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    Thanks for all your help! Very interesting blog, I will certainly keep an eye on it.
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    Thanks for all your help! Very interesting blog, I will certainly keep an eye on it.
    Thanks for all your help! Very interesting blog, I will certainly keep an eye on it
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    I knew you were compiling all One Piece volumes. For some time I have been looking for dust jacket scans for volumes 94 and 95. I searched on this and other forums, but I did not find them. In your signature I saw a link with scans of the dust jacket that interests me. Would you be so kind and share these two scans? I would really be very grateful.
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    Hello there. Could you please do the volume covers picture for Dragon Ball, Naruto and Detective Conan as well? And to post it somewhere on the forum. Thanks.
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    Thanks a lot!!!!
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    Do you have a high res edition of your signature photo? I think it’s awesome.
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    That is a VERY good point. All of the groundwork was already there for Pudding to only be viewed as a tool. But you know Oda and his fixation on backstories focusing on the victim being some sort of social outcast based on prejudice.

    I will see how everything turns out too. The flashback with Prometheus can come up, but I don't see why it couldn't have been shown earlier. We know Brook cut him, there's nothing to hide about that.

    It's not that I'm really bothered by Bege's lack of screen time as much as that I would have really appreciated seeing how some of his plan came together than having everything conveniently setup off-panel when the alliance is about to be made. Bobbin was shot, but we had no indication of how Sanji could be followed by a third party. And that wounded Reiju cliffhanger still came a bit too much out of nowhere for my taste.
  8. Pudding's eye though... That's just a plot point I straight up don't like. Especially since Oda set up a perfectly good reason for her to hesitate with Big Mom considering her and her eye something to solely be manipulated and used, to get what Big Mom wants. Sanji being the first person to see her as a person, beautiful or otherwise, instead of a tool would have been perfect! And it's a better show of human empathy (which seems to be more what his brothers lack, along with fear, than actual emotion) than simply saying she's pretty, ya know? It would actually be Sanji saving himself in the one way his brothers never could!

    But it's not over yet. I'm willing to stay settled in and see how it all wraps up.
  9. You make some good points. Hell, if 19 pages was still the average per chapter, we could have had all that without any extras. For me, not actually seeing Nami's part of the Cracker fight is the sorest loss.

    That said, we could get a flashback to Brook vs Prometheus, especially if they come to blows again during the wedding. You never know, it might turn out there was something special about the method/circumstances of the wound. I wasn't personally bothered by Bege's lack of screentime - we did also have Bobbins getting shot, and the fact that he was one of the main speculated culprits of Reiju's shooting when that was a cliffhanger to keep him in our minds. I can see how it would be an issue though, and it'll be interesting to see how it all holds up rereading the arc when it's done.
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    lol I didn't notice that I never replied to this. Um... Chopper And Carrot's time in the Mirror World for sure. I would have preferred getting an extra page or two of Brook getting pummeled by Big Mom and Brook wounding Prometheus. Perhaps some pages of Bege's scheming and healthy relationship with Big Mom rather than only having him show up in the Pekoms attempt assassination scene before showing up again right before the Yonko Assassination Alliance is formed. I would have also liked to see how Nami found out rain could affect Cracker's biscuits with a few panels. And building up Pudding's third eye discrimination more.

    I think all of that could have been done in the length of two chapters spread out in the arc.
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