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    Pfft, we all know Hector let Zephiel win cuz he's just cool like that. *cries everytiem*

    What you just described is kinda what makes the Elibe sagas so enjoying to read about and play. We travel through the lives of the parent generation, world almost goes to Nergal and the Black Fang, but we save the day, no more dragons yay! Peace....

    ....or is it? A side consequence of Eliwood, Hector's, and Lyn's adventure sets up the future tyrant of Bern. How different would things be if Zephiel was killed in that night? Of course, it's retroactive, but how quickly things change for the worst.

    Also making Ninian Eliwood's wife would make Roy 1/4 dragon, adding some neat irony/thematic weight to have him free Elibe from Bern's resurrected ones.
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    That's true, and I realize some of the challenges aren't so rare for me - FE6 has same turn reiforncements, but heh, Awakening has those too on Hard and up (first run was on Hard).

    Looking back, FE7 being realized first before FE6 would've had more solid connections between parents and child, and maybe not so many tragic endings? Eliwood, Hector, Merlinus, Marcus, Bartre, Karel (and off screen Pent and Louise) are the only one that are confirmed to still stick around. Hell, even Erik, Darin's son, survives the 20 year gap.
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    Right right, it occurs at chapter 21 iirc, where the game is about 25 (excluding gaiden chapters). And since you must use him every map, you're bound to have him cap out soon.

    I know it's the "unpolished" friend to FE7, but this game has always fascinated me - not only does it expand (well in retrospect) the world and story of FE7, but as someone who started with FE7, it always just seemed like a must-play.

    Because when I saw the ending of King Zephiel looking sinister, the mysterious figure speaking to him....my child self was desperate to know what happened next.

    And from a gameplay perspective, FE7 is definitely overall easier than FE6, so those who started with the former would get a fun challenge out of playing the latter. So I'm kinda excited.
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    I may or may not start playing Binding Blade by next week or so, through *cough*not 100% legal*cough* means.

    I can finally see if the stories are true. Roy's growth, evil desert chapter, how much Lilina nukes things, how adorable Fae is....how much experience do you have with the game, per se? You've said a few things in the FE thread.
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    Seaweed green Athos Jesus, childish greenhaired Harken, Natalie the tent, I'm in tears right now.

    I seriously lost it when Oswin had generic bandit dialogue.
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    Behold, the greatest thing ever: an LP of the most bizarre, illogical, and lazy hack of Fire Emblem 7!
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    Well, Maid-chan is not crazy, she is just an innocent girl who doesn't know how to express herself.
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    Hey, I'm not insane, just a bit crazy :v
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    and thanks for tolerating Maid-chan.
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    Thanks for participating.
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