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    I'll check that show out. I also need to look into Black Mirror. And from now on, I'll try make my messages more concise if I've been dragging my thoughts out lol. Also, feel free to continue this conversation through private messages if visitor messages are too public for you.
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    I... have no job experience at all lol. I have only been focusing being a college student, currently on my fourth semester. So I suppose there is some incentive to get a summer job this year to start making some beneficial changes, at least for insightful experience. I barely play video games at all nowadays due to my depression sucking away my enthusiasm. I'd sadly rather sleep. But I've been getting back into watching shows again little by little. I don't know if I want kids, only because I fear being a bad father or that my kids will hate me. But wanting to settle down one day is awesome for you to strive for.

    lol Funny things can happen on forums. You're a great guy too. I'll keep you as a wise source of support in mind. And the therapy offer goes both ways if you ever need to talk. I'm not that good at offering tangible solutions so much as emotional support, constructive criticism, and reasons for resilience.
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    I'm not asking for much. Just a girl who's compassionate, has a sense of humor, practically smart, humble, willing to call me out on dumb things I do, and be ambitious about what she cares about. And an existent libido, I guess lol. A relationship with emotional/philosophical synergy, even if you don't share that many hobbies in common. Above all else, we need to have mutual honest feelings with each other.

    What matters is that you understood whatever you did wrong in that previous relationship. Ethics and understanding are not innate, they take time to be realized. It often comes later than we would like before we mess up something good we have going, but it still goes to show your character. How you're willing to acknowledge your flaws and change for the better. That is a quality I will always respect and shows that you deserve love. And I know you will find it.
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    I've only been in one relationship, lasted for half a year. But it ended because I realized I didn't truly have feelings for her, she barely ever contacted me, and she was asexual (I didn't mind as I don't want to rush into sex, but even tongue kissing repulsed her. That would be a problem in the long run). We just weren't right for each other. She was cute though, and just like a stoic introverted tsundere nerd from anime lol. And I rejected a friend in college a few months ago, despite her being a bombshell. I didn't have feelings or chemistry. And she was asexual too (I seem to be attractive to introverted younger asexual girls, probably because of my emotional support, jokes, and wisdom. Introverts will flock to empathetic extraverts like moths to a flame, which I'm like when I'm with close friends). I had a crush on an online friend years ago, but she rejected me after I confessed. We still stayed friends and talked almost every day for years, but she barely talks to me now.
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    Getting a Law degree sounds freaking stupendous, you must have worked so much to get that done. But I get what you mean about not feeling that being your calling. I personally don't think it's too late for you though. Especially if you're only 25. People don't get recognized in the creative arts as far as being middle-aged. There's plenty of time to learn the craft, make connections, and establish status. It doesn't have to feel like you're redoing your progress, but that's easy for me to say. You could even use your law knowledge to make your own kinds of captivating stories or art, or use any connections you've made in those exploits. I've seen comic book writers who used to work for the C.I.A. lol. No matter what path you choose, I'll always be here to support and advise you.
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    Gaming educated a lot as a kid too! It's definitely one of the biggest sources for how I learned new words, types of morals/concepts, and tactical thinking. And experiencing touching stories, like you said. I started with GameCube and PS2-era games with some ports of older games. I'm still a big Nintendo and PlayStation fan to this day. I considered a gaming profession, but understood that technology (or science in general) isn't really my strong suit. I would have gone for storyboarding and character creation like you.

    I have also had to deal with the social stigma of getting a reputable job. I don't blame people for telling that to me, it's very understandable. But it's given me so much pressure.
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    I don't think that I consciously make the decision to make my forum persona different from my usual one, but it is unique in how I feel much more comfortable giving in-depth and critical thoughts. That comes from both the anonymity of usernames/avatars making everybody feel equal regardless of age or background, as well as this setting containing a den of fans and creatives that I know share some of my interests more often than not. In real life, I have to be a lot more careful because of how... "rare" my interests and how deep I care about them are. If I were to be like my forum self with the average real life person, I would easily look pretentious despite me only trying to be honest and get someone else's thoughts. Or I'd just be boring or weird lol. But then again, I also can't reach out to just anybody online about my emotions because I don't want to take the risk of not being taken seriously or bothering people not comfortable with openly expressing their emotions.
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    As for people in my life, I have caring parents, but I don't feel comfortable talking with them about these issues. They want to help, and I listen to them, but I just don't feel comfortable with their personalities and types of advice, which is usually limited to asking if we can go somewhere. I don't have any close friends in real life I meet with often. And most of the few close friends I do talk to through texts or online messages have become uninterested or too busy to talk with me often. And it takes me a while to feel that a new casual friend is compassionate and open-minded enough for me to fully express myself intellectually and emotionally, although I sometimes decide to wing it with casual online acquaintances to see if there's more than meets the eye like I just did with you two days ago lol. Some of these issues are with the world, others are just me being stubborn, I suppose.
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    That is very flattering of you to say. You seem like you would make for a great friend as well. The day I coincidentally live near a forumer would be a great surprise, but they always live at least a state away. And yes, I multitask a lot lol. But I also procrastinate a lot too, to my embarrassment.
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