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    I stopped right after you make the route choice. It's been fun but also just kind of a game I've played before. I think the demon compendium in this one is a tad too expensive for how often it asks you to upgrade your team and often in a very specific way. I'll probably play it here and there when I feel like it but chances are I might not finish but I don't feel pressured by that.
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    Sup hope you're doing well.
    Started Guardians of the Galaxy(SMT5 on pause) since I got it gifted and I'm shocked how much I'm liking it cause that game looked straightup awful to me in marketing. Nowadays I just am not willing to shell out money on stuff I'm not sure liking to a certain degree but that means you really miss out on getting surprised by a game.
    It's not the best thing ever, but it's very low stress fun spectacle in a similar way to Uncharted or Tomb Raider game. It's well made all around but also very safe in a lot of ways.
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    Oh Kaido's fruit being the fish fish fruit model azure dragon I thought that was a fun twist.
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    For me I think Zou is just the cleanest and most One Piece, One Piece arc post timeskip. The Raizou reveal just hits me and gave this whole nation of people really that layer of loyalty is part of their culture.
    Wano highs for me have been the Oden flashback with all the bits with Roger and Whitebeard, fanservice moments like Luffy advancing in his CoC use or the Fish Fish fruit reveal, Queen as a character I think has been a huge boon in this arc, seeing certain Strawhats in action again after years, the Kinemon moment of him accidentally screwing Kanjuro's plans, the Jinbe rejoining, there is a lot really that I like it's just the structure in the raid itself that feels weak and bloated and unfocused.
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    I think Wano for me is high highs low lows kinda arc. Maybe Oda is going to prove me wrong in the end but I think he's been slipping structure wise with the raid part of the saga. I don't think the pacing has been very good. On Sanji right now I'm curious where Oda goes but to a degree Sanji has been ruined for me post time skip with his perv antics I stopped being as invested in him. So there is a degree of I don't care that much even if Oda fumbles on his power up arc. As of now I think there is chances Oda is going to land it but I think there is basis to fear if he doesn't land it that the underlying moral of Sanji's story is how Judge really was a boon to him overall giving him all that power.
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    No been spending my freetime catching up on manga/manhwa not been playing anything.
    Royal alongside DQ11 definitive are like 2 games I want to someday play too but everytime I look at them they're so big and I already played them it's hard to get over that instead of playing something new.
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    With the EW delay decided the next game I'm gonna go for is SMTV cause I'm bad at prioritizing short games *defeat*
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    Can't blame you xD I guess is we'll both have some stuff to rant about. Another buddy of mine has finished sky last year and started cold steel this year and it's been hard to figure out how to talk about it in a way where my view of the whole doesn't taint his in the moment experience, but it's also been good in a way cause his view is letting me appreciate some of the things in the game again.
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    What were your feelings on it all?
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    (cont. cause of char limit)
    My biggest criticism looking at the whole of cold steel is how needlessly secretive and reluctant they were about unraveling the mysteries of cold steel. Twice did they give us a lot of intrigue to hook us and twice did they cram all the reveals in the end (CS2/4) instead of pacing themselves and creating an actual well flowing story.
    If you're up for it maybe we could chat about it one of these days with something like discord for a bit(makes it easier and I can go into more nitty stuff vs trying to cover my thoughts in broad strokes + no character limit).
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