience? I always believe that the SH have earned their right to user abilities. Since she is weak enough to be subdued, her being used by luffy isnt really that bad.
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    What would you prefer for luffy's progression? Would you want him to be the strongest character in the series by the end or would want him to simply overcome his obstacles throught teamwork,trickery, or using creative solutions? I was on the "I want luffy to bust continents and planets" crowd a while ago until i started to appreciate the dynamics of OP fights, the goofy, funny, fights were luffy tries to exploit his opponents weakness who are stronger than him.
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