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    So I guess three general tips:
    1. Go back to basics. Re-learn how to pray if you aren't 100% sure you're doing them correctly, what you're saying in your prayers, and the pillars of Islam.
    2. Read the Quran on a daily.
    3. Get involved with a mainstream and community-accepted muslim group, I guess that can be a mosque. Where I am, I'm involved teams that provide university level classes on islamic topics, but I've also been on teams on muslim-canadian civic-engagement groups that do family events and all sorts of things. Find the group that suits you, but make sure that they have a good reputation. Volunteer, attend events and classes, be part of the community.
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    I remember when I was reading Surah Ash-Shams (91) and I came up with the interpretation back in the day that since the Sun (Shams) was a male word, and Moon (Kamar) was a female word, the first two verses were an analogy of a woman's place being to follow behind a man. I attended a halaqa where we went over this surah and I brought up my idea I won't ever forget what the female scholar said to me: "Sometimes when we read the Quran we may come to conclusions that are wrong." After that I realized my mistake, and realized that with books and learning on my own it is also important to get active within my mainstream muslim community, and surround myself with people of knowledge who I could learn from as well.

    After that my interpretations of the Quran and hadith became much more cautious and mainstream instead of coming up with crap on my own, which is really important, since some people depend on internet sheikhs too much and end up walking a path towards extremism.
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    Yeah, my dad was the "forcing religion down your throat" type and he spoke of islam in a really rigid and harsh way which turned me off as well. When I discovered that the religion is much more soft and compassionate than what he said I just pretty much abandoned his way of thinking and started over from scratch.

    I studied on my own, and I guess I just started with the reading the Quran itself. When I found a verse that confused me I would look up explanations online. I acquired some saheeh books of ahadith and did the same thing. Then I acquired other books that talked about all other sorts of topics. There is a danger to this method, however. If you only stick to reading books on your own, it's very easy to come up with your own conclusions of things that are completely wrong interpretations.
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    That's wonderful :) honestly, Islam can be really beautiful if you look a little deeper and decide to learn on your own rather than just being told what to do by your parents. It's when I decided to do just that I was spellbound by what I was learning. I changed a lot when I went from not-practicing to practicing, and all of it was for the better.
  5. That's from the cover of the WSJ issue that included One Piece chapter 821. http://imgur.com/a/erpwD Viz once posted the original spread on twitter: http://imgur.com/a/b3cxO
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    Seems to be working fine on this end. There've been some random outages over the past few weeks though, so maybe this was just one of them.

    For future instances, only Mangasee archives our work. They've replaced up to the 780s with Viz though, and 807+ is Mangastream since I guess they stopped updating around then.
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    Hi, dude.
    Can you give me your avi link, please!
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    Thanks .
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    Ah, so that's who you meant by Zar. I thought it was a different member entirely.

    I don't think Satsuki has been nominated yet
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    Agh I'm so sorry, I completely forgot to respond. Here's the link: http://www.nccm.ca/programs/incident-report-form/
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