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    Hello there. May I please ask you some questions regarding One Piece? Please reply. Thanks.
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    It mainly consists of talking, competing, and voting. During most of the day you can make conversation with the other players, which is important as you'll want to make friends with them so they don't vote you out. Then in the competitions, you compete (sometimes individually, sometimes as a group) with others, trying to win things such as safety and power. Then voting takes place, where a person is voted out. The basic goal is to not get voted out, either by doing well in competitions or by making alliances with the other players.

    You can read a more detailed explanation of the layout (and even see past games) here
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    Heyo! You seem like someone who might be interested in this kind of thing, so would you be interested in playing Big Brother x Survivor? It's a One Piece roleplaying game based on the real-life Survivor and Big Brother shows which you may or may not be familiar with. You can look at the rules on the thread, and it may sound pretty daunting, but it's pretty easy to pick up on and based mostly on competition which is a ton of fun. It also shouldn't be too taxing on your time if that's a concern. If you're interested and have any questions feel free to ask Galaxy9000 about it.
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    Its super easy for a green mod. Its a super huge pain in the butt for me though.
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    Blackbeard storming Wano's aftermath would not completely undo what the Saga is meant to do. The frustration that Luffy would carry by "not fulfilling his promise". That's what Shanks would be there for though, to tell him that he is on his way to becoming a great pirate either way. The samurai would still have been united under the Kozuki banner and they can prepare for the counter attack. I don't find a problem even if it was two steps backwards after the step forward from defeating Kaido. It would be akin to Sabaody. The story would feel organic for everything not to be complete happy endings. If Blackbeard does it, then it builds even more tension between Luffy and him. That's why I said that if the current arc ends up with the Straw Hats and Big Mom pirates as allies, I would find it less likely that Oda ends Wano on a sad note.
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    Sorry, just now saw this. Yeah, I'll try and get them started soon.
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    I can't see what Big Mom getting killed actually does for One Piece's plot. Shanks needs to die. Mihawk and the Red Hair Pirates could. Jozu and Marco could die if only to have their Devil Fruits stolen. And Kaido might die just because he is immortal and it would somehow be a happy ending for him. But Big Mom? I don't really see why. I wouldn't mind it, but I am talking about Oda's logic here. I want Big Mom's defeat to be a big deal instead of a background event, but it is very difficult to see how that can happen after this arc ends. Maybe we can see her get defeated by somebody at Elbaf. But I know that I don't want it to be Blackbeard. Blackbeard is going to eliminate two Yonko, he doesn't need a third. I want it to be the World Government.
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    They don't need to be expanded upon in significant ways. They're not even antagonists that we're getting 1v1 fights with. Their personalities are collectively being Big Mom's children in all honesty. The Charlottes COULD show up in Elbaf, but being antagonists there feels too repetitive, yes.

    I expect us to get resolutions. There's no better time for everything to be solved than this arc.The only possible loose end for Elbaf might be the circumstances of Lola's marriage.
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    Ekila is a trans woman, just so you're informed. I know you aren't assuming anything, I'm just Saiyan. And yeah, I figured lol. Feel free to contact me whenever whether it's questions or honest chit chat. I wouldn't mind getting to know more about you if you have the same kind of interest in me. I can never have enough people to talk to lol.
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    Thank you for sending me a friend request, I appreciate our conversations. How come you decided to do it now though? Was it just a whim?
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