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    Last throwaway on the covid crisis comment you're wrong in assuming that was what I was specifically referring. I don't have much to say beyond. I guess you're free to assume what you want and free to believe that people can be guided with the right info, it's all cool with me and all the power to you. :)
    Aside from that, let's just say I'm chuckling at the "danger" that me dunking on dumb people on a rubber pirate manga forum represents.
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    "Bruh couldn't you have not fit it all into one thing." nvm saw there is a character limit so ignore that part. Rest still stands Beyond that I already disagree with the first message. So agree to disagree I guess. If you wanna be treated with respect don't be a dumbass flaming someone else using your pure ignorance as the reason. After that we can get to mutual respect is all. What you're demanding here is everyone should give this other person a type of respect they aren't giving others. Which is like fuck naw man. Only thing I can add is I don't see how you enjoying talking with them relates in any shape or form to what they said being insanely dumb. Literally you're trying to sell to me that they're justified in calling redon out on their translation when they don't know the language. How is that anything but dumb? *shrug* If you can't get with that premise as I said agree to disagree.
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    It's all mutual and people that flaunt their ignorance to put people down that are actually knowledgeable like in this case neither deserve respect nor empathy.
    Like what about people whining about redon is so respectful when all of them seem to not actually have a basic understand about Japanese?
    Beyond that your consistent trying to paint me as upset or something is just very boring not sure what to say about that.
    Like do you actually perceive what I've written as being enraged pretty weirdchamp.
    Bottom line all I'm saying fuck dumb people, and I'm happy to dunk on malicious dumb people that flaunt their dumbness trying to paint people as wrong when they actually have no clue.
  4. Thanks.

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    Yo, oui c’est moi Kaptayn
    Ça va?
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    To each their own. Still have fun here around... The activity is way worse as well... And Oro Jackson sucks.

    Again... Have fun and until we talk again
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    Most likely not for a long time. I has given it a chance after FI... PH and Dressrosa sucked... Has given it another chance after Zou arc cuz it was OK... But WCI sucks.

    I do not have the slightest interest currently in it.. But maybe I will reread the stuff I missed in one go... Or maybe not... Don't know. What I hear about the chapters doesn't excite me int he slightest
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    Happy Happy! Enjoy your day!
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    Happy birthday, former fellow captain.
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    Yeah :P "Salad" is an AP joke
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