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    The first really good arc is the Umibozu arc which starts at chapter 57. There are a lot of really good arcs like the Benizakura arc, the Yoshiwara arc, the Four Devas arc, the Kintama arc and especially the Shogun arcs.

    Use this


    If it's more than ten chapters, it should be a very good arc. The comedy of Gintama is hit or miss given how culturally specific it is but when the manga gets into serious mode, it is some of the finest shonen period. Hang in there through the comedy arcs for the really good stuff. And hey, there are comedy arcs that are pretty funny too!
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    There is no order. You can jump in on just about any episode or movie and be okay, they're always standalone stories., though its a little easier to follow once you know the characters a bit. Check the Lupin thread first though to make sure you don't watch one of the bad movies first. If you can, start with the movies Episode 0 (a recent high quality telling of the origin) Castle of Cagliostro (the Miyazaki film), Fuma Conspiracy, Island of Assassins, Voyage to Danger, or Tokyo Crisis, those are among the best for a variety of reasons.

    The Miyazaki film, Castle of Cagliostro is very good but its not quite typical Lupin either... so seek it out but maybe don't watch it first, it treats the characters and tone a little differently than the rest of the franchise because of the Miyazaki filter.

    There is a very good dub of the red jacket series from the 70's, and a bunch of the movies have also been dubbed, but most of the content is subtitled.
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    It's got a lot of the same qualities as One Piece. Group of fun loving criminals with distinct personalities go on over the top capers where they do outrageous things while being chased by the law. Its got insane over the top crime scemes, gunplay, sword fighting, comedy, car chases, and sex appeal. Also, an incredibly catchy and long lived earworm of a theme song.

    Its a franchise that's lasted for 40 years, dozens of movies, hundreds of episodes and five different tv series, and even had Hayao Miyazaki work on some of it. Quality varies when there's that much material, there's some good, some bad, some great, but most of it is fun.

    Just watch this. Its in japanese but it's only two minutes long and should give you a pretty good idea of what you're in for.
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    I haven't watched it in quite a while but it's pretty much a straight adaptation from the book but with some side story things added and in a different location. It's a pretty critically loved movie in general too.
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    I thought it was a pretty cool game. The gameplay wasn't anything special but I think that was kind of the point. I like both Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now, so seeing that story adapted into a video game was nice.
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