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    Just checking if the second explanation on the Totland thread was clearer, cheers!
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    Well, I don't really care about the star either lol. Being on forums like this for me has always been about getting to know people with similar interests and profound perspectives, which I rarely get to experience in real life. Debates and arguments often have a negative connotation, understandably. But they're actually great way of inspiring others and yourself to alter your mindset for the better, as well as meeting other users who you didn't know could be so interesting. Not to mention an ironic way of learning more about yourself and what you think you know or don't.

    It's totally just a forum that shouldn't be obsessed over, and how much is invested into it depends on the user. Plenty of topics can be uninteresting, monotonous, or intimidating. But whenever you do feel like you have something worthwhile to say and have thought it through in respect to everyone else involved, then you should push yourself to do so. Never underestimate your merit, or that of forum communities.
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    I got into a debate with Woody (my nickname for wolfwood lol) once about if Vegapunk had a chance at joining the crew (I wasn't banking my money on it being a sure theory, I just mentioned how it's possible now that we are about to have a former Warlord in the main cast), which devolved into an ethical argument over whether he is a corrupt amoral character lol.

    Besides, I think people had more of a problem with you typing "Year of Jinbe!" in your OP post with all of the comments complaining about how you accidentally spoiled them. So take note of that and put spoilers in any OP posts when talking about the chapter. That's all.

    There's no point in interacting with people if you only expect to be praised all of the time. Always being right is never fun, and it's always more beneficial to learn and adapt rather than just give up. Because what better way is there to live up to your potential and make friends who earnestly respect you?
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    Thank you! But I'm a bit surprised you aren't one already. You can make profound posts and contribute to debates well. I'm sure you'll get one in the next batch of senior recruits.
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    Thank you so much for the invitation, but I have to refuse. I spend too much time as it is typing up long replies and lurking, as well as having to deal with college work. Plus, I need to sleep soon after typing up a ten page English Composition paper about comic book censorship lol. But seriously, I'm grateful for the offer!
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    Pfft, wow lol. That's perfect. It would've been even better if Hawkins read his cards and either talked about a zero or negative percent chance of survival.
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    I can imagine why that might be difficult. And yeah, profile pics can give a nuanced impression of your character. I just hope mine isn't off-putting as seeming too intimidating or pretentious. I just thought it would suit a nice "analytical" and "critic" vibe akin to my comments, if that makes sense. Along with seeming a bit mad scientist/supervillain-y lol.

    By the way, I notice that there appears to be a quote bubble in your avatar. What does it say?
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    Thought I would drop by to congratulate you on the new avatar, as random as that sounds. I rarely get too impressed by them, but that looks pretty damn sweet lol.
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    Sorry my friend. I happen to have lost the free time that let me be an active member of the forum.
    I am afraid that I won't be able to post enough or at all in the following months.
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    You're welcome, Kaido King of the Beasts. The film didn't mention an official name of Tesoro's crew.
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