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    This is actually the first time I'm getting two raises. Well, before I did for my first and second jobs, but that was different, only one issued by the company, and the other was because of the state I lived in at the time. They raised the minimum wage up every year in that location. Yeah o.o

    But hey, this be the first time I get three raises in one year! Yay for me having an awesome boss that appreciates my work! ^^

    So, how's life been treating you? o:
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    Well, for my current job there's two raises a year. One for when my anniversary of when I started my job, and the other is an evaluation which is in November. So, the third one in November will my third raise with the company I work for. Seriously, I never expected to get a raise, just because I was doing a good job XD I'm happy I'm being recognized at work ^^
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    Oh, and I managed to get another raise, just because I'm a good worker. It was surprising to say the least. So, now I'm at 9 dollars an hour. I also expect another raise in November, so I can't wait! :3
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    Sorry for the late response as well! ^^;;;;
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    For the expensive/cheap question, it depends on what area you live in. But yeah, the minimum wage is way too low. I should be able to live on my own, and be able to pay all the bills, but that's impossible since it feels like you need to live with someone else just to survive. Also, I have no problem living with my roommate, just trying to show how bad things are, wage-related wise. I can save some money, but my roommate, it's harder, as she has less hours to deal with. It's also hard to get enough hours here in the United States, aka full time jobs. So, some people have to work two jobs, or even three, just to survive. I do have hope that things will change in the near future.
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    Most jobs that I can work at, pay around that much. Though it's harder to get full time compared to part time, so I rather stay where I am at. Besides, I'm currently happy with my job, anyway. And I did get a raise a few weeks ago! It's now $8.75 ^^
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    Well, the minimum wage for the United States is $7.25.... But hey, I have a roommate, and with her we are able to pay the bills just fine. I even get extra left over. Though, I do wish it was a more living wage, like $15 for example. Hopefully, changes will come in the future, regarding this issue.
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    That's true. Each state feels like it's own country. And I have been to a few states already. The one I'm living in now, is the fourth state I have lived in. And I understand about being poor, I'm full-time, but I only get paid $8.50 per hour currently. Though I should have gotten a raise by now since it's pas my one year.
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    Oh, nice! The only country I've been to, outside of the United States, was Poland, and that was when I was younger. And I'm glad you had fun too! :3
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    Yeah o.o

    Anyways, I see. As for me, I recently moved to a new region in the country I'm living in. I'm liking it here so far. I had some problems here and there, but they are slowly getting resolved.

    By the way, has there been anything new with you?
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